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Ron Jeremy in Debate at University of Maryland note: Last night Ron Jeremy was scheduled to debate Susan G. Cole, the author of Pornography and the Sex Crisis at the University of Maryland’s Stamp Student Union’s Grand Ballroom. The following is an editorial which appeared in connection with the event. I applaud SEE for the selection. Because tonight we are not going to see Ron Jeremy engaging in naughty sex acts with buxom blondes, but instead, we will see him try to defend the pornography industry against Susan G. Cole, the author of Pornography and the Sex Crisis. This should be good.

Whatever Jeremy says tonight, I doubt he will convince Cole her ideas about pornography are wrong. Like Cole and other feminists, I think pornography is a problem because it blurs our perception of what healthy, normal sex is.

No longer reserved for perverts and sex fiends, pornography has become omnipresent in our culture. All students on the university’s network have probably seen the tan brunette in white underpants and a bra, licking her finger coyly and promising steamy shots of women masturbating when they log on. If you can use the Internet, you can access porn, which is alarming given the volume of children who use the Web daily. Porn is bleeding into the mainstream and becoming so ingrained in our culture that we are becoming desensitized to it. But it’s not just harmless fun.

Although many women like porn, it creates a world based on male fantasies, power and ego. Many classical pornographic set-ups indulge a male perspective on the ideal sexual situation – lots of girls willing to go to any lengths to please. The girls are hot, complacent, willing to be dominated and apparently indifferent to their sex partners. It is this last aspect of porn fantasy that allows a man like Ron Jeremy to have sex with a woman like Jenna Jameson. Part of Jeremy’s appeal, according to his website, is that he is a regular guy who gets to sleep with beautiful women.

But when porn becomes mainstream, both men and women have trouble sifting out what’s real in a fictional world of velvet sheets and leopard-print pillows. Women start to believe that emulating porn stars is the only way to be sexy. Because even to snag a guy like Ron Jeremy, a woman must have long blond hair, a small waist, massive breasts and the ability to perform oral sex upside down, while hanging from a swing on the ceiling.

Men also take a dangerous cue from porn when they buy into the myth that women secretly want to be dominated and forced to have sex against their will. If men really believe all women want to be raped, why not try it? When women are objectified in porn movies, it makes them easy targets for violence, abuse and unwanted sexual advances.

Porn aficionados probably think porn opponents are too uptight, that porn just shows people how to be creative and fun during sex. After all, as Ron Jeremy himself pointed out in an interview on, porn is a billion-dollar industry that is fun and deserves to be legitimized.

But I disagree with Jeremy because porn and sex aren’t something to be flippant about. AIDS, STDs and unwanted pregnancies are all byproducts of sex, so it’s a big responsibility. What’s more, porn encourages rape, abuse and sexual assault.

For women and men who think pornography is a form of empowerment for women because it allows women to have free, unbridled sex with whomever they please, get a clue. Any industry created by men, for men must undergo massive restructuring before it can ever serve women’s best interests.

Taking cues from porn movies is not the way to improve your sex life, and porn has no place in mainstream culture, despite what Jeremy might claim tonight. Besides, are you seriously going to take sex advice from a guy whose film credits include Butt Hunt 19 and Frankenpenis?

Editor’s Note (WCL): This idiot writes, “Like Cole and other feminists, I think pornography is a problem because it blurs our perception of what healthy, normal sex is.” I think the only reason porn is a problem is because it demonstrates to women that us regular joes suck in bed! 🙂


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