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Samantha Sterlyng’s August TPT Column is UP and ready for your eyes to read. Enjoy!

Plexus in DC writes:
Dear Samantha, What are your Top 5 “pet peeves” about the Adult Industry? You know, like what pisses you off, things you think are unjust and things you’d like to change if you could (or things you are already changing)? As always, be your honest self and don’t sugarcoat it either! LOL Desperate minds wanna know! 😉

Samantha writes:

Plexus, you’re a genius by asking this question but it saddens me that you only want 5. I could probably write a book about my “Porn Peeves” but I’ll save some of them. I promise not to sugar coat anything that I tell you, I promise so sit back, grab your KY and a towel and get ready to read!

>To me my body is my Business so I do ANYTHING that I can do to make sure that I am so fresh and So Clean. Unfortunately some of my colleagues don’t feel the same way or maybe they do and they just don’t care. Who can really say, I CAN. There is 1 female talent in the business that is known for her D’aire-Ing Odor. How can you not know that you have a yeasty, chucky mucus running from your pussy, and then when your called out about it, just hop off and say “Oh its Just Yeast” NO SHIT HONEY, You had enough yeast to put Pillsbury out of business. Now don’t think its just me, more than 75% of the business will agree with me. Super nice but super stanky. So like I was saying, cleanliness is what does a body good.

>Suitcase Pimp-Definition: a male/boyfriend/husband who is supported by a porn star and considers driving her to set, collecting checks, and handing her a towel to wipe the cum out of her eye a JOB. Now don’t get me wrong, not every man who is with a porn star would fall into this category but there are a few famous ones to date. There’s this one, lets call him…Mr. Jerkove…just a random name I used…He is known for being the pants in the family, getting his wife where she is, and yes she is known, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to be known for sticking Chopsticks up my ass…but call me crazy. Now in a suitcase pimp’s defense, I guess if your going to let your wife do it, you might as well think you’re in some sort of control right?

>Now lets move onto a more commonly known part of porn, Flakes. There are plenty of girls in this business who are notoriously known for not showing up, or showing up hours late, or even pulling an “I’m on my way” call and never make it. Yet these same flaky hoes are the ones that are being booked as lead roles, so then the whole movie is hiatus. As talent, it’s a pain in the ass to be on set when someone has flaked, it sets your whole day off and makes it a tense situation. Who wants to fuck when the director just had it out with the “flake” on the phone and then wants to come and tell them how to fuck. It sucks and its un-necessary when they are plenty of hot reliable talent who gives good scenes and they are put on a back burner to the flaky girls described above.

>And since were already talking a little about directors let me tell you about the “1 more Minute” director. 3 hours and 4 positions later and the director is telling you that he only needs 1 more minute, FUCK YOU. More than ½ the time you have already been on set for at least 3 hours because he procrastinates about what he needs, so your already running late and then he wants to tell you 1 more minute. Maybe if some of these directors would get their heads out of their ass and stop thinking they are hot shit because they’re a “Porn Director” they would realize that they don’t know shit about what they are doing. I have worked for some awesome directors in my 3 ½ years doing adult but let it be know that for every good director there are at least 5 bad ones.

>Now last but not least would have to be what is known in all aspects of Entertainment…. The Casting Couch. Now please explain to me why if I wanted a part in a movie why I would have to fuck for it? Welcome to the casting couch. The sad thing about this is that girls fall for it, and I also think that girls just don’t know any better and think it’s a necessity for them to get the job. A lot of girls fuck to get scenes, both male and female directors. There are a few agents who are known for telling the girls they need to “audition” first and they get them that way. When someone is mislead into believing that in the beginning it sets the way that her whole career will go and that sucks. Sometime that will scare off the girl and then porn has lost another potential Jenna Jameson or Jill Kelly and that’s not fair now is it?

Man I could go on and on and on but I think that I have just busted a few balls about this business and I hope that it gives you a little more insight into the fascinating world of porn.

Now always remember fans, if you ask, I shall tell!!


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