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Savannah Samson on Howard Stern

Porn Valley- Savanna Samson was on Howard Stern this morning flogging her co-authored book: “How to Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide”. Samson’s in New York today autographing books.

As he does so often, Stern again reached into the Britney Spears comparison bag to compliment Samson. “A cross between Britney Spears and Kelsey Grammar’s wife who’s pretty hot, too,” said Stern. Stern didn’t like the fact that Samson showed up in jeans and urged her to put on a bathing suit. Samson reneged stating she was a published writer now but indicated there was lingerie lying in wait underneath.

Stern asked Savannah, a former Score’s stripper, where she picked up the last name Samson. “When I did the first movie with Rocco Siffredi,” she replied. Stern asked if that was the one where he beat her and spit on her. Letting out a sigh, Savannah said she had to have a last name because the other Savannah was dead. “I didn’t realize about her when I took Savannah.”

It was Stern’s opinion that Savannah was right up there with Jenna Jameson as far as being a big porn star. Robin Quivers said when she was London she saw a whole special on Samson. Savannah suspected that it was Porn Valley, a reality show. All that being said Stern asked her if she thought it was a good move for her going into porn especially in the matter of life issues. Samson said yes. “I love what I’m doing- it’s opened so many doors for me.”

What kind of doors Stern wanted to know. Samson mentioned the book and said there was a lot of other things going on. She was asked to name a few. Samson said she was in negotiations to have her own radio show. “Please, don’t wipe out my audience,” Stern commented sarcastically. “If you go on against me I’m finished.”

Samson asked Stern if he would be her first guest. Stern wanted to know what station it was, and that’s when Samson clammed up saying she couldn’t talk about it [although she was the one to bring it up]. Samson did admit, under questioning, that it was satellite which probably means Playboy. “Satellite gives everybody a radio show,” he stated. “No offense. They’re trying it all. They don’t know what to do with themselves.” Asked what she expected to do, Samson said she’d probably talk about romance. “Who’s better to talk about these things than me?”

Stern asked if she broke up with her husband yet. “We did and we’e back together,” she answered. “We needed a little break- things were getting rough.” Asked what the problem was, Samson admitted that she’s pretty much impossible. Stern was of the notion that Samson’s husband was letting her have sex with dudes in front of him. “And I think you don’t want that,” Stern suggested. “I think you want him to think you’re special.” Samson said she gave up on that idea a long time ago.

“If you’re married you want to think that your husband thinks you’re the hottest chick on the planet and doesn’t want to share you with anyone,” Stern continued in his psychoanalysis. “And he’s ready to throw you in the arms of anybody else.” Samson said she’s happy that she’s not stuck with her husband forever. “It’s fun to have variety.” Stern asked again why she broke up with him for awhile. Samson was flummoxed. “It was getting tough. I’ve got so much going on and I wasn’t giving him as much attention as he needs.” Stern translated that to mean that she fell in love with someone else. Samson denied that. Stern suggested that she was meeting exciting people, gaining independence and making money. Samson said a lot of that was true plus the fact that she’s not tolerating certain things now. Which, of course, opened the can of worms about what she had been tolerating. “Before I didn’t have the voice to say what was bothering me,” she stated. Stern wanted to know what was bothering her. Samson said nothing, now, that she’s perfectly happy. Stern, again attempting to penetrate the porno facade, begged to differ.

“How come you left if you were perfectly happy?” Samson said it was he who left. “Because I’m impossible,” she said. “It’s all about me. I needed to put more attention into the relationship. I needed to because I’ve got so much going on.” Stern translated that to mean that he wasn’t getting enough, and Samson didn’t dispute that. “I had to give it to him good last night in case you asked how true the book is.”

Stern got the impression that Samson was falling in love with a woman. She denied that, but it all started to come out under more questioning. Stern mentioned that he pleasured himself to the scene Samson and Tera Patrick did in Tera Tera Tera. Samson said she did, too, claiming she got off. But it was Samson’s opinion that Patrick didn’t. “I think she had a lot of nerves- but once we got going.” Stern thinks Patrick’s full of shit that it was her first time with a woman. “She’s a little too expert.” During the scene, Samson comments aloud that she didn’t think it was Patrick’s first time, either; and Stern criticized that, claiming that it takes the viewer out of the moment. “If you were so orgasmic being with her, who’d even remember that there was a camera there? It took me out of the moment. I was buying the fact that you two were really getting into it with each other.”

Stern started talking about wanting to do both of them. And that’s when Samson brought up the issue of “rules”. Stern asked what she meant by that. “When you bring a third person into your bed, you can’t do this, you can’t do that,” Samson explained. “People don’t realize that the more thkngs you can’t do, the more you want to do them.” Stern said there would be a no-rules threesome as far as he’s concerned.

