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Sean Looks at The Week of 5/6/2012 In Review; Wicked Pictures Gets the Zapruder Film Award

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Sean writes: We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Zapruder Film award goes to Wicked Pictures for filming something just as shocking and repulsive as watching President Kennedy’s head explode like a ripe melon on a warm November day in Dallas Texas.

Thanks to Wicked Pictures stepping up, soon the world will have the opportunity to watch Octomom and her Groucho Marx eyebrows perform in her first [and hope to God only] solo-masturbation video.

Biggest Loser award goes to Mike Stone.

This Tartan High School senior had never been to a prom, so he knew he had one last chance to go. He asked 12 girls to be his date, and all of them refused.

So in January and February, he sent Twitter messages to about 400 porn stars, asking them. Two of them agreed.

When school officials said that his dates would not be allowed at the official prom, Stone began planning for an alternative prom. His idea was to rent space near the Landmark Center official prom site so classmates could wander between the two parties.

However, his fundraising didn’t go as well as planned. Despite promises of thousands of dollars in cash, limo services and restaurants, Stone said only $300 has been donated.

He said the two porn stars are still coming, [don’t hold your breath, Mike] but the event will be more subdued. “It will be like a graduation party,” he said.

Tonight is Mike’s big night. We wish him the best.

Boo Hoo Hoo award goes to Dawson Miller.

Miller, whose real name is Justine Jacobs [supposedly] went on YouTube crying the blues that the Dawson website and her persona is a sham.

Miller, aka Justine, claims that she’s a devout Christian and that she veered mightily from the path of righteousness when she took the assignment from a Canadian porn company to become Dawson Miller.

Miller explains that she and her fiancé were really struggling for money when she came across a casting for a non-nude website. However, she was told that if she took it off, she could double or triple her rate.

According to Miller, everything happened fast and by the time she was through she had posed for over 15,000 pictures in various states of undress.

“I screwed them over, really, in a business aspect,” Miller admits.

“They obviously wanted to get as much money as they could but there wasn’t going to be the push and me being part of the site. Therefore this website automatically lost power. It lost revenue. It lost a lot just by me making that decision. With the money they invested they needed to try and make that back. So they had to go on with the site even though I wasn’t going to be a part of it.”

Don’t think so, Sweetheart.

As the lead website reviewer for FYI [that’s kinda like being the world’s tallest midget], I took a look at Since the first of the month they have updated the site 3 times, including video content.

This website will do well with or without this broad’s participation.

The Creep of the Week goes to Jennifer Mahoney.

This piece of garbage faces 30 years behind bars after she admitted broadcasting a sex attack on a 5-year-old girl to other alleged predators using the live video-chat program Skype on her iPhone.

She faces between 15 and 30 years in prison when she is sentenced Aug. 22, and will have to pay restitution to the victim.

The Dope of the Week award goes to Juston and Kylie Hyatt.

These two idiots has been charged with leaving two of their young children unattended in the family’s running minivan while they spent 90 minutes shopping at a Hustler Hollywood outlet where they dropped $430 on adult novelty items.

God bless them for actually buying porn, but come on, get a clue.

Point Counterpoint award goes to Sara Jay and the porn industry overlords, Brazzers.

Jay, via Vicky Vette, issued a press release Thursday stating she ‘is happy to announce that she & Brazzers have mutually agreed to resolve a hard fought lawsuit filed by Jay over a website called “”.’

The popular star sued Brazzers claiming it had set up the Blog through an Affiliate with the express purpose of impersonating her and stealing traffic. Brazzers disputed Sara Jay’s claims, asserting, among other things that it was not responsible for the actions of an affiliate that was sending it traffic.

Jay asserted that Brazzers was engaging in an industry wide practice of setting up similar blogs to ‘impersonate’ girls in the business to get traffic & sales.

Sara Jay notes: “It’s amazing what companies are trying to do based on purported ‘modeling releases’. All I can say is… be careful what you sign.”

Hold up on popping that bottle of Mouton-Cadet. Brazzers has something to add:

Recent reports that adult star Sara Jay succeeded in her lawsuit against Brazzers over a website called are untrue, Brazzers says.

Brazzers’ parent, Manwin, issued its own statement, refuting that a settlement was ever reached and claiming that Sara Jay abandoned the suit midway through.

“In fact, after spending significant amounts on legal fees prosecuting what Brazzers maintained at all times was a frivolous action, Sara Jay did not receive a single amount, payment or money in settlement,” Manwin said in a statement today.

“Instead, Sara Jay abandoned her case and released all claims she conceivably had, in exchange for Brazzers’ agreement not to proceed with its pending motions for sanctions, or file claims for malicious prosecution against her and her attorney.”

With such polar opposite press releases I wonder if these people are even talking about the same court case.

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