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Roxetta: Mickey G. “a Danger”- final

Porn Valley- I had a conversation with Roxetta Wednesday afternoon and she tells me that a posting on MySpace, attributed to her, basically saying all is forgiven and forgotten with Mickey G was not her doing. If you haven’t been keeping up with this story, here’s the really short version. Roxetta and Mickey G were an item. They broke up and Mickey G. was supposed to have thrown battery acid in the face of Roxetta’s male friend.

Much of that drama was aired on KSEX a couple of month’s ago, and Roxetta has given me an update.

Before we actually spoke on the phone, Roxetta left a couple of messages including the number of the police report she filed after the alleged battery acid incident, August 28th. She calls what’s transpired after the incident an attack on her character.

“Mickey G is the fugitive from the law because he’s a danger to himself and society,” she said. “He has passed himself off as being a normal kind of guy. But he isn’t. This can be be verified by calling the North Hollywood police dept. There is a case # I’d like to give everyone- the case number is 061523535. The police dept. has a warrant for his arrest.”

Roxetta claims other stories have been put out there by Mickey G that she’s either pregnant, on drugs and is a street walker.

“People think these things are true and it’s hurting me,” she goes on to say in her phone message. “They’re not true- it’s something that Mickey’s saying because apparently it would be better for him if I were gone and the evidence of what he did to another man’s face- disfiguring it- were gone too.”

In a second message, Roxetta states she has people that are very angry with her and want to cause harm to her.

“I’ve received all kinds of text messages and threats- it’s frightening,” she goes on to say. According to Roxetta, Mickey G. is working for LA Nitelife.

“I told this to one of my friends and she said well you know maybe the guy from LA Nitelife would like to know who he has hired. I know that Mickey’s been in the industry for approximately 11 years but he may have been a really nice guy. I thought he was, too. That’s one reason why I decided to have a relationship with him. But Mickey has stated to me- I don’t know whether this is true or false- but that his odd behavior was because he was doing the drugs, not me. He was doing them behind my back. I have heard him say this to me. Again, it’s just my word against his. I just stress to everyone they need to know the kind of person they are hiring. Maybe they want to protect themselves.”

During my conversation with her, I ask Roxetta, how Mickey could be a “fugitive” if he’s staying pretty much out in the open; and if there’s a police report to a serious crime, why haven’t the cops looked him up.

“Why aren’t the cops arresting him?” I ask Roxetta.

“No one has actually called the North Hollywood police dept, and said, hey, he’s here,” Roxetta answers. “That’s all anyone has to do if they see him. It’s partially my fault. He’s very, very cocky. He’s become very confident that he’s gotten by with this and I’m not going to do anything about it. He feels very comfortable going to places and telling people that I’m a rotten person. People don’t know what to think because I’m not coming forward. And he’s taken so many chances being out in the open that it’s hard to believe that he’s guilty. But he is.”

Roxetta tells me that Mickey’s living with someone on Gault St. but she won’t say who that someone is.

“The police have to handle this because it’s a little more complicated,” she says.

Roxetta also tells me that there’s scar tissue on her friend’s eye from the resultant incident and that he can’t look up or down or right to left.

“It has been pressing so much on my conscience to get this story out,” she says. “But at the same time I didn’t want to destroy the information I was gaining from Mickey because he was being bold and brazen by calling me and telling me where he lives and who he works for. I couldn’t put up much of a battle until the police got the information they needed from me.” The relationship between Roxetta and Mickey essentially ended a couple of months prior to the August incident when she got arrested.

“It was for marijuana plants that Mickey was producing,” she says. “I didn’t want him to do it and we argued about it a lot. There were two balconies covered in marijuana plants and I was arrested and charged with a felony for that. He was also arrested, and I managed to bail out. Our relationship ended at that time and he told me he had no place to go. He had no place to live.”

Roxetta also recalls at the time of the drug arrest that Mickey was telling her he was the man of the house.

“It seems like when he loses control he goes berserk,” she said.

According to Roxetta it was about that time she went out to have a couple of drinks with a guy she met.

“It was a friendship that was non-sexual in nature,” she stresses. “I didn’t have anybody to talk to. I was alone.” This is the guy that Roxetta claims had the battery acid tossed in his face.

Regarding the MySpace incident, Roxetta claims that it was Mickey G. making all those postings about her being pregnant, etc.

“I never dreamed he would do that- but I heard it from my mother that there were just some things this guy was doing. And he’s saying these things that aren’t true and making people believe that he’s a normal guy. He even called me a few days ago and told me he was casting for a Brady Bunch movie and wanted me to pay for face pills for him. He disfigured someone’s face and he’s worried about face pills. He wants to look younger and there are pills that stimulate collagen production, plus it takes the surface off the skin and repairs any damages from scars or anything like that.

“And he wanted me to pay for that and an AIM test that he could cast for this movie,” she continues. “He thinks I owe this to him because he gave me a year of his life. I said, Michael, you didn’t have to work a year of your life. I took care of you. I don’t understand why you think you’re entitled to this. He calls me a witch. He calls me these rotten names. Then he asks me for help.

“I let him back in the house after the felony- the charges were dropped. He said he had no place to live; I felt badly about that and I let him stay here. The situation turned ugly. There’s definitely a case against him. It shook me up a lot. I didn’t want to leave my house. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to deal with anyone. He stalked me at the AIM clinic. I asked him if he would bring belongings that he had of mine and he leaves them at the clinic. He was acting frantic, angry and odd it seemed to them at AIM when he went there to return my belongings.

[Here’s a question I should have asked Roxetta- if Mickey is staying with her, why is he returning her belongings?]

According to Roxetta, when she was walking out of the AIM clinic, he drove by in a car and said, ‘You fucking bitch.’ That’s what he said. Then he turned around the block, came back up and nearly hit two cars. He was swerving. He was driving crazy. I’m afraid of him.

“He’s working for LA Nitelife and the man, James Bartholet, who hosts it, hasn’t any clue as to what is really happening here,” Roxetta goes on to say. “This incident is really tearing my life apart.”

“Is this hurting you professionally?” I ask her.

“Yes, no one wants to deal with me. People don’t know if what he’s saying is true and he’s said some really horrible things such as I’m strung out on these really horrible drugs. Everything he says is untrue. He doesn’t have proof. And I have every reason to believe that he wants me gone and my career to disappear. As long as I’m around he feels that his livelihood is in jeopardy.”


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  1. Mickey g is actually alive, well and out of the Industry. He is a devoted husband and working again as a nurse on the front lines of the pandameic. I should know, I’m hos wife of 9 years.

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