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Sean Looks at the Week of 1/10/2010 in Review – Ronnie Gets the Mensa Award; Double-Talk from AEE

Sean from writes: You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with Adultfyi

The Asia Carrera Mensa award winner is Ron Jeremy. In decrying the Internet, Professor Buckets had this to say: “I am a former school teacher, I have a masters degree and two BAs, and I think the internet is making people stupid. It’s good because you can research any topic. In my day, we went to the encyclopedia for that. Nowadays, though, kids can’t memorize anything. No dates, no times tables, no history. If there is anything you need to know, you just press a few buttons. We could be giving rise to a generation of idiots.”

Professor Buckets is a fine example for the “generation of idiots.” A masters degree and two BAs: impressive. And what has he done with that education? Has he used his knowledge to teach children to read? Has he found a cure of cancer? No, he did exactly what he complains about concerning the Internet. He took the easy road by starring in porn flicks for over that last 30 years. That sure is contributing positively to society.

The Dope of the Week winner is Gerard Wall. This dope claims that in 90 minutes and after only two drinks he was so blitzed he can’t remember how two of his credit cards were charged over $21,000 for what he figured was a $300 lap dance. First, he’s a dope for paying for a $300 lap dance to begin with. And since his credit card companies have him on the hook for $21k, he is now claiming amnesia and has sued the strip club. His lawyers claim: “He did not approve any other charges.”

This week’s winner of the Norman Einstein Award is Jonah Falcon. Einstein is unemployed and living with his mother. He also has the world’s biggest penis. How do I know that you ask? Well, Einstein and his 13.5” python of love have been featured in Rolling Stone and they appeared together in an HBO documentary. In a recent interview he was asked why he doesn’t put his member to good use and get a job in porn.

He replied, “Nobody would take me seriously. Nobody.” Hey, Einstein, nobody takes you seriously now. Give Vivid a call. I’m sure Papa Smurf still has one of those million dollar contracts just waiting for your signature.

Seka Mathematical Institute Award winner is the 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and it’s mouthpiece, Sean Devlin. AEE claimed in a recent press release: [The show] experienced a 10% jump in attendance compared to 2009, which was primarily driven by a 14% increase in fan attendance. Sean Devlin was quoted as saying, “We are very pleased with strong attendance at this year’s Expo. It shows that the public recognize that AEE provides the most-popular adult stars, the best variety of exhibitors, and the most-outstanding overall experience for fans of adult entertainment.”

However, things were not as rosy in an story: Fan attendance at the 11th expo was down between 10% and 20% from a year, and there were 267 exhibitors this year, an 11% drop from 2009. That’s not too bad, considering how rough the downturn has been, according to expo spokesman Sean Devlin. “Given the economy, given where every other trade show is now, we feel pretty good,” Devlin told

Ooops! It looks like we have some discrepancies between a hyped up press release and an actual news story. Who are you going to believe? Somebody better check their math.

Belated Birthdays – Kim Chambers [36] 01/11, Madison [45] 01/12, Loni Sanders [52] 01/12, Tricia Devereaux [35] 01/12, Austin Kincaid [30] 01/14, Kobe Tai [38] 01/15, Danni Ashe [42] 01/16

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> Jonah Falcon, Man With World’s Largest Penis, Unemployed – Not to be confused with the world’s tallest penis, Joe Francis. Read the story here:


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