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Screaming O Show: Georgia Knows How To Make The Big O Face

Athens, Georgia- Schevelle writes: Ever have that feeling that you get of perpetual insecurity when you are driving and it begins to get dark and the roads get smaller and more desolate and it ends up being just you and one other car, which remains behind you for miles? I always have that feeling when my GPS leads me to an event in a city or town I have never been to. One thing I have learned in my travels is that major places and events can have dirt roads leading to them. Last week Tony and I hosted a Screaming O event in Athens, Georgia with the Girls Gone Wild crew at Sexy Suz Adult Store’s one-year anniversary.

Recently Tony and I have had more gigs in which we host events for the Screaming O, one of the top novelty product companies. And the people in Athens, Georgia really blew it up. Suz, the owner who was indeed “sexy”, had the best staff. Tali, her top seller knew everything about every product in the store. We even blind-folded her and told her what we wanted and she still found it, and THAT is a dedicated employee. Lindsey was our helper for the event and she became our wingman instantly, even setting up the photographers Wesley and Brian to take photographs and film with our video camera. I couldn’t believe the enthusiasm and generosity that they extended towards us, although I could easily get used to it. And it didn’t stop there, Charles, Suz’s husband and marketing strategist who constructed the whole advertising blitz, treated everyone to dinner at a great sushi restaurant. Yes… I could definitely get used to being treated like this at every gig, oh well, eventually we have to go back to the clubs.

Sexy Suz had a live radio remote all day along with the Girls Gone Wild Bus parked out in front and Tony and I inside getting the best Screaming O face from everyone who came in. The diversity of the people that came into the store made me think about all of the faux outrage that some portray against these establishments. With all of the before hand marketing and advertising along with the radio, us and GGW the store had a record day in sales. I guess advertising really does work when it’s done right.

Later we picked up some sexy girls from the Top Dawg bar and crowded onto the Girls Gone Wild bus to head around town. As the gliding billboard bus cruised through campus the attention we received varied from location to location. The campus loved it, especially the frat houses which raised their drinks and waved. Cars honked as we parked at the Varsity, a popular diner spot. In front of the Laundromat and mall, not so much until a father brought his three little boys up because they “… had to see what a Girls Gone Wild girl looked like.” She looks like that same girl you see pretty much everywhere. Ironically, while we were on the GGW bus touring, we saw the GGW crew twice.

After that it was time to get back to the Top Dawg bar for the main event, the Screaming O Show. Tony has made this show famous worldwide, with it appearing both on mainstream television’s The Bad Girls Club and the CBS Morning Show, so everyone was really anticipating the event. We were informed that this was a “liberal” area for Georgia so there wouldn’t be any problems, but I know that no matter how “liberal” the place seems, the police and moral majority are not. So it was only a matter of a few hours before the police made the GGW bus, which was parked in front of Top Dawg, move and then the police just sat in front of the bar. One day they will learn that there are other more urgent real violent things to deal with other than a Screaming O event.

Top Dawg treated us like royalty the whole time we were there, another reason why we love these events. Before the show we got everyone fired up by throwing Screaming O product, which the company generously sent plenty of, and people went nuts for it. It didn’t matter if it was a vibrator being thrown to a crowd of guys, they acted as if I was throwing them the actual girl who would use that. When the event started it went so well that the crowd was almost uncontainable, but the bar didn’t disappoint with the security and Bradford and his friends had everything under control. Tony, always being quick with a mic in his hand, knew the perfect way to balance the excitement of the frenzy while he kept things rolling. The bar owner noticed the difference a good emcee makes when it comes to hosting an event. The ring master did his thing and the bar also had a record night despite the fact that they were one of seventy bars all crammed in to an area of a few blocks.

With the whirlwind of the Screaming O event over, we are off to our next booking in Southern Pines to the Pure Gold Club. I can’t believe I am saying this, but Athens, Georgia will be a tough act to follow, but I have confidence that this golfing community is the perfect town to do it. Come on Southern Pines, watcha got?!


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