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Sean Looks at The Week of 06/03/2012: Awards? Yeah, We Got Awards

We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Ali v. Frazier award goes to Michael Whiteacre and Shelley Lubben’s husband, Garrett.

Shelley Lubben was attending a Pet Adoption event when Whiteacre showed up apparently wearing a “Shelley Lubben Treats Porn Stars Like Animals” shirt [however the video I saw Whiteacre was wearing a purple polo shirt].

Nonetheless, Garret Lubben and Whiteacre commenced to take verbal jabs at one another with Whiteacre, who appears about a foot shorter and about 100 pounds lighter than Garret, connecting with a few verbal haymakers before Lubben tossed in the towel.

It wasn’t exactly a Pier 6 brawl, but anytime Lubben and that sham Pink Cross organization are made out like fools, it’s a good thing.

The High Class Creep of the Week award goes to Dallas socialite, Erika Susan Perdue.

This creep in pearls was arrested for selling child porn from her home for over 12 years.

The 41-year-old allegedly collected so many pictures and videos that she couldn’t remember where they all came from, court documents state.

The FBI first learned about Perdue in January, when undercover agents found her downloading and sharing images and video of adults engaging in sexual acts with children under the username, “Classybitch,” WFAA reported.

I can only hope she gets a little prison justice.

The Seka Mathematical Institute award goes to Catherine Smit-Torrez, who spent two decades in law enforcement investigating child abuse cases.

Kate was quoted in a story saying that the child porn industry generates an estimated $50 billion a year.

Using that figure I guess people should believe that child porn generates more revenue than the following companies: Target [$42.5B], Nike [$41.6B], News Corp [$39.2B], Halliburton [$36.7B] and Walgreen [$36.1B]. Oh, and how could I forget legal porn generating in the ballpark of $10 billion, give or take a few billion.

I’m not making light of child porn, but come on, somebody needs to check the batteries of her calculator.

The Uncle Gene on Line One award goes to Christian Mann.

I guess Mann forgot that people still communicate via the spoken word.

Earlier this week Gene left two phone messages with Mann’s secretary. Gene was looking for a comment on a story he was working on concerning Evil Angel. I guess Mr. Important felt it was unnecessary to return Gene’s call so Gene decided to post what he had of the story.

In a huff, Mr. Important emailed Gene:

I wish you would email before posting. Anyway, as I just posted on Twitter: Ignore the rumors. Evil Angel is owned by Buttman. There hasn’t even been any discussion about changing that. End of story.

Maybe next time Mr. Important will simply have the common courtesy, or the testicular fortitude, to return a phone call.

The Doing Us All a Favor award goes to Octomom.

Apparently some idiot strip club owner felt it would be good for business for Octo to start her stripper career at his club. Of course she’s just following the natural progression of her career: porn star leads to stripper leads to faking suicide attempts to get attention.

According to a report from TMZ, Octo’s rep told a TMZ reporter that a bartender from the club T’s Lounge was interviewed about Octo’s upcoming appearance and was less than kind about her personal life.

Well, I guess the bartender’s comments hurt her feelings so much that she canceled her appearance. I want to personally thank that bartender from the bottom of my shot glass for saving us all from having to view her act on TMZ.

The Eddie Shore award goes to Taylor Stevens and her magnificent fake boobies.

Taylor and her tits captured about 3 seconds of fame this week when the TV cameras showed New Jersey Devils hockey coach Peter DeBoer on the team’s bench and behind him was Taylor’s chest in all its glory.

Since hockey is about as popular as the WNBA in this country, Taylor’s boobs where not even a blip on the radar here, but I guess it got some coverage in the Great White North. And being the good porn star she parlayed the moment into some cheap publicity.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming on the NFL Network: Top Ten Groin Injuries of All-Time.

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