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Rob Spallone: I Never Said Bull in My Life

Porn Valley- Must be one of those heavy news days in Porn Valley because Luke Ford and I are both at Star World Modeling,

Rob Spallone got quoted in the LA Daily News’ Monday feature about the porn industry and wanted to read what they had him saying.

“‘Bull?’ I’ve never said the word ‘bull’ in my life,” comments Spallone thumbing through a couple of quotes attributed to him. “Is that it?” Spallone who got interviewed about six weeks ago thought there’d be more to it than that. The article addresses health concerns, and Spallone says he’s never seen the extent of Chlamydia in the business as there is now.

Spallone gets an inquiry about one of the performers on his website- Natlay. He’s surpised to learn that Natlay is a chick with a dick and wants it made a little more obvious that Natlay is a chick with a dick.

“It says nothin’ about her havin’ a cock,” says Spallone.

The adjustment’s made on the front page.

Luke, who’s been working out with some kind of heavy duty rubberband, asks Spallone if he’s on anything.

“Yeah, Prozac,” states Spallone who keeps bustin’ Ford’s balls about taking a vacation and staying with strangers..

“Where did you go on vacation?” asks Spallone. Ford tells him about the car trip he took to Cooze Bay, Oregon, then Yosemite. Ford said he wanted to drive to Canada but his rental agreement stipulated he couldn’t leave the US. Spallone makes a face like fuck the rental agreement.

“How much did it cost you in gas?” asks Spallone.

“About $300,” says Ford.

“You coulda fuckin’ flown,” Rob informs him.

Spallone then asks Ford where he stayed, thinking there might have been some swank hotels involved. Ford said mostly with friends and Spallone thinks this is really fucked because Ford brought a girl along with him.

“Holy fuck she hates you,” said Spallone upon hearing that they spent one of the nights in the car.

“Did she have sex with you? Did she blow you?” Spallone wants to know. Ford makes it sound like that part wasn’t in the itinerary. Ford explains that she’s a writer and 35 and that she hates the industry.

“More than you?” Spallone asks.

“Yeah,” Ford replies. Spallone’s under the impression that Ford’s making up stories and told him he should have rented a camper.

Meanwhile, Spallone’s booking a shoot for Thursday where he’ll have three fat girl scenes and two squirts. He’s interviewing a black girl in his office. He’s told she’s Asian-black and speaks Chinese. Spallone’s also booking an Asian MILF movie and tells her too bad she’s not over 40. A performer named Joe walks in and Spallone asks him, “You wanna fuck a fat girl this week?” Joe didn’t see particularly enthused.

With poker night being Monday night, Spallone’s in the mood to spin some old card playing yarns, remembering the time director Jerry T was kicked out of the World Modeling Thursday night get together over some beef involving a rolling $25 poker chip that extended over into the following week. Another time producer Ed DeRoo has an antique lamp delivered from Tiffany’s in New York to the poker game. Spallone thinks DeRoo paid at least $20,000 for it sight unseen. Maybe $40,000. He’s not sure.

Spallone asks Ford if he wants to stick around to play some Texas Hold ‘Em which is the Monday night game. Ford doesn’t know how and Spallone starts showing him.

The subject of Allie Ray comes up and Ford asks Spallone how much he’d have to pay for an hour with her.

“Fifty bucks,” says Spallone. “And she’ll go on a trip with you and stay in the car.”


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