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Porn Valley- Roxetta made two appearances on KSEX Monday night. She was briefly on The Wanker Show with Mickey G, the two of them announcing that they’ve been seeing one another about six months and are now living together. Earlier, Roxetta, who had just done a photo shoot for Taylor Wane, was on with Wane and Dick Nasty giving one of the best KSEX interviews to date in this young year.

Nasty mentioned that he had done a couple of scenes with Roxetta.

“I guess you could say that,” Roxetta agreed. Asked to explain the comment, Roxetta said one day she had a scene to do and Nasty was hanging around.

“He’s a bit of a lurker,” said Wane. “He lurks around sets hoping someone doesn’t get wood.” Roxetta said she was working with Christian when she met Nasty.

“He’s [Christian] a tall guy, buff.”

Wane made mention that Nasty used to represent Christian but no longer, and Roxetta said Christian’s a really nice guy. Asked if she preferred Nasty to a big, buff guy like Christian, Roxetta said absolutely.

“As soon as I saw Dick I was, like, oh my gosh. This buff guy get him out of here. I want a piece of that English guy over there.” Not to confuse Roxetta’s comments with Mark Davis, Wane so avidly pointed out.

“He had this gorgeous blond hair and this winning smile,” Roxetta continued. “I just walked up to him and said, please Dick just fuck me right now!” Asked if Nasty indeed fucked her, Roxetta said the director stopped tragedy from occurring. Continuing the goof, Roxetta said she then took Nasty out in the parking lot and fucked him in the backseat right after the scene. Nasty didn’t seem to recall the episode and Roxetta suspected he was catching Alzheimer’s. Asked if she liked older men, Roxetta said she usually goes for a guy who’s about 80 or 90.

“But Dick will work,” she laughed. “He’s a little young but I like them when they’re just about ready to kick the bucket and they’re on their death bed.”

Wane announced that Roxetta was wearing St. Patrick’s Day colors and Roxetta said she used to live in Ireland. Asked if she found her pot of gold over there, Roxetta said, no, but a lot of leprechauns and that she fucked one in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, once. Wane noticed that Roxetta had some glitter on one of her boobs and Roxetta said she was doing some partying before she came came over to the station. Wane imagined that in between the photo shoot and being at KSEX that would have given her maybe 45 minutes. Wane also observed that Roxetta has a killer body.

“You’re in phenomenal shape,” Wane told her. To which Roxetta said she likes to work out.

“I do a lot of running and I do work out with weights,” Roxetta answered. “I used to take karate.” Roxetta took it for four years when she was in Georgia.

“i had a lot of energy as a teenager,” Roxetta explained. “My mother wanted me to take karate.” According to Roxetta she’s have a lot of nervous energy that would prompt her to slip out of her bedroom window, get drunk and invite boys over while her mother was in bed asleep. Roxetta would slip the guys through her window. which was downstairs. Roxetta had a couple of boyfriends that she’d alternate through her window.

“But I had a situation where they both came on the same night,” she recalls. Roxetta was about 15 at the time and started having sex at that age.

“Each one had something different that the other one didn’t have,” she continued. “One of them gave me a car and the other was giving me some drugs.” The guy who gave her a car was 22.

“His parents got it for him and he gave me his old one,” she explained, noting that she dated the guy about a year before that transaction. As far as the other guy was concerned, Roxetta said she liked both him and the drugs. Asked if she fucked the drug guy in the back seat of the other guy’s car, Roxetta gave the impression that she had him in the car.

“But I didn’t fuck him in the back seat,” she continued. “He had a house- a trailer- it wasn’t a real house.” Wane imagined such behavior was all a slap in the face to the guy with the car.

“Not if he doesn’t know about it,” laughed Roxetta. Nasty chimed in to say that with women, such moral quandaries aren’t at issue.

Besides, Roxetta said she liked the guy with the drugs.

“He was a really cute guy and he gave me some drugs,” she explained. “Yeah, we hung out and we partied. We had a great time. Yeah, I got to get out of the house- I was happy.” Roxetta said it was mostly pot and alcohol, no big thing. Painting the picture of Roxetta wantonly fucking guys all around the state of Georgia, Wane asked her when she decided to come out to California and work in the business.

