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Rob Black Went to Jail for It; James Deen Calls It Entertainment

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Rob Black produced a “rape” movie about ten years ago called Forced Entry. He was put in jail for it by government people who obviously weren’t entertained.

But I get the impression from watching a debate between James Deen and Satine Phoenix at that depicted sexual assault would be okay by Deen’s standards of a good time had by all.

Deen, you see, shoots a lot for and if you’ve ever watched some of that “porn star punishment” you’d be hard pressed to call it entertaining. Some of it, in fact, is downright rough. Some of it is downright brutal.

Of course, in the end, it’s play acting among consenting adults, but how many people are really hip to that? Especially impressionable youngsters? And you know a lot of kids under the age of 18 are checking this stuff out.

Just this week Manwin announced that it generates something like 60 million visits a day to its tube sites. Manwin, hard to believe, doesn’t own the Tube universe. There are literally thousands of Tube sites each of which offer categories and niches that would make your jaw drop.

How many aggregate visits do these sites generate, you think? 100 million? 500 million? And if that’s anywhere near correct, the influence of porn is astonishing.

I’m not picking on Deen, but he’s repeating the tired and very worn out Mantra that it’s not the adult industry’s responsibility to educate but to entertain. And he says so in this debate.

Ron Jeremy says it. Kayden Kross repeats it. And what performers fail to realize is that just because you fuck for a living doesn’t make you a brain surgeon.

Deen calls porn “art” that should be protected by the First Amendment. Which, I guess, by his definition, mean anything goes.

And if porn is art, I’ve shot some loads Rembrandt might want in his private collection.

Satine Phoenix in rebuttal says it best: “I don’t think porn is art. I think porn is porn. Art has a different effect on people. Porn has a specific effect on people. I think you should be able to make whatever you want. How you approach the community, that’s a whole different aspect.”

Sounds like she’s taking the responsible citizen approach, but Deen immediately poo-poohed what Phoenix had to say [check the clip out], referring to porn as “a vision”. Sorry, James, but that’s delusional. The act of masturbation [which most sex scenes are anyway], like taking a piss, isn’t going to put you in the Metropolitan Museum.

Specifically, how many works of visionary, respectable art feel the need to stir your loins and move you to inseminate a woman’s nostrils? When you listen to Beethoven’s Leonore Overture No. 3 does your penis automatically rise as the violins sing their music to the gods? Do you itch for the charms of a 19th century scullery maid to give you release? Was that the vision The Maestro had in mind?

“Art makes people feel, so does adult films,” states Deen. If Deen wants to compare some of the stunts he’s been paid to do, with art, he’s certainly entitled. But he would be wrong.

Porn is way too influential upon the mind, body, spirit and soul to be considered art or entertainment.

How many marriages or relationships would you say have gone bust because the wife refuses to have her ass gaped or pile driven, or because the husband doesn’t have a 12-inch penis or can’t stay erect for two solid hours without the help of Viagra? Take a guess.

If you’ve missed the 11pm news, here it is: Society now measures itself by what it sees in a porn movie to where every insecure woman in the world needs a breast enlargement or has to thicken her lips to the dimensions of a throw pillow. And let’s not even go there with the tattoos.

In the end, porn is a loaded revolver, and you see what happens in schools and movie theaters when some goofy kid get his hands on one.

“Adult films are created to make people sexually feel something,” Deen says. No argument.

But who’s going to take responsibility for people who can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality? And there are quite a few who didn’t get the memo.

Says Phoenix: “It’s easy to say we don’t have any responsibility, but the truth is we all are in this world together and we have an affect on each other. When you reach out to that many people at one time, you do have responsibility.”

Just curious. I wonder if Satine was ever in a rape movie?


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