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Ron Jeremy’s Ticklish on the Nipples, says Sammura Shane

Porn Valley — Sammura Shane was on the Sports Swami Friday morning to discuss comments she had made in the wake of STD statistics quoted by Violet Blue on Blue’s KSEX show. Unfortunately, two of Shane’s most interesting answers were blotted out by technical flooflahs that ran a spot for Ben Affleck’s new movie Paycheck over her audios.

Swami nevertheless did his best to stir up controversy claiming there’d be a smackdown with Blue at AEE, but Shane simply wasn’t buying into it. Shane said she had noting against Blue. “It’s no big beef at the convention where I’d want to kick her ass,” said Shane. “I have nothing against her. I’d like to meet her and maybe we could just talk in person and maybe her words were twisted around. Who knows.” Shane said, from what she had read, Blue had mentioned in a body of statistics that African Americans accounted for the highest cases of STDs.

Shane was also asked her views on why African American women weren’t getting boxcovers from the “classier” adult film companies. From her perspective, Shane, 26, simply questioned why boxcover language would have to incline itself towards words like “black,” “booty,” or “ghetto” on the covers. “It’s bringing the black porn industry down a little bit,” Shane thinks. Among her favorite performers, Shane lists Obsession, Dee, Lucy Pearl, Monique [a personal favorite]; Cinnamon and Love off the top of her head.

Swami, likewise, pointed out that black performers have been getting more of the media spotlight thanks to shows on KSEX devoted towards that genre not to mention higher quality lines being put out by Sean Michaels and Lexington Steele.

Shane was asked if, in her opinion, conditions in the industry had improved for African American performers. Shane felt that they were with performers now having their own websites and putting out their own video lines. “The only thing I have a problem with is people that get big time distribution deals still have to do the little song and dance to the company that’s giving them the money. I know a lot of black directors that only do stuff with white girls. And they’ll never even think about the opposite- the flip side- of black girls with white guys. The thing they mostly promote on their websites is black guys with white girls. And I know a lot of guys that want to see black girls with white guys.”

Shane was asked for her dream list of Caucasian actors and put Kurt Lockwood at the top followed by Evan Stone. She also included Tom Byron, but this was the sequence that was blurred out by the Affleck commercial so you couldn’t make out the rest of her response. When Shane’s interview resumed she was talking about some white actor [you might presume that it was still Byron] and that there was something really sexy about him. Shane said she had also done a scene with Ron Jeremy and that she liked him. “He had to calm me down because I had my hands all over him,” she said. “He’s ticklish on his nipples. He don’t like having his nipples sucked because he’s ticklish.”

Swami also tried to suggest that Shane, who’s from Chicago, was being stalked by The Bears’ Kordell Stewart and wondered how much of a problem it was for her. Shane said many of the girls have the problem on The Internet.

“Yes, I am here to entertain you. Yes, I am a dirty little whore and all that shit but this is on The Internet. I have a private life outside of this and guys actually expect to talk about sucking dick, being with them and, basically, seducing them on The Internet 24 hours a day on the net. When you don’t send an e-mail back to them right away or agree to get on your webcam for them they totally start tripping and messing. They’re telling you you’re just disrespecting yourself. You’re a whore. How could you fuck all these guys and then it goes to them starting to threaten you and some about kidnapping you and posting your phone numbers all over the net. It’s a really, really big problem.”

While she admits to having a mouth on her, Shane said she’s not the type of person that would do something evil just to be doing it. “Unless somebody did something to really physically harm me, then yeah. Other than that I’ll just talk shit to you back and forth.”

Asked if she had any special plans for the AEE convention or if she was entertaining ideas of being a contract girl, Shane had this to say, “I am not from L.A. and as you can tell by my voice and the way I talk and the way I carry myself, I won’t put up with any bullshit. That’s just too much pressure. To be a contract girl is basically pressure saying like, okay, you’ve got to do these videos. And I’m the type of girl that I might not want to do any videos for three or four months. And I don’t like being obligated to do anything. I want to do it when I do it. And if I don’t I don’t.”

Swami said he also heard rumors that Shane and Mercedes Ashley were pondering a joint venture. Shane said she and Ashley were friends as far as the Internet goes.

“But I’d like to meet her when I get down to the expo and really kick it with her because she’s the only girl I could absolutely talk to who sees the reality of what we do. You got these girls in la-la land thinking they’re real actresses and shit. Look, you’re just sucking dick on tape, okay? You’re a whore. I like it because she’s for real about it. We both know we’re whores. We both know we do porn. We’re not walking around with this stuck up ass type of attitude like we’re too good to talk to our fans. Or hang out with our fans. That’s why I like her. I hope to meet her when I get out there- me and her hanging out.”

Swami said, with those comments, Shane could just about rule out getting holiday greeting cards from JKP girls or Vivid girls. “No big deal,” laughed Shane who thinks the days of being a contract girl are tainted. “To be a contract girl you had to have a certain amount of scenes; and you had to get good reviews and have a hotness to yourself. Now, it’s like girls are getting contracts with being in the business two weeks. They don’t know if they could fuck good or not. They give them a contract and spend all this money on ads for AVN magazine and promoting them. Then the girl gets on the set and comes to find out she can’t even take a dick up her pussy. She can’t even suck dick good or she quits at the last minute.”

Swami suggested she had to cut the interview short because some of the language Shane was using. “The corporate sponsors are pissed because you’ve been swearing.” With that, Shane ended by saying she hoped to be sucking some good dick at the AEE.



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