“That was after my marriage,” Roxetta noted. “I was married for two years.” Wane wondered if the husband had given her a boat given the pattern.

“Unfortunately he didn’t give me anything,” Roxetta replied. “The guy that I married took me overseas. We went to Ireland and Italy and France and Australia and Germany- it got to be good enough for now.” Wane wondered how he could afford the world travel.

“Was he a rich guy?” she asked.

“He had a little bit of money,” said Roxetta. “We just went around to every where. He stole some money from his mother and I think that’s how he was able to spend so much.” Wane observed, a bit sarcastically, that Roxetta was hanging around some really nice guys. Wane again wondered how all these adventures brought Roxetta to porn. Roxetta said her ex husband was able to keep all his money away from her.

“I didn’t get any,” she said. “Then when I got into the US I thought to myself, wait a minute. I’m sitting here. I started doing graphic design because I actually have a degree in that. And I thought I don’t like this- I’m bored.”

“Because we’ve already established that you’re the kind of girl that likes to climb out windows, drink, take drugs, take stolen money from other peoples’ mothers and travel around the world,” Wane said in recap. “We’ve established that you need a lot of things going on.”

Roxetta also mentioned that between the drugs, the slipping out of the windows and the wild parties, she was able to go to school. “I have my degree- I had to suck my professor a couple of times.”

“You decided to bone him so you could pass?” Wane asked to clarify.

“What happened is I got this professor who was this really sexy Italian guy,” Roxetta continued. “He had really nice long hair and he was really nice. We started talking at break time and we kept doing that every now and then. We decided to go out to dinner one day.” Roxetta was 19 at the time and the teacher was about 30, according to her.

“We started dating and everything,” she said. “I dated him for quite awhile and found out that he was married. But because he was dating me, his wife left him and she went to Arkansas so he was single again. I got to go over his house and everything. Things went really well and I guess I could still be dating him today, but I decided that…”

With the hesitation, Wane suspected that it wasn’t as fun for Roxerra once his wife left him.

“No it really wasn’t that,” Roxetta answered. “I met someone else.” Wane said that news didn’t surprise her.

“I met a tattoo artist and he was a little bit wilder and more my speed,” Roxetta explained. Wane took that to mean he was a possessor of drugs and alcohol as well.

“He was a really interesting guy,” Roxetta responded. “He was an incredible artist. My professor was an artist, but I guess he had too much going on in his life. He had a little kid and all that.” Roxetta said she basically didn’t want the married guy drama. Asked why she didn’t have a tattooed memento from the other relationship, Roxetta explained that she didn’t want to get one.

“He would have tattooed me if I wanted him too, but I never wanted him too- he could tattoo anybody else that he wanted to.” Wane thought at the very least that Roxetta might have had his name placed above her ass.

“I should have done that,” said Roxetta glibly. “But what would I do now?” On the question of whether she shaves her pussy, Roxetta said hers is not shaved.

“Usually I do the Hitler-thing with the little stripe down the middle,” she said. “Because I’m a real woman, I want to have hair down there- I’m not a little girl.”

Wane got back to the how did you get in porn question and Roxetta mentioned that she had been looking at some magazines and decided she wanted to model.

“Doing that would be fun- I did that,” Roxetta went on to say. “I decided, well, I want to see what it’s like to fuck in front of the camera.”

“You already fucked half of Georgia, you might as well fuck in front of the camera,” Wane suggested.

“And I was single, too,” said Roxetta. “I wasn’t getting any sex.” Nasty wasn’t buying that and neither was Wane.

“I wasn’t trying to pick up a guy,” Roxetta explained. “Why don’t I make money at it? I thought it would be an interesting experience and I gave it a try.” Asked about her website, , Roxetta said she was building it herself.

“I have a degree in graphic design but it looks like I might have to have someone else add on to it,” she said. “It’s very basic right now.” According to Roxetta there’s a few vanilla pictures on there for now including some fetish ones.

“I like to be tied up,” Roxetta points out. “My ex boyfriend the tattoo artist used to do that all the time and that was the only way he liked to have sex. So I kind of started to like it. I was getting blindfolded and everything. It’s really exciting to surrender and give yourself to someone.”


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