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Roxy DeVille Interviewed

Porn Valley- Layla Jade kept calling Roxy DeVille, Roxy Jezel. DeVille was on Jade’s Friday night KSEX show and Jade laughed about how she screws up everyone’s name.

“It’s not just you,” said Jade who claims she’s stone cold sober when she’s doing the show. DeVille’s been in the business since November and she started with the intent of doing the filthiest, nastiest shit, according to her.

“Now I’m ready to boycott it all,” said DeVille. “I’m going back to old school instead pf glug-glug-glug [simulating throat gagging] because that made me sick. I do girls. I don’t do anal.. A lot of people are bummed out about that.”

DeVille also said she likes to eat too much which is foreign to anal.

“You can’t be, oh, I got to stop eating like 6:30 for my anal scene tomorrow,” laughed DeVille. “Are you fucking kidding me? No cheeseburgers at 3am? I’m not doing it.” Jade also assumed that after you’ve had your ass juices on someone’s dick you’re not going to want to eat for a couple of days as well.

DeVille is sure there’ll come a time in the business that you either do double-anal or you’re out.

“But I’m still new and I’m going to milk not doing the anal-thing for as long as I can,” she said. Jade told her it was the smart thing to do. DeVille said she’s worked with a couple of guys recently who told her they won’t shoot anal any more, that they’re sick of it.

“Rob Rotten? He won’t shoot anal any more,” said DeVille. Jade also feels that the industry needs to take a few steps back.

“And be what it used to be,” she stated. “Beautiful sexy women doing beautiful sexy things, not choking on some 85-inch penis and throwing up their lunch on camera. It’s not hot.” DeVille, likewise, said she didn’t want to see that.

“I don’t watch porn any more because of that shit,” said Jade. “It’s the same glug-glug-glug.” At the same time, DeVille said she was “so bored by fucking girl-girl.”

“It’s so fucking boring to me,” she continued. “I’ve only done one scene- no offense to any of the girls that I’ve worked with- where I was, like, oh my God! That was so hot. It bores the piss out of me. In real life I’m all down for fucking vagina. I’m into it.” At the same time DeVille said Belladonna does a lot of “really fucking hot-ass girl-girl shit.”

Asked how many scenes she’s done so far, DeVille said she lost her Sidekick, and, thus, the logging in it.

“But it’s somewhere in the realm of 50 to 60,” she thinks. Hands down her favorite person to work with has been Steven St. Croix.

“He is my man- I love him,” she laughed, noting that you wouldn’t have to pay her, she’d do it for free. “Him and Erik Everhard- I love them!”

Oddly enough, DeVille says she does double-vag and that doesn’t bother her.

“You want to throw some fists in there? Great. But stay out of my ass! Is that unreasonable?” All that being said, DeVille is more than willing to hold off doing anal. Besides, said Jade, who wants to wind up shitting themselves inadvertently.

“The poor girls that have to do two scenes a day,” said DeVille. Jade thinks those girls might enjoy doing anal; and at some point it might feel good, but by the time they reach 30, their assholes will have collapsed.

“Bring in the fuckin’ diaper.”

Co-host Dustin K said he knew of people who wear butt plugs to keep the shit from falling out.

“It won’t stop moving- the intestines- they’ll just keep going.” For her part, Jade used to do a lot of anal but stopped.

“This is nice but I’m going to end up shitting my pants in a few years,” she said. “I’ll be out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I won’t be in porn any more and I’ll need to fart.”

“You don’t want any poo-sprays at restaurants,” agreed DeVille. “I am totally with you.”

Asked what the craziest thing she’s done on or off camera, DeVille described herself as an incredibly boring person.

“In real life I stay with my puppy dogs and I watch shitty movies-that’s it,” she said. “Once in awhile I’ll go to Target when I’m feeling real spicy. I guess working with Chris Charming and Sascha was a pretty wild experience.” DeVille did a double-vag scene with them.

“I had these two big German guys screaming at me in German,” she continued. “Oh my God. This is ridiculous. It was in the scene and they were screaming German-stuff. Alright this doesn’t happen a whole lot.”

Deville said Charming and Sascha were just being brutal and weird.

“It was definitely something- I won’t forget that day.”

DeVille’s plans are to have babies within the next two years.

“But I don’t want to have to have a nanny,” she added. “I want to be able to take care of my kids and shit. I’ll be around for a little bit. I love it. I’m having a great time but kids are going to have to happen. Then once I have the house bought, I want to be a makeup artist. How boring is that?”

Jade noted that a lot of girls in the industry have done a similar thing.

“I’ve been painting faces ever since I can remember,” continued DeVille. “It’s the one thing that this is a great stress reliever for me.” It was noted that DeVille could make a transition to mainstream but she said she didn’t want to do that.

“Oh, we’re shooting in Europe for four months- oh, awesome, sweet.” DeVille has created a MySpace page but doesn’t have a website.

“Hopefully I’ll have a real website up soon- that you have to pay for,” she laughed. Jade noted that DeVille has her nipples pierced and wanted the story.

“That is called growing up in the Midwest,” explained DeVille. “And unless you’re fucking 21 there ain’t a fucking thing to do except make out in corn fields. It’s like, hey, what do you want to do? It’s Friday night. Do you want to go pierce something? Alright we’ll go pierce nipples today. That’s how I ended up with all the fucking shit that I have. It was being bored as fuck growing up in the Midwest.” DeVille grew up on the south side of Chicago. Actually, Gary.

“It’s bridges, smokestacks and boring,” said DeVille. “You get off the plane and go I’m fucking bored. Everyone wears neutral colors. I’ve never seen so much fucking khaki in my life. I had to get away from there. I’m, like, someone’s got to wear pink, somewhere someone has to be doing something interesting. I had to get out of there.” Dustin K said he was there and it was horrible. DeVille agreed.

“I love everyone of my friends back home still,” she added. “But all my girlfriends got fucking huge. How did they get so fat and I didn’t get fat? There’s nothing to do except eat and drink beer. Everyone who’s morbidly obese lives in the Midwest.” Dustin K said he left Los Angeles for awhile to live in Minnesota and said there was no chick under 150 pounds.

“Occasionally you’ll see a cute one walk by but then you’re like I can’t look at her, I’ll get arrested.”

DeVille said she worked in a mall where all the young cuter kids would go.

“There’d be these little hussies that just turned 15 and, they’d be oh my God, I just got my boobs. And you’re like, oh my God you’re going to be so hot in three years. Yeah, it’s so bad news.”

Also among her body modifications, DeVille said she’s had her tongue, nipples and belly button done.

“I got real bored- I’m telling you guys.”

Jade said she came from a boring place as well in England which is known as God’s waiting room.

“Because all the old people go there to day,” she said.

“Shut the fuck up!” DeVille replied.

Dustin K said he’s from Charlotte, South Carolina where it’s illegal to get a real tattoo although you could ride a motorcycle without a helmit. DeVille was of the opinion that if you’re going to spend money to amuse yourself in dull places, buy a plane ticket to get out of there.

DeVille also stripped for three years and misses it.

“I don’t have a name or anything yet so I’d like to feature dance- I miss it,” she said. “My body was so good when I was still dancing. It was so tight.”

DeVille also said that once she got out of porn, she was going to have her breasts blown up to ridiculous proportions.

On her present schedule, DeVille works three or four days a week.

“But for a b.j.- are you fucking kidding me?” she said. “I’m going to get out of bed for three hundred bucks?” DeVille also said something about the fact that she was in the middle of a lawsuit but didn’t elaborate beyond that.


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