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Screening Today: Popporn and the Ways of the Flesh


A chat with porn dude Spock Buckton — man about town, voyeur, director, clown.

A.D. Amorosi: You guys were shooting this film forever. What took so long?

Spock Buxton: In addition to writing and directing, we edited the movie ourselves too. Well, not me, but our resident editor who goes by the name of Meat Ball. Like the dopes we are, we shot hours upon hours of footage so it was a lengthy process sifting through all the crap to find some gold. Ironically, we also like to sift through actual crap to find gold, but all we ever find is quarters. Believe it or not, porn studios like Zero Tolerance (who released the movie) actually had slight issues with some of the footage in the movie so there was a lengthy back-and-forth of re-editing where we had to remove scenes.

ADA: I’ve read that you’re calling it “the most retarded adult film ever.” Whyfore?

SB: Well, I think the movie kinda answers that question on its own. Honestly, we’re the kind of backwards folks who use “retard” or “retarded” as compliments. So, calling our movie “the most retarded adult film ever” is akin to calling it “the most amazing film ever”. Plus, retarded folks are always doing amazing things. Just look at Stephen Hawking and that retard from Rain Man.

ADA: What made ya’ll choose your cast, other than endurance?

SB: We specifically picked the cast based on folks we already knew pretty well. Considering some of the shit we made those poor fuckers do in the movie, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that we would have worked with a cast that couldn’t handle our retarded brand of humor. Also, since these folks were our friends we were able to scam them into working for much less money then they normally would receive

ADA: What’s next cinematically for POPPORN?

SB: We shot our second film in June or maybe July? I’m bad at remembering when stuff happens. Too much weed. It’s a parody of celebrity scandal and gossip called TMSleaze. We had one fuck of a time trying to find porn performers that resembled douchebag celebs but thankfully we had a crack make-up and hair team that really knocked it outta the park. That flick comes out August 11th from the studio 3rd Degree. Then next month we shoot How to be a Ladies Man with Spock Buckton which will basically be an extended infomercial where I try to teach a bunch of losers my secrets on how to get ladies to spread their legs and let them stick their wieners in. The catch being that I give really, really bad advice.

ADA: Any last words about Making Fuck?

SB: It really is a shame that we were ever given the opportunity to make The Guide to Making Fuck because now there’s no fucking chance that we’ll ever stop making porno unless Hollywood decides to call us up and lets us start making movies about vampires and werewolves working at space stations. Hollywood, if you’re reading this, our Vampire/Werewolf Space Station script is already done.

Popporn — The Guide To Making Fuck premiere screening, Thu., July 30, 9 p.m., free, National Mechanics, 22 S. Third St., 215-701-4883,,


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