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Sasha Grey on the Tyra Banks Shows- final

Porn Valley- February is ratings month. But why anyone from the adult industry would waste their time on the Tyra Banks Show is beyond me. Though Sasha Grey gave it her best shot Thursday morning. The show was titled Teenage Porn Stars and Teenage Prostitutes. Guess where that was going?

Mustering eyebrow raises on appropriate cue and feigning the look of concern you’d expect from a high school guidance counselor, the phony-baloney Banks, entirely judgmental throughout the interview, had the nerve to dress Grey down by saying Sasha hadn’t offered enough convincing proof for her career choice in porn.

As if Banks’ choice of an ego-driven vehicle such as fashion modeling has fewer whores and pimps in the wings operating it. Grey, dressed-down and sophisticated, looked rather Parisian Left Bank sexy with her ponytail flung over her left shoulder.

After she had already reduced one teen prostie to tears, Banks, later in the show, brought on a rather corpulent woman named Tiana who claimed she had been a stripper, porn star and prostie and once made $10,000 a week doing it. Tiana, now doing a woe-is-me, talked about how material things can be gone in a flash and predicted that by the time Grey was 30, she’ll be wearing a diaper. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was also on the show, pretty much agreed. During an exchange of words, Tiana called Mark Spiegler who was sitting next to Grey in the audience her pimp.

Banks began by saying that when she was young, teens were getting jobs at either fast food chains or stores like the Gap or The Limited. Banks noted that at a glance Grey looked like your typical fresh-faced teen.

“I would mistake Sasha for a middle school student,” said Banks. Grey said she started watching porn when she was about 15 1/2 and it was mostly of the Internet variety. Grey also said that people get the impression that porn is violent and abusive but it isn’t. Grey talked about how the industry was her means of self-exploration.

“People are shocked when I tell them what I do,” she went on to say. Banks notes that in 8 months Grey has appeared in over 80 porn films. Which isn’t much by today’s standard.

Grey mentions that she talks a lot during her scenes and loves aggressive behavior.

“Sometimes I even check myself during a scene,” she states. Grey hopes by the end of this year to be making between $100,000 to $150,000 not including the days she had to take off for having an infection. During the interview, Grey explained to Banks she’s already contacted Gonorrhea.

[More eyebrow raises from Tyra.]

In an almost mocking tone, Banks says in an overview that Grey believes she’s taking charge of her life, as if she in fact isn’t and is deluding herself.

“What I do makes me feel empowered,” Grey offers in rebuttal. “I have a purpose.” Grey says despite what people tell her about stopping what she’s doing, porn will be there.

Banks suspected that Grey’s youthful looks were a magnet for porno sleazeballs. Grey replied that the market wants to see a young, fresh face. But Grey said out of the 80 movies she’s done, maybe she’s only played the role five or six times.

“But I don’t want to portray that,” she added “It’s not who I am.” Banks made sure to get in the fact that Grey worked with a 50-something porn actor for her first scene.

“He’s actually one of the most well-known porn stars in this industry,” said Grey though she didn’t mention who it was. Grey claims she even told him that if he wanted to punch her in the stomach during the scene to go ahead.

“He was shocked- he didn’t expect that from me.” The actor didn’t take her up on the offer. But Grey also admitted she was a little shell-shocked when she first got on the set, but once the scene got rolling felt she was in her element.

Asked what she wouldn’t do, Grey, proving she has a traditional set of values, said she wouldn’t do scenes with animals or children. Banks mentioned anal sex, and Grey said she does that in almost every scene.

“Every scene?” asked Banks incredulously.

“Just about,” Grey replied. Grey brought up gangbang scenes.

“What is a gangbang scene?” asked Banks. Grey explained that she once did 15 guys.

Grey indicated that when she first came to Porn Valley she was showing her mother and sister around Hollywood trying to think of a way to bring up the subject.

“There’s no right way to say that, especially to your mother. I said the only reason why I came down here was to be in porn.” Grey said her sister’s reaction was to laugh.

“I think that was more of an I’m afraid laugh than a ha-ha funny laugh.”

Banks said she sensed something cold, indifferent and hard about Grey and felt there was something that made her that way. Feeling she was on to something, Banks played the sexual abuse card and Grey said that wasn’t the case with her.

“Not at all,” she replied. Grey again expressed her desire for self-exploration and that the business was providing her that. She talked about it as being “sex-positive.” Obviously not accepting that as an answer, Banks seemed to be on a mission to find the real reason why Grey was in porn.

“You’re not going to go to jail for what you do- but there’s a reason why everyone does everything. There is a reason for everything.”

Banks then addressed some questions to Grey’s boyfriend Ian who is 31. Banks had to make a deal of the age difference. Banks wondered what it was like having a porn star for a girlfriend.

“It’s aggressive,” Ian replied. “How many relationships are you in where you get an STD test every month?” An attractive proposition, granted.

“When I was in college I didn’t do that.” Grey said she takes an STD test every 25 days and one time had Gonorrhea. Banks then brought up the age difference wondering if Ian didn’t find it a little strange. Ian said he and Grey knew each other as friends before he knew what she was doing for a living.

“We had a strong relationship as friends.” Ian also said his family was fine with the fact that he was seeing Grey.

“You’re mother is okay with it?” said Banks trying to sound perplexed.

“My mother is a very progressive woman,” Ian responded.

“I’m a progressive woman, too,” said Banks making a point that she wasn’t porn star progressive. Banks then addressed Spiegler who gave an account of Grey’s strong maturity and intellect for her age.

“Age doesn’t always make for a child or a woman,” added Spiegler. “She’s very mature. If you spoke to her over the phone you’d think she was 31 years old. I talked to her. She seemed like this is what she wanted to do.”

Spiegler added that Grey even sent him a list of things that she wanted to do [sexually].

“It’s pretty much everything they do in this business.”

Grey went on to say that she’d like to direct movies in the business and perhaps produce independent films. She also voiced a desire for children as well as to see and explore the world and live life.

Banks voiced hope that Grey would one day sit down with herself and do some soul-searching as to why she was in the business.


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