Italian Mafia Drug Trafficker Sabrina Zacchi wanted for drug trafficking and running huge drug den night clubs

Sabrina Zacchi in the pictures below is a old washed up Italian drug trafficking hooker that is the current front man for criminal drug trafficker from spain that goes by Pepe which is the owner of Summer and iguana night clubs in Bocas Del Toro Panama.

Pepe is armed and dangerous that carries a illegal gun and even more so is connected and pay off all the local police including the Mayor which are also all involved in his drug trafficking business. If you go to either club you will see all his uniformed police working there which are all on his payroll.

Anyways back to Sabrina Zacchi which was arrested many times for drugs in Italy and from what I hear is currently wanted in Italy on drug trafficking charges is the front person for all of Pepe the owners dirty criminal deeds and lives in his whore house where he keep the whores that work for him. Its the huge yellow house on the main road and anyone on the island knows it. I will have another post just about Pepe in the coming days with more about Sabrina but for now be fair warned about Sabrina Zacchi.

Pepe on the far left and Sabrina on the far right

Pepe is the little surf looking guy at the bottom and ugly old hooker Sabrina is on top of him.



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