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Ron Jeremy Played Disney Character

> Mimi Miyagi posts on her blog: The look on my face is because how excited I became seeing parts of Europe finally taking a lead in the war on anorexia. LOL! Now I finally have ability to fulfill my hopes and dreams of becoming selected voluptuous fashion model for some jeans company. One of my favorites is Lucky Brand Jeans and Marciano. Guess has some really nice clothes too. Anyways, I have been seriously working out this week but being extremely CAREFUL, not to overdo it. At one time I became overly muscular, and I am making sure my workouts are just for getting firm and tight and not too muscular. One of my friends said that he hopes the fashion and entertainment world in general will go back to popularizing the “Marilyn Monroesque” type of body. I find that most men particularly enjoy curves in women and not a stick rack with clothes just barely hanging on for dear life on the runway and at the strip club. Well I better get back to my busy schedule trying to get in tip top physical condition for the public next month.

> sex city writes on There weren’t too many porn stars at the event and attendence was down because between the security checka and wait to get it, it took an hour to get to the show floor.

> from the NY Post: DONALD Trump and his kids were so pumped at the launch of their new Trump Magazine at Trump Tower the other night that they didn’t mind answering any and all questions. Asked what his porn name would be, Donald boasted: “Big!” Runner-up name: “The Trump Tower.”

> from the NY Post: AS improbable as it may seem, Disney once employed Ron Jeremy – years after he established himself as a porn star. In his upcoming autobiography, “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz,” the guy who earned the nickname “The Hedgehog” for his hairy roundness, reveals how, in the 1990s, he anonymously played a monster named “Blister Face” on the Saturday morning kids show “Bone Chillers.”

The HarperCollins book will also detail Jeremy’s mother’s stint as an American spy during World War II, his uncle’s lucrative partnership with gangster Bugsy Siegel, and his sometimes prickly relationships with other adult film legends. The beefy star says to “I tell a story of how John [Johnny Wadd] Holmes, when he read an article that I was like the star of the ’80s in Playgirl magazine, he said, ‘Why don’t I just retire and become your bitch?’ ” Jeremy, who hails from Flushing, Queens, and has a master’s degree in education, is the star of such infamous XXX fare as “Wanda Whips Wall Street,” “Carnal Cuties” and “Sex Fifth Avenue.”

> Nickey Milo posts on I had Ashley knight booked from World Modeling booked for Saturday 2pm. we had confirmed wardrobe , location and call time three times last week and all was well until call time,,, 2pm came around and we started calling, she never has her cell phone on and after three calls she finally calls back and she says she has no test and she left a message for Bill,,, I said there is no Bill with me or working for me..and you never left a message… Just hung Up… I think her Bill is the bill collector. All the other talent showed up on time with the right clothing , duhhhh

> vegas porn producer writes on PSP: Bob Fields at EZ media studios is a scammer. he wants agents to send him female talent …then tries to get them to come “audition” and do a free “test shoot”and then goes around your back and cuts you out of referral money…what a scumbag. He is the type to give the industry a bad name.


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