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Roxetta Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Roxetta in an interview with me professed her wish to be on KSEX. She got that wish Monday night when she was a guest on The Wanker Show. First thing noted is that Roxetta has a website in progress but that it’s not up yet. She’s still working on it. Roxetta has been in the industry seven months where she started in magazines. She got the cover of Taboo, the July, 2005 issue. Roxetta also notes that she has a degree in Graphic Design. “I decided to do this because I really like sex and I like the flexibility of it,” she says.

All of this being said, Wankus asked if she’d rather shoot porn or design the boxcover. With straight face, Roxetta said she makes more money as talent and has no desire to do boxcovers. Sexually, Roxetta does just about everything including d.p.s and anal. Wankus said she comes off with such a cute little girl personality that he wouldn’t have guessed she’s such a freak. “I say that with love of course.” To which Roxetta said why be in the sex business if you don’t love sex.

“I did start off slow. I did magazine work and my first scene was a girl-girl. Then I did boy-girl scenes for awhile. But that’s boring.” Roxetta hasn’t done a double anal. Wankus surmised that guys performing those scenes might have to be gay. “Am I right?” he asked. “You’ve got two hard cocks in your ass and these guys are sharing hip bones and cock rubs. You got to think that they’re gay.” Wankus then quoted Tyler Faith as saying that a lot of b-b-g scenes she does, the guys struggle to get wood. “All of a sudden they’re staring at each other when it’s time to pop, it’s no problem.”

Roxetta laughed that she didn’t come into porn for gay guys. The first guy she worked with was Kurt Lockwood.

“Perfect example,” said Wankus. So far Roxetta’s had a blast, according to her. Asked if she’s had any bad experiences so far, Roxetta said there was a fetish guy [Andy Adler] and she showed up on a set. “He said we were going to use nipple clamps. Okay, cool, nipple clamps are great. Then he gets me all tied up with rope and everything and starts putting rubber bands around my breasts and suction cups on them. He was so evil about it. I’m, like, wait a minute we didn’t talk about this. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a lot of fun. He kind of gagged me and everything. Other than that everything’s been great. I’ve had a great time.”

Asked if she wanted to give props to anyone, Roxetta said that Melissa Lauren was crazy. “As far as guys go, there’s so many guys,” she said. “I wish I could wrap them all up and take them home with me.” Wankus guessed that Roxetta was just as crazy at home. “I take the fifth on that,” she said. Painting a scenario of a night on the time, Wankus asked if he could count on a pretty wild night. Roxetta said it depended on the way she felt. Her personality is more submissive, according to her. She wouldn’t want a wimpy guy to tell her like it is. “I would probably bust out laughing.”

Asked if she got any requests she might say not to, Roxetta thought immediately of having a baseball bat stuck up your ass. Wankus said it’s been done many times with the fat end. She also got a request to do a blow bang at the time she was doing softer core. “At the time I didn’t know if I went to venture that far out yet. I do what I enjoy doing and if I don’t enjoy doing it, I won’t do it.” When Roxetta thought the show’s topics were getting a bit strange, Wankus said trust him. He had on a girl [Randi Wright] last week who wanted to fuck a corpse. By comparison, this was a calm show, laughed Wankus. “She [Wright] wanted fat guys or corpses.”

Before she got into porn, Roxetta said she went to the university. Wankus immediately asked her if she was from out of the country by calling it a university instead of college. Roxetta lived in Ireland. “I traveled all over the world. I had fun and wanted to have a job that wouldn’t confine me to the office. I did that before and my boss was a real bitch. She was one of those typical bitch-bosses that has thin lips and evil eyes. I didn’t like that. I don’t like working for someone else and being under someone else’s constant control and working up the corporate ladder.” Roxetta looked at porn on line and thought it was interesting and that porn performers had glamorous lives. “I thought why not? I’ll give it a shot.”

