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Rob Black Wants to Reserve Judgment on XBiz’s Story About Nacho Vidal

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Nacho Vidal was a subject of a story today on a Spanish website about Spain passing a condom law and Nacho doing his part to have it passed.

XBiz, reporting on the story, couldn’t help but bring up the fact that Nacho was one of 60 people arrested when Spanish police raided a Chinese mob affiliated money-laundering businesses in Madrid and Barcelona last Octoober, resulting in him facing capital and tax evasion charge.

That’s stuff I do. You don’t expect a cheap shot from XBiz, and that’s why Rob Black began speculating on his show Thursday, as to where XBiz was going with that story.

“Nacho is collateral damage,” said Black wondering if this is XBiz starting to do a little more hard hitting news,.

“It’s the time for XBiz to slowly start to shine,” said Black.

“I want to know where XBiz is starting to go. I say Alec Helmy in the past wanted to be Paul Fishbein and made his website a pile of shit.

Or, it could be seen as the worm turning, said Black.

Black also suspected that Nacho’s arrest last October might have had something to do with Manwin owner Fabian Thylmann being arrested weeks later.

“Nacho Vidal was overseas and involved in money laundering with overseas shady people. Manwin is overseas money laundering. Manwin got in the same trouble as Nacho Vidal. Manwin owns Evil Angel- that’s what I think.”

I think so too.

“Manwin, Evil Angel and Nacho Vidal are in bed together,” Black speculated.

“Nacho Vidal gets in trouble, has a toy line in Spain; Evil Angel has a toy line. Nacho Vidal is sitting overseas and now he’s involved in Spain’s politics and they’re passing condom laws. You can look at the connections where XBiz is doing a story on his affiliations – draw your own conclusions.”

“There’s two scenarios, and the shit’s going to fall out eventually. Did Nacho turn out to be a rat and cut a deal with Spanish authorities? They made the money laundering charges go away and now he’s going to be a condom advocate for Spain. He must have cut a deal and gave them information about criminal activities. Did he know a lot of information about Manwin and told the authorities? Take a look at the timeline. Did he flip? Is he a rat?

“Either that or XBiz is throwing him under the bus and exposing him.

“Or, Alec Helmy is taking the stance- he knows that there should be condoms and he’s speaking out about it. And XBiz is reporting dissension in Evil Angel ranks. XBiz could be taking a stance of doing real journalism and exposing Evil Angel as real hypocrites.

“They could be taking the stance that Nacho is a real criminal and has been told to stay in Spain.”

Black pointed out that the XBiz story was updated to include a quote from Christian Mann who said: “Evil Angel stands behind its directors’ reasonable artistic and production choices. If Nacho Vidal feels that the climate in Spain makes this the logical move for his productions there, we support him and plan to distribute his movies as always.”

To me that sounds like Evil Angel is going to distribute condom porn, but I could be wrong.

“It could be that XBiz is showing this Evil Angel hypocrisy,” added Black.

“All I know is Nacho Vidal is a criminal who got busted for all the same stuff Manwin got busted for.”

Black was also coming up with the idea similar to witness protection where Vidal’s reputation is being rehabilitated.

“I want to know if Alec is saying our time is now,” stated Black.

“I want to know where XBiz is going with this story.”

Whichever way, Black’s of the opinion that XBiz needs to distance itself from the Free Speech Coalition.

“Alec Helmy, you know damn well you right now have the business by the balls. You have the money, you don’t rely on Evil Angel, Vivid or Free Speech. You can do this.”

“You have the opportunity to drop Free Speech and get behind something new. You can be involved with something so much bigger. How do you attach your name to an organization that lies?

“You give them a license to be legitimate. XBiz, you’re on fucking front street. I take this as an article that could be the start of something beautiful. Be part of something bigger than being a website that just drones on.

“You have the opportunity to bury AVN. Helmy, come on. AVN’s is not reporting on this. I’m looking at this as your reaching out and striking an accord. Let’s get together. You need to join with us and be a part of a community that protects its people. You will be recognized. Let’s create a bond and a new constitution for this business.”


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