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Sean Looks at The Week of 10/17/2010 in Review; Jason Creed Gets The Three Legged Dog Night Award

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest from the World of stupid…

Joy to the World. The Three-Legged Dog Night Award goes to Jason Creed who only added to the less than joyful press gay porn actors have been receiving the past couple of weeks. Of course there’s the notorious Patient Zero whose gone into hiding and whose lawyer sent us threatening emails if we outted him.

Then there were the two Nellies who went after one another outside of an LA niteclub and put each other in the hospital. Then there was Harlow Cuadra who’s spending life behind bars for turning porn company owner Bryan Kocis into a human shishkabob. Cuadra just got the bad word that he was turned down for an appeal in his case.

And someone who should have been barbecued is Jason Creed. Creed made headlines this week for snuffing his pet animal, a handicapped white wolf-dog. Creed came up with the bullshit story that the pet died of natural causes. But dope that he is, he took the animal’s remains to a pet clinic to have it cremated. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes nor the CSI team to determine that the animal succumbed to blunt force trauma. Creed was quickly thrown into the slam in lieu of $250,000 bail.

The Balls award goes to journalist, Susannah Breslin.

This week Breslin wrote a very compelling commentary exposing many myths about the adult industry. Two of those being the amount of revenue this industry produces on a yearly basis and the falsehood that porn businesses are run not unlike any other legitimate enterprise. She also does a fine job of taking AVN to task: ‘well-known for its propensity to exaggerate pretty much everything having to do with porn.’

I guess she can kiss good by any chance of winning AVN’s Reuben Sturman Memorial Award.

The Reality Check award goes to comedian Chelsea Handler.

The hacks at RadarOnLine reported this week that the shopping of Chelsea’s sex tape has ended because one person shopping the tape became impossible to work with [wanna guess that person was Chelsea].

“That person just became too difficult to work with, and it was so frustrating that everybody just gave up on the project,” said the source. The shopper wanted a fortune for the tape and was angry that the offers weren’t that high.

“Chelsea just doesn’t have the star power that would generate good enough sales for the tape,” the source said, explaining why there hasn’t been a six-figure dollar offer.

The Junior Seau Cliff Diving award for tossing her credibility off one goes to Devon James.

Her credibility already on shaky ground, this week’s news has all but KO’ed it. Most clear thinking people knew all along that Devon’s alleged Tiger Woods sex tape was a scam from the beginning. It appears that was confirmed when Teneal Goyco stepped forward claiming he was paid $1,000 to impersonate Tiger Woods on the tape.

“I just thought I was fulfilling this woman’s fantasy of having sex with Tiger Woods, as she had said she wanted.”

This poor sap, he wasn’t fulfilling her fantasy; it was more like her delusions of grandeur.

The Beer Goggles award goes to Teneal Goyco.

This punch drunk pugilist and Tiger Woods sex tape stand-in claims that he met Devon James and her tubby hubby after drinking beer and vodka.

“I saw it as an opportunity to make a few bucks and have sex with a pretty girl,” he told

Holy Jack Daniels, how much booze could he have possibly consumed in order for him to describe Devon James as a “pretty girl?”

Dumbass Quote of the Week goes to Mr. Marcus who while commenting about the recent HIV discovery gave us this gem to ponder:

“Mainstream media is blowing this out of proportion,” Mr. Marcus told XBIZ. “If someone who is not in porn is tested positive for HIV, it doesn’t get national media attention.”

With such nonsensical thoughts like that, no wonder his attempt to form a porn actor’s union back in 2004 failed so miserably.

Pinocchio award goes to Sharon Mitchell.

In reading a commentary about the condom issue that once again is gripping this industry I came across an interesting statement made by the writer:

[Sharon] Mitchell has said in several interviews that she always used condoms in her career because she was a big enough star to demand them.

It must be difficult for Mitchie to remember every one of the over 2000 adult films and videos she has appeared stretching back to the 1970s so I’ll try to clarify the record for her: No, she didn’t ALWAYS use condoms. She only started to “demand” them toward the very end of her acting career when she began establishing AIM. Up until that point she would have been the only adult star at that time to demand condoms and that just wasn’t the case.

Linoleum award goes to Metro Media Entertainment.

Metro issued a press release hyping its first ‘installation’ of their new series “FanBang.” I’m no wordsmith, but it appears the proper word would be ‘installment.’ If you want free installation go down to the nearest Carpet King and ask for a deal.

Scott Janke award goes to Montrose Michigan’s City Manager, Frank Crosby.

As the story goes, Frankie admitted to viewing porn on his work computer. After much City Council debate and a vote of 4 to 3, Frankie was allowed to keep his job as city manager.

There appears to be a lesson here for all city managers: it’s okay to view porn on city time, just don’t be married to it.

Traci Lords award goes to a 15-year-old girl named Jewel.

As the story’s related, Jewel was infatuated with Tyra Banks and wanted to appear on the show. So when the show told viewers it was seeking sex addicts to appear on a future program, Jewel contacted them. The show then faxed the consent and release forms which Jewel falsely signed and returned to them.

Without telling her mother anything about this, Jewel was flown to New York and appeared on the show. Realizing she was in trouble with mommy, now this little liar starts playing the victim card while she and her crackpot mother, seeing a golden opportunity for unearned riches, are now suing the show for $3 million because they claim the show took advantage of this poor innocent little girl.


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