Her mother’s reaction was let’s not tell grandma. Which Roxetta thought was funny because she got on a cover of a magazine and could be seen on HBO. Asked her nationality, Roxetta is part German, French and Irish. “They all hate each other.” Wankus offered the profile of a drunken, smelly racist. With that mix, Wankus imagined that the family would be cool about it. “My sister has been very supportive,” said Roxetta. Wankus asked his standard question of painting a picture of the house at Thanksgiving. Roxetta laughed about her not being in the industry long enough to answer that one. He asked about Christmas, and Roxetta said she didn’t talk about it.

Wankus was curious if her father has asked for a pass to her website. But her father passed on. Wankus said a stepfather sometimes takes news like that worse. Roxetta said pretty much everything her [step] father told her not to do, she’s done. “He doesn’t know about the porn. He thought I was going to continue my education and get a Masters.”

Asked for her future plans, Roxetta said she doesn’t want to leave the business. “I really like it,” she said. “And my goal is to own a collection of websites. I’m working on that right now. That’s really what I want to do.” Wankus asked if she had also given thoughts to directing. “I consider myself very artistic; I’m very sexual and everything. I would like to mix art and storylines with good, raw sex. I think that would be a lot of fun to do.” Roxetta said she was bad as a kid that she dropped out of high school in the ninth grade. Her mother and her didn’t get along. “She was an alcoholic so I ran away with a boyfriend out the bedroom window. I lived a very crazy life.” Roxetta then got hooked up with bikers and drug dealers. “They would bring in bricks of marijuana, cocaine and guns and things.” It was noted, by comparison, that what Roxetta’s doing now appears very legitimate. Asked if she was snorting lines and fucking the bikers, Roxetta said she was with one guy though she smoked some pot. “We’re talking about real bikers- they weren’t Hell’s Angels but they were crazy enough.” The name of the gang she said was The Biker Club. “It was really weird- the guy we were staying with, his fiancee was murdered in the house because of a drug deal that went bad. He always had me go into the other room when people would come in. He didn’t want to expose me to a school teacher that was coming over. She was actually coming over to buy drugs on a regular basis. I went to her house and we were getting drunk and partying and everything.”

Roxetta noted that her sister just got out of a relationship with a rough and tough cop. “She just found out that he was gay and he was calling himself Mr. Marietta from the town where he lived in. He was trying to pick up guys and she was freaked out. She couldn’t believe it. She was shocked. As soon as she found out about it she was, like, I can’t deal with that. You’re gone. She wasn’t looking for a gay guy. My sister isn’t into that.” Wankus suspected that Roxetta might want to tear a guy’s ass up just to say she did it. Rosetta didn’t think she could do something like that.

Roxetta’s former relationship with L.A. Direct was also touched upon. “That’s a touchy subject,” she said. “Derek is a jerk. I told him that I wanted to take a week off and I sent him an email like a week ahead of time. During my time off, my phone rings and it takes me two hours to return the call. When I return the call he’s screaming like why didn’t you return my call. Why didn’t you pick up the phone right then. A total pimp mentality. I was, like, wait a minute. This is my time off. He said not it isn’t. I never hard that. I said I sent you an email and you replied to it. He said I don’t remember that. So I sent him a copy of my e-mail. He didn’t apologize. He continued to be a prick. I left the agency. It was so ugly.”

Roxetta noted that Derek posted her on as not showing up for an anal scene. “He had one of his friends do it.” Wankus said his opinion of L.A. Direct is like a Nike sweat shop. They’re putting out a good product but they’re just making a shitload of people work like crazy. “That’s not necessarily an insult- it’s just kind of like a machine.” Roxetta ventured the opinion that L.A. Direct was trying to create a monopoly by forcing out other talent agents. “He’s trying to say to everyone, look, I have all the girls that you need. And you don’t need this other talent agent. And a monopoly’s always a bad thing. You don’t want that.” In fairness to L.A. Direct, said Wankus, he gets his girls to the set.

Roxetta thought Derek was such a dictator until she saw a video of him letting a guy suck his cock. “Then I saw a picture of him- a bubble boy butt plug on Legend under gay, under the toy section. It’s up right now on their website. Derek’s butt is pooched out like the flower boy of the year.”


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