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Sean Looks at The Week of 10/28/2012: Dennis Hof, Stuart Lawley and Paul Chaplin Earn Honors This Week

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Tightwad award, not to be confused with the Johnny Wad award, goes .XXX kingpin, Stuart Lawley.

Although Lawley is still making serious Trump off the porn industry, he hasn’t shelled out one red cent towards the No On B drive, nor have any of the businesses associated with him.

The Huggy Bear [pictured] award goes to our favorite pimp, Dennis Hof.

Back in the day when a whore would do her pimp wrong she’d have to face the wrath of a good ass whipping. Nowadays, violence is somewhat frowned upon in the pimp community.

Case in point: this week Hof sued one of his former whores claiming that along with giving him 50% of her take along she was supposed to split any gifts the girl would receive from suckers [I mean ‘Johns’].

Hof says the woman was screwing around behind his back — because he got a call from an upset customer named “Richard” who says he’d been showering her with lavish gifts and cash for years … and finally felt like she was “pumping him for more money.”

“Richard” allegedly says he took this woman all over the world — including Tahiti, Jamaica and Bora Bora. He also says he bought Jimi Chanel purses, diamond bracelets and pearl earrings. Total value of the gifts — MORE THAN $300,000.

Hof claims she never reported any of the gifts to the Bunny Ranch — and now wants a judge to force her to hand over what’s contractually his … HALF.

The Marie Antoinette award goes to Bluebird Films boss Paul Chaplin.

Outraged neighbors claim Chaplin did not consult residents or the council before building the helicopter landing pad behind his Surrey home.

Thumbing his nose at local zoning laws Chaplin replied with this arrogant statement: ‘Every Englishman’s home is his castle – I am completely entitled to have a helipad on my land. If they want a lift, they can just ask me.’

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