Safety tips for online sex chats


Talking dirty online is getting more popular by the day, and there are plenty of reasons for that. The first major reason why people do it is the fact that they can just sit down in front of their computers and have a good time, instead of having to actually go out and meet with someone face-to-face. The other main reason is because… well, it’s pretty easy to get heated up on the moment when you’re having an online chat, especially if you are doing something like talking to people on sex-dating sites. But whilst it all might seem like some harmless fun, there is a cautious measure that you should put in place just to make sure you don’t become a victim of online scammers. So without waiting further, we will look at the precautions you should take when engaging in some online sex chats.

Social media hook-ups

One of the fears people have is that less well-intentioned people will record their sex chats and use those as a form of blackmail. In fact, there are plenty of stories about people being befriended on social media by a pretty woman (or man), where that person encourages a naughty sex chat only to, later on, receive a nasty email with ransom demands under the threat of publishing the video to your friends and siblings. So what is your best bet to avoid such scam? Simple: don’t accept friendships from people you don’t know, as sexy ladies don’t just try to hook up with you by searching through Facebook profiles.

Is she getting naked already?

So you’ve just been befriended by this person, and they start a video chat with you only to proceed taking their clothes of and asking you to do the same. It makes your naughty bone tick, you’re feeling so horny on the moment that you cannot do anything else but oblige. In your haste, you just start getting your rocks off but you forget to carry on talking to that person, and when you try it’s almost as if they’re just doing their own thing. Why is this? The answer is simple: it’s a pre-recorded video, and the person who contacted you is most likely some dude whose sole livelihood is to scam and blackmail others online. What should you have done to prevent this from happening? One word: patience. Before you even decide that it is safe to get your kit off, you need to make sure you can trust that person.

Meeting trustworthy people

Meeting people for a sex chat on social media is a no-no, but there are places for that, no need to despair! In fact, the best places to find naughty people are adult dating sites. People go to places like The Sex Chat Site because they want to have fun, and it is a more suited place for naughty business. Again, patience will work wonders if you use this kind of dating site. Your best bet is to message people and get chatting to them via messages. Take your time to know them so that you know that by the time you both decide to use webcams, it won’t be a pre-recorded strip-tease that is there to entrap you.

About privacy

Your private life details such as your phone number, your address and your bank details should always stay away from the eyes of others online. We therefore make a last recommendation that you should ensure no documents / posters / bank cards can be seen in your webcam screen. Basically hide all those things from the camera, because webcams today are good enough that people could see the content of that bank letter you’ve left on your desk. A lot of scammers are all about using your details towards nefarious purposes, so one last thing you can do to keep your naughty webcam chats safe is to make sure that your private details are out of the way. Ultimately most of it comes down to logic; but we know how quickly logic can be thrown at the window when our blood temperature starts to rise!


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