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Rod Daily: Free Speech Owns Cutting Edge Testing; Just Like We’ve Been Telling You

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Rod Daily @Rod_Daily from TweetCaster:

I got a little story to tell about a little thing called pimping 101. The sad thing is the talent would be the bitch in this case and not even realize it. They are blinded thinking they are safe and cared for while their pockets are being emptied out right in front of their faces with no voice to talk back.

The FSC or APHSS owns cutting edge testing. It’s a million dollar industry. When the FSC heard they could make talent pay 2xs as much a month for testing, like shark they smelled blood in the water and attacked.

They charge $150 for a test to perform, x2 = $300 a month, 300 of your hard earned dollars taken from you just like a pimp takes taxes in the streets.

These same tests are offered by the county and AHF for free. Why no condoms you ask? Because it would shut down there million dollar industry.

Wait let’s not forget about Gonorrhea and Chlamydia that gets passed around like candy. Why would they want condoms when they would lose another $100 of your hard earned money to treat you.

Let’s remember you have to go back to the clinic you tested at to get your treatment. Let me ask the FSC this how was your testing system the safest and most flawless thing known to mankind when one of the male talent was running around with HEP C for 3 years infecting people?

Wait you fixed that, another test more money in your pocket. How was the testing system flawless and the safest thing known to mankind when another male talent was running around with syphilis infecting many more talent because he was using a falsified test?

Where was the concern for the talent then? Let’s not forget the talent are the ones that make the wheels turn on this billion dollar machine. Without talent this industry does not exist.

The FSC also forgets to mention that AIM healthcare was shut down because it leaked all of their patients personal information and std results. Ummm any medical facility practicing like that damn well better be shut down.

You guys sit there and try to take jabs at AHF because they were a part of a shady business being shut down. Don’t forget that also opened the window for you guys. AHF is not trying to shut down the industry and anyone that thinks that really needs to wake the fuck up.

AHF will give out condoms to studios for free and also test talent for free. AHF actually cares about talents safety and health unlike those other cats who rob you and keep the blinders on.The porn industry is like an atom on the tip of your finger compared to what AHF does worldwide in helping sick people.

Last time I checked helping sick people was a damn good thing. Oh and I forgot these people they help they don’t charge them. So maybe your test helps detect the presence of HIV faster, but HIV is not the only sexually transmitted disease. This is a legal business and since it is a legal business the studios should pay for the test at the least.

So let’s see by my count your testing has fucked up a lot of people and is no more safe then me being drunk and blind folded then driving a car down the freeway. What you guys have going on is a big ass Ponzi scheme and guess who is papa Ponzi, Manwin, they own it all.

They pay you your scene rate and then pimp your ass and take their taxes in an endless circle of fucking the talent. The money they pay the talent goes right back into their own pocket.

Now that’s pimpin 101! I understand why there will be no condoms, cause money makes the world go round. How do you maximize profit you steal it out of your employees pocket, it’s like they are lowering your scene rate and the talent does not even know it. That is fucking brilliant, but I gotta call you on your bull shit Diana Duke and the FSC.

I may be HIV positive but my eyes still work very well. It’s time to really keep the talent safe, strap up. Don’t you know your not supposed to bite the hand that feeds you? The talent feeds all of you. You say you care so much but I ran the numbers.

30% of people are turned off by watching porn with condoms, kind of fuckin weird safe sex is a turn off but what ever. Is 30% really worth the health and safety of your workers? What I do know is porn has always been around and it’s always gonna be around. It’s simple microeconomics, porn will always be in demand but if the only thing you have to watch is porn with condoms then that’s what you will watch.

If some one kills me then you all will know why lol cause I stood up for the talent without a voice. That will be the only way I’m going out though or old age, not HIV. All my positive family be strong and know that everything is ok and will be ok, don’t ever let anyone take a single fuckin thing from you.

Good night everyone. This message has been approved by Rod Dailys alter ego Captain Positive. Stay up stay strong people knowledge is power.


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