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Sean Looks at the Week of 9/19/2010 in Review; See What Award Scott Janke Gets

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest from the World of stupid…

The Truth Hurts award goes to James Cowan, media writer for Canadian Business magazine.

Cowan wrote a very compelling article about how the recession, over production, free porn and piracy have all but destroyed the adult industry. He quotes several people in the adult industry that who after years of touting the mantra of “porn is recession proof” have finally come to the realization that this industry is in serious financial shape and is teetering on the verge of collapse.

They Call Me Mister Tibbs award is presented to Vivid.

After years of having a roster of talent whiter than a Philadelphia Phillies team from the 1950s, it appears that Vivid has finally started to become more integrated.

The first sign came with the release of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in which we see Kim getting plowed by black rapper Ray J: so much for the Cambria list being Vivid’s guide. Then just a few short months ago Vivid released yet another celebrity sex tape starring the lovely black female, Montana Fishburne. And just this week Vivid sealed the deal to release the sex tape of Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon and her black boyfriend, Sam Jones.

With these releases, I can only hope that it will encourage other companies in this industry to open more doors and help raise the class status of the black men and women who work in the adult industry.

The Steve Howe award goes to Lindsay Lohan.

Once again little Miss Cokehead was dragged into court after failing yet another drug test. And yet again the director of the film Inferno stands by his Janis Joplin wannabe star. Continuing to slap this little druggie on the hand and placate her every screw up only enforces her thinking that she’s untouchable. If she was a black chick from South Central her ass would be in prison today but because she’s some prissy white Hollywood ‘star’ she once again gets a pass.

The first set of Einstein awards go to Latosha L. Clark and Brooke R. Johnson.

These two ladies decided to make their own porn flick because, “Clark stated she wanted to videotape the sex because she was always interested in porn stars.”

So like any good porn director does, they rented a hotel room and arranged for the male talent. One stumbling block arose on their way to assured success and multiple AVN awards: the male talent that they hired was actually two young gentlemen ages 13 and 15. The flick was never shot, however our two genius porn directors currently face a charge of producing child pornography.

The second set of Einstein award winners are Max A. Torgerson and Darrin Karnik.

These two rocket surgeons took stupidity to a new level when they paid a 16 year old girl to have sex with them and then streamed the encounters live across the Internet. To compound the situation, police report that they suspect these two idiots paid other youths, both male and female, to perform as well.

These two clowns are being held on charges of sexual imposition, compelling prostitution, pandering obscenity involving a minor, pandering obscenity and importuning.

For the first time since the inception of the Media Whore award we have three different winners in one week.

The first Media Whore to attempt to hog the spotlight for a brief moment are the fine folks at AEBN. They announced to the world this week that they ‘will give Lady Gaga a year’s worth of free movies in response to the flamboyant singer’s congratulations on the quality of North Carolina’s adult stores.’ Wow, a whole year of FREE porn. Gee, that’s like giving a person marooned on a raft in the middle of the ocean a free glass of salt water. Hey, big spenders…

The second attempt to garner some free publicity goes to the media whores at Clips4Sale. This week they offered Lindsay Lohan $50,000 to top balloons as part of some new fetish they’re trumpeting. At this point the only balloons Lohan will be popping are the kind filled with cocaine that she shits out while in some rehab joint. Please.

The last Media Whore award goes to FleshDrive for offering a $100,000 endorsement deal to Snooki.

Not only is FleshDrive’s attempt at getting some free advertising cheap, but so is their offer to Snooki. $100k sounds good until one realizes that it spans three years and in that time she would be obligated to shoot three FleshDrive commercials and attend three shows a year to promote their technology. That’s tip money to a soon to be has been reality TV ‘star.’

The FYI Hero Emeritus award goes to David Brooks.

Brookie is a past winner of this coveted award and from news reports that came out this week; he’s our winner once again. As the story goes, Brookie was hit with a horndog lawsuit from a former female employee who says that, among other things, he would ask her to “collect his semen.” The story goes on to report, “You should wear short skirts with no underwear to work, not because I tell you to, but because I want you to,” he allegedly told her.

