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Sean Looks at The Week of 3/11/2012 in Review; Taryn Thomas Wins the “You Mean I’m No Longer Margaret Thatcher?” Award

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PETA’s Men of the Year award goes to brothers Trump: Donald Jr. and Eric.

To celebrate the fact they by both suffer from Small Penis Syndrome, last year these two big game hunters went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe and proudly showed off their trophy kills — including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and water buck. Congrats, boys, you shot Dumbo, two glorified deer, a glorified raccoon, and a crocodile from a half-mile away with a Howitzer cannon.

Not surprisingly, a wildlife enthusiast’s website has just created a YouTube video of the slaughter expressing outrage.

Don’t worry, Daddy Donald comes to the boy’s rescue: He told TMZ, “My sons love hunting. They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it. I am not a believer in hunting and I’m surprised they like it.”

Trump added, “I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community.”

Apparently the Trump boys didn’t piss or jackoff on their kills for if they did they could have sold the footage to or Those creeps have a history of videotaping sex acts in close proximity to freshly slaughtered animals.

The Porn Industry Kabosh award goes to the state of Arizona, and statesman Taryn Thomas receives The “You Mean I’m No Longer Margaret Thatcher?” Award for the same reason.

For years Arizona has been harboring the spillage and refuse from Porn Valley who’ve been going about their business quietly and under the radar. That is until Ms. Thomas decided to make all of these porn-goings on public on behalf of her own self-promotion. Consequently the gendarmes are up in arms. This is the very reason why we advise porn people NOT to talk to the press.

And so this week the state of Arizona drew a line in the sand telling the mainstream porn industry that if you want to shoot content in that state you better bring your bail money.

Addressing recent reports that film production might move to Arizona, Montgomery said, “Under Arizona law, anyone paid to appear in a pornographic movie may be guilty of the crime of prostitution, which carries mandatory jail time as well as the possibility of other penalties.”

“Furthermore,” Montgomery said in an official statement, “anyone involved in other aspects of producing pornographic movies, including soliciting individuals to appear, collecting a fee from the monies received by individuals solicited to appear by virtue of an agent relationship, transporting individuals from California to Arizona for the purpose of appearing in a pornographic movie, and/or establishing a venue for the filming and/or production of pornographic movies may be guilty of committing one or several felonies in the state of Arizona.”

Viva Las Vegas, we guess.

America’s Most Un-Wanted Fugitive award goes to Little Lupe Fuentes.

With Lupe’s ex-husband rotting in a Hungarian prison, as the fine folks over at pointed out this week, she continues to live the good life in a California mansion.

It is unclear why US officials haven’t arrested Lupe and started the extradition process considering the seriousness of the kiddie porn charges and the obvious fact they know where she is. I guess they’re more concerned that condoms are being used on porn sets. Priorities, priorities.

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