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Rob Black Wonders How Kayden Kross Wound Up as Plaintiff in the Vivid Lawsuit

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Rob Black on his Tuesday show, which aired later than usual, said he’s been taking a lot of abuse for the content of his shows.

“You might not like the messenger, but the message is correct,” said Black. “I can’t imagine how you can argue with some of these messages.”

Most of Black’s messages are in the form of rhetorical questions, the pauses to ponder if you will. Tuesday, Black was wondering why, of all performers, was Kayden Kross’ name put on the Vivid Measure B lawsuit which attorney Paul Cambria is now arguing in the courts.

“If Kayden Kross is a plaintiff will she take the stand?” Black wondered.

“But she’s not in the belly of the beast. She’s not doing cream pies. I’ve never seen Kayden Kross suck cock till she passes out where guys eat her ass.”

In other words, Black was comparing Kross to prissy performances. For that matter, said Black, Brooklyn Lee would have been a better choice because she does the acts on screen that most performers can relate to.

“Won’t the lawyers then say, Miss Kross, how do you speak and say all these things about the business if you’re not part of what you’re talking about?” asked Black who invoked Logan Pierce who’s name is also on the suit.

“Logan Pierce, I love you bro, but you’re not Tom Byron or Steven St. Croix.”

Black was curious, too, why St. Croix who blogs often enough to be considered a voice in the business, isn’t a part of this.

“Why is Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce a part of this? Why wouldn’t you use Allie Haze? Why not her because she worked for Vivid all the time. Who the fuck is Kayden Kross? I’m not denying your credentials as an adult performer super star, Kayden, I just need to know how you represent the female talent that’s in the business if you’re not being cattle prodded by Kink or doing double-anal.

“Fuck, Brooklyn Lee should be up there.”

The gimmick, said Black, is why the presiding judge in the case [US District Judge Dean Pregerson] should overturn something the LA voters decided upon.

“This judge has to be swayed by those three super lawyers in porn including, Paul Cambria, H. Louis Sirkin and Robert Corn-Revere, Paul Revere’s son. Cambria’s contention is if you’re wearing condoms in a movie your Free Speech is being stifled,” Black went on to say.

Black also contends that, “The business lies to itself to fill the pockets of the very few. Paul Cambria feeds off the fear of the business.”

Black’s also of the opinion that the industry can hire a celebrity attorney for the same money Cambria’s being paid. Black also reminded his listeners that this suit has become a First Amendment issue after the health issue argument has failed.

According to Black, Cambria’s argument is that making everyone wear a condom is the “most drastic means,” that restrictions are the most drastic means. Black said he became well aware of the legal term “most drastic means” after spending eight years on the firing lines in his own obscenity case.

“Cambria is saying putting on a rubber prohibits our Free Speech and if that doesn’t work, we’ll argue that we have awesome tests and the most drastic means is making the industry wear hazmat suits and condoms.

“Then the judge is supposed to go, you’re right. That is the most drastic means. I hung around lawyers for the last eight years and that’s how it was explained to me.”

Black, however is of the opinion that Cambria is a “retard” and should be wearing a hockey helmet.

Black said the argument boils down to the least drastic means- condoms or testing, versus the most drastic means.

“Cambria is saying we don’t need hazmat suits because we have testing. Anything more than that is drastic means.”

But Black is also saying that Cambria himself is compromised. Black points out how the argument crumbles when you consider that Cambria’s biggest client, John Stagliano, “almost attempts murder every time he performs with women on camera.”

“I had someone say you can’t get it from skin-to-skin contact,” said Black, continuing on the Stagliano Stretch Class topic where Buttman lets his fingers do the walking through the yellow pages of female recti.

“We’re talking about a guy who beats a woman’s bare ass and breaks capillaries then buries his nose, mouth, wrist, tongue where her vagina and ass are. This is not me saying in school who’s got HIV? I don’t want to have gym class with you.”

“We’re not talking about drinking fountains. We talking about girls who are pushed into shit they shouldn’t be.”

Black also talked about the AJ Applegate scene in which her pants are pulled down and Stagliano has his fingers inside her vagina.

Black points out that GP doctors wear rubber gloves and no HIV doctors are allowed to be surgeons, so how is this being allowed.

“Don’t shoot the messenger just because John’s everybody’s hero some how,” said Black.

Black said his detractors are saying, ‘Rob Black you’re a liar or you’re being so mean to this guy because we love him so much.’

“Or your being paid, AVN,” suggested Black noting that AVN has kept its distance from reporting on the Stagliano story.

“I equate this to Jerry Sandusky. I can’t imagine why AVN would not support exposing this if I’ve shown that it’s true, if not for the money. And that’s pathetic. AVN, you guys gave that series an award. You guys blame Mr. Marcus? Nah. Marcus is really just a black scapegoat for Stagliano, the white rich guy that sits in a house in Malibu.”

“Steve Hirsch was going to get behind Marcus. Maybe Steve Hirsch is that big of a piece of shit that he gets behind someone who’s working with HIV.”

Black said if it were him in the same place as Stagliano, he’d be up on criminal charges; but Stagliano is getting a pass.

“Imagine if this were Jules Jordan doing this? Stagliano was sticking hands in a girl’s asshole and not telling a girl he’s HIV. Jules Jordan’s house would be burned down. I don’t get it.”

Black talked about the way AVN’s Peter Warren took sides in an issue between Kelly Shibari and Joanna Angel over an American guy [Danny Wylde] playing an Asian but is laying off Stagliano.

“I’m with Kelly on that. It’s offensive. This is real shit. Stagliano is putting the entire business at risk.”

Black imagined that all the industry’s opponents like Michael Weinstein would be using Stagliano as their poster boy.

Black said he’d be willing to embrace Marcus and get him work because the industry is backing Stagliano.

“I want Marcus to invoke the name Stagliano so when he goes to Spiegler – he has no problem putting all his talent with Stagliano. If Spiegler’s girls know that Stagliano’s HIV, cool. Spiegler, you should tell your business partner that you’re jeopardizing his agency and booking talent with HIV. Awesome.”

“Marcus, invoke Stagliano, and I will go to bat for you,” Black continued.

“Apologize. Say you made a horrible mistake and that you would like a second chance in this business. ‘I would like another chance. I know have to re-earn trust but I will.’

“If they won’t let you do that, talk about Stagliano and how people are letting him do whatever he wants. I would rather have a dose of syphilis than HIV. You can get a shot for syphilis and clear it up. HIV stays a long time.”

Black imagines that Magic Johnson, if asked, would tell you he wouldn’t stick his bare hands in vaginas.

Black said with the Stagliano cover up, he wondered what actually happened in Marcus’ situation. “But that’s for another day. You need to go to Evil Angel and tell them give me a line.”

With the Stagliano coverup, Black wondered how Diane Duke is allowing an HIV performer to work in the business.

“How are these people working with other people and aren’t on a quarantine list? How does Type 9, LA Direct, Spiegler, how can they legally send a girl to work with Stagliano? That is an unsafe work environment. I don’t get it. Am I wrong?


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