I fail to see the problem of having an employer set and enforce a workplace dress code and plainly outline what duties are expected of their employees. It’s just good business and once again, Brookie is our hero.

The Don’t Play Us for Fools award goes to constant whiner and former Fort Myers Beach town manager, Scott Janke.

To refresh your memory, Janke was fired from his job when news broke that his now estranged wife was MILF porn star, Jazella Moore. Since that time poor Scott has been looking for work and recently he became a finalist for the job of Flagler Beach city manager.

Unfortunately for Scott a DVD starring both him and his estranged wife appears to have sunk his latest attempt at finding work.

He doesn’t know how the DVD – titled “The Councilman’s Wife” – acquired footage of their sexual exploits. He also said that his estranged wife “was as shocked as I was” concerning the DVD’s release.

Sure, everyone is so shocked. I wonder if he was too shocked to endorse the check Cezar Capone wrote him and his estranged wife when he bought the footage off them. Tell your sob story walking, Janke boy.

Creep of the Week is Nicholas Geranios.

For the second week in a row we have a creep that enjoyed taking advantage of a mentally disabled female. Geranios pimped his 21 year old girlfriend and pocketed all the cash. In the porn industry we call that being a suitcase pimp.

He has been charged with adult abuse, spousal abuse, pimping and pandering. Someone should bust this guy in the head with a mallet.

The Porn College of Knowledge award goes to Nydia Vega.

The report doesn’t say if she had a background in the porn industry, but her business model sure applies. She was arrested after she passed $47,000 in bad checks at various stores around town while taking home furniture, $2,000 worth of lingerie and even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


> Jesse James: Janine Threatened to Kidnap Their Daughter – “That is totally false and another attempt by Jesse’s family to alienate me from seeing my daughter,” she says. Read the story here:

> Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail…Again; One Judge Overrules Another – She must be fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-detection bracelet within 24 hours, Los Angeles County Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said. Read the story here:

> Former Porn Performer Says God Told Her to Cover Up – “Men loved me and I had legions of fans but every time I was at work I just kept thinking, ‘I’m not happy with myself for doing this’.” Read the story here:

> Las Vegas lawyers the inspiration for ‘The Defenders,’ starring Jerry O’Connell, Jim Belushi – Jim Belushi still making a living off of his dead brother’s name. Read the story here:

> “On the Radar Screen of the Government”: Son of Seattle strip club mogul sentenced for racketeering – “You are at a crossroads right now in what you do in your life. It is up to you, depending on your conduct, to ensure there is no sequel.” Read the story here:

> Shelley Lubben Business Model: Former prostitute reaches out to women who work in the sex industry – “(Objectifying) women’s bodies is attacking the morality of our families and our culture,” Donewald said. Then I must be a fucking kamikaze pilot. Read the story here:

> How Was it at ExpoMark? – Don’t tell me how much merchandise you put out there. Tell me how much you got paid. Read Gene’s column here:

> Pink Visuals, Mansef Reach Deal in Legal Fight – Terms of the apparent settlement were not disclosed. Read the story here:

> Capri Cavalli Stars in “Bonnie and Clide”; Joins OC Modeling – Read the hype:

> Is Becoming the New Craigslist for Prosties? – Can’t even earn a dishonest buck anymore. Read the story here:

> Ohio men arrested on charges of online sexual activity with minor – Read the story here:

> Nick Manning Wraps Production on “Droppin’ Loads” Debut for Sin City – Read the hype:

> XOTIC Autoshow Brings the Hottest Custom Vehicles to EXXXOTICA’s Show Floor – Read the hype:

> Lawyer: Sex harassment suits often settle – “Either you’re a nut or you’re a slut,” Rumph said bluntly. Read the story here:

> Ginger Lynn to Host Sabrina Deep’s Gang Bang This Weekend… and there will be Fluffers – Read the hype:

> Bobbi Starr to Appear in 2 Upcoming Mainstream Comedy Shows – Read the hype:

> Octo-Mom Furious with Vivid – The giant Vivid PR machine starts to role. Read the story/hype here:

> Story of the Day: Lupe Fuentes Back on The Stern Show; She and Evan Seinfeld Are Getting Married – Lupe said that young pussy is like the fountain of youth. Read the joyous news here:

> Report: Hot-to-Trot MILF Pre-School Teaches Held Sex Parties – She was also served with divorce papers by her husband of 17 years…Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Teach Fuck Scale: Combined they wouldn’t equal a 6.

