Did you know that Sandra from OC Modeling booked Rob Piper with a tranny and didn’t tell him until after the fact?

kimber james - rob piper

I don’t know if that shit is true, about not telling him beforehand, but he damn sure seemed to be into it and he sure as fuck didn’t leave his agent. I don’t know about you but if my agent tricked me into fucking a tranny I sure as fuck wouldn’t stick around.

Here is the video of Rob Piper fucking Tranny Kimber James.





  1. Oh my goodness So this rumor is totally true after all. Sandra of OC Models really booked this ? Sent a straight male performer to anally assault a post OP boy/Transsexual and had this rather naive “new at the time” unsuspecting male talent believe it was a spinner female talent name Kimber James who he thought was a girl. What a shady bitch Sandra McCarthy is. Imagine the mind alerting psychological effect that is permanently etched in this man’s mind forever

    • Seriously fuck up on her part but as a male talent you should always ask who you are working with and do some kinda of research on your talent as veryone in this biz knows it can be shady. This is also his fault once she/he speaks you can clearly tell!!

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