Samson said she was still shooting porn and Stern wanted to know about the condoms. “I work for Vivid, and it’s mandatory condoms,”Samson said. Stern agreed that they do a good job with hiding them. Samson said there’s some great ones out there that are flesh-colored. “You really can’t see them. I hate if someone shows up with those white condoms. I don’t want to see it.” Stern said he was just watching porn this morning and had to zip through the condom scenes. It was discused if there was a way to photo shop condoms out.

After some urging, Samson took off her jeans and Stern complimented on her ass and the fact that it’s free from cellulite. She noted that Spears has cellulite. Artie said he was more interested in hearing about Savannah’s writing process than watching her take off her clothes.

Samson says she gets negative comments about her being in the business, especially with a 3 year-old. Stern said he was sad to hear that she had a son. And Artie said he particularly felt sorry for the guy that Samson’s son would eventually kidnap and kill. Stern wondered what Samson would do when her son was 15 and saw her movies. “I’m going to teach him to have self-respect and be proud of himself and follow his dreams whatever they may be,” she replied. Asked if he might be embarrassed, Samson said she wasn’t ashamed of what she’s doing and would teach him that. Stern wondered if you put a kid in a class to teach him that. “I’d put him in therapy now.” Stern suggested that Samson make a videotape of her explaining that and he’d put it on the air 24/7.

Samson said she’s not a stereotypical porn chick, that she grew up with a great family life. Stern begged to differ that her family wasn’t proud of her, despite Samson’s saying so. “Your parents won’t talk to you,” he said. Samson said they talk to her now. “But I can’t share with them all the exciting things that are happening to me.” She said she starts to tell them something and feels the silence on the other end. “It’s hard for them to deal…”

When the HIV outbreak occurred, Samson said she was in Italy and called her mother to assure her that she was okay. “It was hard to say all that but she didn’t say a word. She was just quiet. You know she was worried.” Stern suggested that it was more like the fact that her parents disowned her and wouldn’t invite her to the home. “They weren’t ready to see me,” she agreed. While Samson hasn’t seen her parents for awhile but her mother urged her to please come home. Samson said the invite was for 4th of July but when she said she was bringing her husband, all bets were off. Stern said that was because he got her into porn.

“But I wouldn’t change now what I’ve done,” she said. “My choices.” Stern asked when was the last time she had sex with a girl. Samson said about a month ago in her private life. She explained that her “girlfriend” was goping back to Sweden. “This is the one girl that I’ve really loved. He name’s Kim.” Samson said she isn’t in porn and met her at Scores. “She just went for fun- she’s really one of the fun girls.” Samson said they hit it off immediately. According to Samson, Kim ended up moving in with her. “I was with my husband. I still had my other apartment and she took it over. Then she went back to Sweden and didn’t come back for so long. I saw in Paris.” Because Samson was getting way ahead of the story, Stern asked if Kim shared her bed. “Like every night you guys slept together.” Samson said every night that she was home. “She was just so great, her energy- everything about her.”

Samson plans to visit her soon even though her husband seemed very jealous of her. “He didn’t seem to like her,” Samson noted. “It was probably a jealousy thing. He acts like she’s not good for me.” Stern wanted to hear details about the Kim seduction. Samson said they got it on almost immediatey. “We went to Lot 61 which is where the party for the book is tomorrow night.” Stern suspected that Samson was in love with the girl given the fact that Samson was about crying. “Right when my husband and I broke up for a little bit it was right when she was leaving,” said Samson who felt that she didn’t have a friend in the world. Stern asked if they had shared orgies with other girls or if they brought guys into the set-up. Ixnay on the irlsgay but Samson said definitely on the guys question. Stern took that to mean that he could hop in with the two of them. “That would be really fun,” Samson replied. “You’ll have to go to Sweden with me.” According to samson, Kim had to go back to Sweden because of issues with her visa.

According to Samson they last time they got together was a month ago. “It was tender.” Samson described it as one of those desperate, don’t go to Sweden situations.

Stern wanted to know how long the sessions generally lasted. Samson said she doesn’t time them. “Like an hour? Because you and Tera Patrick went at it for about an hour.” Stern finally put a plug in for Samson’s book but Robin didn’t think anyone could take her advice, explaining that you’d have to be on a jet flying to Sweden. Samson was quick to point out that it wasn’t only her views, but included the other Vivid girls. “There’s seven of us- there’s seven different takes.” Samson said there were chapters on oral sex. “There’s ways on bringing people into your relationship. Most people fantasize about it, I think.”

Without going into graphic detail, it sounded like Samson was uptight about jerking guys off, so those matters are left for other girls to discuss in the book. Samson admitted she doesn’t really know what to do with a cock in that respect because she doesn’t have one of her own. Stern said he’d love for her to do that to him. Samson said she’d have to be comfortable and able to communicate in that instance.

It was noted that Samson would be signing copies of the book Tuesday night, 7 pm at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Vivid girls Sunrise Adams, Mercedes and Tawny will be signing tonight at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd.



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