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Sasha Grey Responds to LA Magazine Piece

Porn Valley- Sasha Grey whose interview appears in the current issue of LA Magazine was on KSEX this past Thursday to talk about it. Batman mentioned how he interviewed Grey the night before at a party.

“After watching your scenes- they’re so dirty and sexual,” said Batman. “After talking to you live in person- how do you become two people like that?” Batman said if you see her at an event you ask yourself how a smart, intelligent person gets that dirty.

“I guess I understand my life and I understand my sexuality and who I am,” Grey answered. “I’m not afraid to be who I am.” AVN’s Peter Warren, who was also on the show, suspected that Grey was a late-bloomer. [She’s 18]

“Like she was wall flower or something at the age of 12 or 13- once she surpassed puberty it was done.” Grey has been doing porn six months, since May. Grey said she started her research into the business, August, 2005, then moved here a month after her 18th birthday. Batman commented that you don’t ordinarily see a girl with a business plan for porn.

“They wind up somewhere and it just happens,” he said. “And you found a good agent off the bat.”

Grey is with And Batman said he really liked Spiegler because he was one of the few industry guys he was taller than.

Grey is nominated for AVN’s Best New Starlet, and she was asked how she felt about that, especially only six months into the business.

“It’s crazy,” she answered. “I really didn’t expect it because of how new I am. I am honored to be placed among those young women, especially because they had been in the business longer than I have.” Batman suspected that it wasn’t timing as much as performance.

“Obviously you’ve rocked some scenes- but you’re up against some really cool girls.” Batman already suggested that Grey could be up for Performer of the Year next year.

“Back in June we just had a feeling about Sasha,” said Warren. “In June we do our Fresh issue every year and we talk about hot, up and coming talent. I think she had shot one or two scenes the day I interviewed her and there was something about her and we decided we were going to rush her into that issue.”

Mia Rose who was in the chat room wished everyone good luck who was on that list. Batman said lately things have been cool and they haven’t seen too many catfights among the girls as in the past.

Co-host Monica Mayhem commented on that.

“I was never competitive but, man, there are some bitches who just hate on you just because you win something,” she said. Batman said he read the LA Magazine piece.

“I come to found out they misquoted what you said,” he told Grey.

“Basically it came down to semantics,” Grey commented. “One or two words were thrown off. I understand that happens especially on a long piece like this. But when it’s paragraph after paragraph after paragraph and you portray me in a certain light that isn’t who I am, that bugs me.”

Mayhem asked what gives and Batman said LA Magazine portrayed Grey as a druggie.

“And look at her,” he said. Grey said she got the impression of naive and stupid from reading the piece.

“That’s what I got when I read it- but I’ve gotten a lot of positive response to it which makes me feel better about it. But it still doesn’t change anything. And also the pictures in the magazine were horrible; and he [writer Dave Gardetta] also added something into the article that I asked not to be put in.” Grey said it was something off-the-record but she wasn’t going to comment further.

“You learn your lesson.” Warren said he was invited to go to the Tyra Banks Show [the next day-Friday] to watch Grey tape the show.

“And I’m chomping at the bit for Sasha to show up whatever Tyra Banks has to throw at her.”

“I will make this prediction that Sasha will eat Tyra Banks for lunch,” mused Batman. Mayhem said she was called one time to go on the show.

“Something about women getting surgery,” she said. Grey said the title of the show was going to be teens in the sex industry, and Mayhem said she could anticipate what was going to be said, that all the performers are stupid and drug addicts with STDs.

“She’ll bring up every bad issue about porn possible.”

Batman assumed that Grey had done her homework and was ready for everything that was coming her way. Grey said she’s already heard a lot of questions they’re going to ask on the show. But Grey wasn’t sure when the show was going to air.

Grey also said she was going to be signing for Evil Angel at the AEE convention in January.

As far as getting into the business, Grey said it’s something you have to be prepared for and understand all the pros and cons of it.

“Because it’ll all squeeze you up like a piece if fruit- and they’ll go on to the next girl.” Grey also advised women to have self-respect.

“If you don’t have that, you’re not going to make it and people are going to walk all over you,” she said. “People are going to manipulate you. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Don’t do it because you’re broke. Don’t do it because you want to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend. You have to be content with yourself and who you are and know that you’re going to get judged and know that this is what you want to do and this is where your heart is, where instinct is taking you.”

Mayhem added the fact that it will follow you forever.

“Regardless if you tell your parents or what you tell your friends, they’re going to find out,” Grey added. Asked how she handled the situation with her parents, Grey said her mother came down two weeks after she got into the business.

“My mom and my sister- we went out and I took them to Hollywood,” said Grey. “I told them there’s no right way to do it. I came out here to do porn and that was it. I basically started in by saying if I want respect from the two of you, I should have the respect to tell you.”

Noting that she’s seemed well-prepped for the business, Batman wondered if there was anything Grey wasn’t prepared for.

“I didn’t know I was going to be so tired,” she answered. “The first two months I was just drained. And then your body adapts to it. We’re sexual athletes. You have to take care of your mind and health and body- that and it’s timing. The scheduling in this business is whack.”

Mayhem also ventured the notion that hygiene was a huge issue. And Batman wondered if Grey has run into the stink curtain and she said only one time.

“It’s more so the guys,” she added. “Because they shoot more than one scene a day.” Mayhem said you could smell the sex on some of these guys.

“These guys are running from one place to another,” Batman added. “And they’ll make less money than you guys for that same day. Guys get paid less- that’s just the way it is.” Warren thought three scenes a day was unfathomable but knows there are guys who do it.

“I don’t know how they do it but they do it.”

“I know how they do it now,” said Mayhem.

Batman wondered about Grey’s “proud” moments. For her first six months Grey said she’s been fortunate to work with so many great people.

“I would start off with my first scene in Fashionsistas,” she said. “And a week later I got to work with Belladonna. One of my other favorites would be the Hellfire sex scene which I shot for Melissa Lauren in Razor Dolls.”

Grey also said something about getting to swallow her squirt and mentioned that The Awakening of Sasha Grey which she did for Belladonna was also coming out in January.


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