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Roy Garcia Common Thug or Victim?

“I’m sending this to you, just in case he does anything bad” –Ferrara

“I regret writing that e-mail”


(PORN VALLEY, CA) — We received an e-mail from Robert Ferrara, owner of the popular site, In the e-mail, Ferrara, expressed fear for his safety, and possibly his life, after verbally being threatened by Sex Symbols Talent Management Owner, Roy Garcia AKA Peter Romero, POV Porn.

From Robert Ferrara to Top Pro Talent: “I’ve enclosed Roy Garcia’s response to an email that I sent to him. Just thought I would send this to you in case he does anything bad…”

The first e-mail sent, which started this text feud was from Garcia, inquiring as to why advertisements for his company were taken off of the Model Gig site.

Ferrara sent this response to Garcia:

“Well, I have worked for a year to build my business. I have a good reputation. I plan to keep it that way. I heard what you did to Jordan and will have no part of it. I do not deal with people that are vindictive and need to get back at people. You need to let things in the past go. I will no longer do business with you, John or any other people. Sure, it may put me on an island and make it a little tougher but that’s ok. I won’t do business with people that resort to underhanded things. Don’t bother trying to explain why you did it or that it didn’t happen. I heard it from enough people. Don’t bother trying to call me or email me to discuss anything. We are done. -Robert”
The alleged incident that Ferrara is speaking of is an event that occurred some time back, when Garcia featured a girl named “Jordan” who did boy/girl scene work for Garcia’s site, Ferrara alleges that after Jordon left Garcia’s talent services, Roy e-mailed her husband scattered boy/girl photos, in an attempt to cause problems in their relationship, since Jordon supposedly kept her boy/girl adventures secret from her man.

“That is way too low, even for Roy,” Ferrara said, “Matt from Matt’s Models ended his relationship with Garcia and so did I. I was sending Roy girls, boy was that a mistake.”

After Ferrara notified Garcia that he wanted no part of his services, this is the response he received from Roy:
—– Original Message —–
From: Roy Garcia
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2003 10:45 PM
Subject: fuckin little bitch!
Then send me my money, you irresponsible, unreliable, unaccountable little skinny boy! All those girls in your joke of an agency are old, has-been, rejects – with an unknowledgeable fuck leading them no-where. Fuckin twit! I will collect my debt from you ghetto style if you want, can’t wait to make you my girlfriend.


—- End Message —

Many Sides To A Story

“There are 3 sides to a story,” stated Garcia in a telephone conversation this morning with Top Pro Talent, “his side, my side and what really happened.”

“First of all, I regret writing that e-mail to him,” Garcia continued, “I even wrote him again last night at three in the morning and told him I shouldn’t have done that and I feel like shit.”

TPT: What about Robert’s claims that you forwarded boy/girl pics to Jordon’s husband?

Roy: She told me that she was going to stop doing boy/girl because she told her man about it and he flipped out. She got caught with drugs. Tried to go through the airport with a metal ‘coke’ case. She was suppose to be on sets I booked for her and then she started e-mailing me, demanding her shooting schedule and pics from a recent [boy/girl] shoot.

TPT: But did you send her man pics of her doing boy/girl, in an effort to out her and stir some shit up at home?

Roy: He [Jordon’s Husband] tricked me. He didn’t know about the boy/girl and he was using her e-mail address and claiming to be her, trying to find things out. I actually had suspicions that it wasn’t her and kept saying, ‘is this really you.’ The person on her e-mail account insisted it was and demanded the pics. I don’t normally do business like that, I’m like, just call me, but she wanted them by e-mail. Turns out, it was her man and not her at all.

TPT: In your e-mail, you say Robert’s company owes you money. What is that about?

Roy: Yeah, he owes me $1400.00.

TPT: For what?

Roy: He sent me a girl, Becky LaSaber, or something like that. She broke into my office after a shoot and stole her model releases so I couldn’t use the work performed. She also copied all my contacts on my computer. When I caught her on my computer, I asked her why she was doing that and she said ‘because I’m afraid you won’t get me any work.’ That’s ridiculous. I flew her out from Florida for work, of course I’m going to get her work. The weird thing is, the same girl woke me up at 4am that night to make out with me. I felt so bad for her, I got her work the same day, anyway.

TPT: Even after she stole the model releases?

Roy: I didn’t know that, at that time. Another girl, Claire James, bounced a commission check to me. This was a girl Robert sent. He sent me someone else who was ‘butt ugly’ and I couldn’t use her, but I paid for her trip home, plus her expenses while she was there.

TPT: Those are really all the responses I need, thanks Roy…[interrupted]…

Roy: If he keeps trying to fuck with me, I’ll call the Vegas PD on him and report him for having a minor in the house where he shoots porn…[pause]…[laughs]…nah, I wouldn’t do that, but he really does.

TPT: What do you mean he has a minor present where he shoots porn?

Roy: Yeah, in his $300 a month, dingy apartment.

TPT: How old is the minor?

Roy: 6

TPT: Damn.

Roy: When I met him, he called me over to his place because there was a girl he wanted me to shoot. When I got there, this little kid answered the door and the girl was standing there in the background, ready to be shot. I was like, ‘I can’t do this, I’m outta here.’

In telephone conversations with both parties involved, they each sounded drained and exhausted from this whole ordeal. Ferrara has justified claims against Garcia, especially based on the e-mail he received, but at the same token, Roy made sense of most of the allegations and is more upset that an old friend outted him to the trades.

What happens from here, is left to be seen. We will update you if we receive any new information.



A few hours later, Top Pro Talent received a call from Garcia who said, “I don’t like how your headline says I threatened him. I didn’t threaten him, I finished my e-mail with ‘kisses’ so he would know I was being sarcastic.”



This just in from Robert Ferrara, “A few clarifications about the story. I don’t have a 6 year old. I never have kids around when there are models here ‘shooting’.
Roy has apologized to me, so in my opinion this is done. Thanks.”
Noted. – Robert Ferrara – Roy Garcia – Peter Romero


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