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Sandee Westgate Paying Out $7K a Month in a Divorce Settlement; Ex Wants $120K in One Lump

Sandee Westgate writes on her blog, : Okay, so this blog comes from my heart 100%. I have tried not to get “too deep” into my personal life on the net.. but it’s time for some explanations.

A lot of you have been asking why my site is lacking video updates lately, well I’m still doing an average of 3 updates a week, but I haven’t done a “Sandee’s Girls” series in over a year and half (almost 2 years) like I used to. The main reason to this (without pointing any fingers) is my divorce settlement.

Since May 2007 I have been paying out 7k a month from what my site makes as part of my divorce settlement. BEFORE I was divorced, those funds were able to be applied to my site, and more productions like the “Sandee’s Girls” series, for example. So yes, my site has suffered this year without those updates my loyal fans have been used to seeing and have grown to expect from me.

There’s been some tug-o-war going on over this settlement amount and things really haven’t been able to be resolved amicably up to this point.

Needless to say, the other party is claiming I’m in breach of the settlement and is asking for $120,000.00 to be awarded to him in one lump sum RIGHT NOW. I obviously have my side of the story too, and without going into too much needless detail, I don’t agree to what they are claiming.

So, the judge put a temporary hold on 100% of my website income the last couple of months till he can hear both sides of what’s going on. Needless to say, it’s been QUITE the adjustment for me to live. It’s absolutely put me in a negative state of being. (although I’m trying to stay positive mentally)

I still ask myself “How can this be happening?” I live a happy life, I’m a positive person, I have moved on… I just want to be free of this and my past… but yet I’m still yanked down by all of this. WOW, it’s a lot to handle.. but I have learned so much about TRUE core value and even more about the Egocentric mind and letting go of the materialistic things that once mattered in my life.

Without this experience I think I’d be stuck in that egocentric way of being. Which isn’t really me and who I am. Those things aren’t really what make me happy, or make me who I am. At the very least, I can honestly say there has been a significant positive change (in me) because of this.

Back to the situation at hand… So the last couple months I haven’t had my normal income coming in, and therefore I haven’t been able to give my website the attention it deserves. I have done my best with what I currently have. Please be patient with my members area, as things will be getting better soon.

I have been trying to negotiate some sort of deal, and nobody seems to be responding. Therefore, I have to rely on (and hope) that when I have my trial on the 16th of this month, there will be some order given to clear this mess up. All I’m hoping for, is what’s truly fair to both parties. That’s it. I just want this out of my life and settled. It’s been almost 2 years now and I’m tired, mentally and physically and it’s effecting my business as well.

So, please bare with me and my site. Like I said, the updates are at an average of 3 times a week… but those video features you guys love so much will be back as soon as things are put in order. Thanks for understanding!

Xoxo, Sandee


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