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Sardo’s Was A Knock Out!

(BURBANK, CA) — As previously anticipated, porn invaded Burbank, California last night. By 10:30pm, Sardos Restaurant and Bar had a line out the door, down the side of the building and a room full of adult stars, agents, media and their friends.
What started as a little fun singing between buddies, Aria and Wankus, has turned into a weekly event that would rival the parties at the Venetian during the January Porn Conventions. Big name stars like Aria, Felicia Fox & Tim Case, Angelica Sinn, Lisa Sparxxx, Sean Michaels, LT, Kiki Daire’ with Corey of Slipknot, Cytherea, Kylie Samone, DJ & Nikka, Metro star Gauge, Keiko of, Montana Gunn, Katie Morgan, Keri Windsor, Mickey G, Scott & Brandi Lyons, D-Wise, Mollie Malone and Gina Carrera were there partying. Also in attendance, adult industry well knowns like Wankus, Daisy, Chef Jeff and BooCocky from KSEXradio, Tod Hunter of AVN, Robert Lombard, Pam Anderson of SMP and Konnie of were on hand as well–all having a hell of a time.

What goes on at this little hole in the wall in the middle of a strip mall in a residential neighborhood? Lots of liquor pouring, lots of bad singing, some occasional good singing and a hell of a good time.

Of course with every successful event, there’s always someone who puts a dent in the festivities. A person that is either jealous of a bunch of people having some good ole’ innocent fun or just a person that is naturally an unhappy dude. That was the case last night and unfortunately the evening ended ugly for this character who went out of his way to mock, chastise and snarl at all the porn folks who were enjoying themselves. reports:

How About a Nice Hawaiian Punch?

Here’s more on the knockout punch that was delivered by Brian [Cytherea’s fiancé] to the jaw of a fan in Sardo’s parking lot Tuesday night. It occurred after the bar let out from Porn Star Karaoke. It started earlier in the evening when the fan, described as a 6′ 2″ Eminem-type, decided that he didn’t particularly like Wankus.

Wankus: What a fucking cool night. It was a jam packed event, and we had a line waiting outside to get in. Sean Michaels was there and everybody you could think of was there. But there was this one dick there. Every time I got up to the mike he was in the front row making fun and shit. He was being an asshole. He thought it was fun to mock all of us out. And we packed the club last night- 90% were our people. One time during one of the songs I went up to the guy and said hi to him. But he was being a dick and trying to stare me down. I never lose a staring contest and during an entire song I just put my face one-inch from his nose and staring at him without moving [but kept singing]. What I didn’t realize there were people behind me [watchin’ my back] – Gauge had a bottle in her hands and was ready to clock him. End of the night we’re outside, the bar’s closing. Everything’s done. This guy comes out. He’s standing next to me and Brian. I was trying to make nice. I put out my hand. Hey, dude, it’s all good, man. I wanted to shake his hand. He wouldn’t shake. I said, c’mon, let’s put this shit away and have some fun. He still wouldn’t shake my hand.

Next thing I know Brian goes POP. He knocks him on his fuckin’ ass. A hard straight punch to the face. It was a knockout punch. He fell to the ground. His shoes fell off [like the Jerky Boys] and he just stayed there lost like what the fuck just happened. Brian said, “next time my friend asks you to shake his hand you better shake his fuckin’ hand.” This guy got up and looked like he wanted to come back at Brian but he was too lost. He was in la-la land. It was Mike Tyson in Japan. Buster Douglas hits Tyson in Japan. It was unbelievable.


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