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Sean Looks at The Week of 09/16/2012: Veronica Jett, Charlie Ann and Duke Skywalker Top the Idiot List this Week

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Who You Kiddin’ award goes to human windbag and VICA Chairman, David Adelman.

Adelman explained that VICA, a Southern California business advocacy group with more than 400 San Fernando businesses among its constituents, identified Measure B as “bad business in the Valley.”

“A thriving entertainment industry is one of the most essential components to the economic vitality of this region,” Adelman said.

“The adult entertainment industry is an important part of that matrix and should be acknowledged for all the contributions it has made to the Valley over the years by providing thousands of jobs to people and providing business to the hundreds of companies that support it.”

Adelman is making some really good points as to why people should vote against Measure B….then he went off the tracks with the following comment:

“This is a Los Angeles County ordinance. What would prevent companies from moving to another county to produce films — Ventura County, San Bernardino County? What would keep them from following their brethren to Nevada, Florida or wherever else production companies are doing business?

[Good, good…staying on point…then he finishes with this] “Some states would provide economic incentives for the industry to relocate.” What did he just say?

Even with the poor economic condition this nation is currently suffering under, there isn’t a state, county, park district or chamber of commerce that would provide one penny of tax payer support to persuade the porn industry from setting up shop in their jurisdiction.

Come on, man, get a clue.

The Who You Crappin’ award goes to porn chick, Veronica Jett [pictured], although friends and family may know her as Amanda Tibbetts. [Thank XBIZ for publishing her real name.]

The Justice Department plans on calling Jett [Amanda Tibbetts] to fetish filmmaker Ira ‘Scatman’ Isaacs’ upcoming sentencing hearing to testify she suffered mental anguish after filming two films from his “Hollywood Scat Amateurs” series.

As a result of shooting scat, she claims she’s had to seek professional counseling for her shame, anguish and fear. Further, according to court papers, she feared going out in public.

Jett will also testify that she would have never taken part in the scat films if she had not been high after allegedly being fed drugs by Isaacs at the time of the filming.

We already learned from Scatman’s second trial the actors were eating crap cleverly disguised as a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate.

However, in reading the various stories about the trials, I must have missed the part where he FORCED actors to take drugs.

Grab the Kleenex for this poor woman and tell her, ‘Who you crappin?’

The Who Ya Gonna Believe Award goes to porn chick Charlie Ann and’s Duke Skywalker.

I’ve read my fair share of these kinds of He said/She said stories over the years: some porn company flies some porn chick to some far flung destination [New York in this case] offering her a big payday.

Yet when the porn chick arrives, plans allegedly have changed thus causing great distress and turmoil in her life. Porn chick then decides to ‘warn’ others by writing some way-too-long manifesto about how said porn company wronged her.

Then of course the porn company’s rebuttal soon follows in which they describe how uncooperative said porn chick was on the set and that they were actually the real victims in this nefarious scheme.

In the end the poor readers that actually followed this story have to decide who was telling the truth. We all know that porn chicks have the reputation of not being the most balanced at times [crazy] and if you’ve been in the porn business for longer than five minutes you’ve heard stories of how this or that porn company has fucked someone over.

So when everything is said and done we can all chalk this up as the price of doing business.

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