> M&C Saatchi wins ad account for new .xxx web domain – “kind of online equivalent to the top shelf, an internet red-light district” Read the story here:

> Mad Men’s Jon Hamm used to be set dresser on porn films – This is an old story that gets re-cycled every so often…but read it here:

> Kudeta Content Providers Seals Deal for Minka Studios 3D Content – Read the hype:

> Announces The First Annual Toys For Ta Tas Campaign – Read the hype:

> MILF performer Brenda James returns. Available for bookings starting – I guess she didn’t get the memo that this industry is dead. Read the hype here:

> Cops Claiming Dancers Are Being Smuggled Into Canada and Forced to Strip – “Our members are concerned and don’t want undercover officers targeting dancers in their work environment,” association spokesman Tim Lambrinos said. Read the story here:

> Isis Taylor Makes Her Feature Dance Debut This Weekend in South Carolina; Next Week in Atlanta – Read the hype:

> Hard Rock Cafe sues Vegas hotel with same name Calling It a Den of Debauchery – Hard Rock Cafe agreed to let the hotel use its name, but now wants to rescind the deal. Read the story here:

> Diamond Foxxx Featured in November Issue of Club Magazine – Read the hype:

> Ines Sainz Fires Back at Female Sportswriters’ Organization – In a column with E! Universal titled “My September 11 in New York,”… Read the beaner’s story here:

> Anti-Gay Activist Pastor Eddie Long Releases Statement to Gay Sex Scandal – Read the story here:

> KISS’ Gene Simmons Gets Over Legal Hump in Sex Assault Case; Another Extortion Attempt? – After a hearing Sept. 20, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Shepard Wiley sided with Simmons and overruled the demurrer. Read the story here:

> Vanessa Blue’s “Cleavage” Streets September 23rd; View The Trailer –

> XXX Wasteland Interviews Selena Rose – Read it here:

> Texas Attorney Evan Stone on How He Got into the Porn File Sharing Lawsuit Business – Read the story here:

> Child Porn Modeling Scam Goes International – The woman also told the decoy to send a variety of photographs, including sexually graphic ones. Read the story here:

> Cop Who Bought Porn, Blow-Up Dolls for Cop Girlfriend can’t have job back, judge rules – “Given the seriousness of the conduct alleged and admitted to by {Buonviaggio], the court does not find the penalty of dismissal to be shocking to one’s sense of fairness… Read the story here:

> Ron Jeremy: “Porn Is Going Out of Business”; More on His Recent Appearance at Sonoma State – With the advent of the internet, the pornography industry is facing extinction due to rampant piracy. Read the story here:

> Paul Thomas Presents Announces The October 26 Release Of “Pervert” – Paul Thomas? I thought he was dead. Read the hype:

> Wicked Girls Launch New Parody At The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention – Read the hype:

> Bluebird Films’ Carnal Caped Crusader in Club Magazine –

> Hypnotic Dreams Releases “Enthralling Rhythms” – Read the hype:

> Clips4Sale Offers Lindsay Lohan $50,000 to Pop Balloons – She might do it if the balloons were filled with cocaine. Read the story here:

> Mile High Media Announces the Launch of Adult Studio, Triple X Parody – Read the hype:

> Lawsuit Dropped Against “Porn Judge” – With Justice Douglas out of the case, the lawsuit may become somewhat less salacious. Read the story here:

> AEBN To Give Lady Gaga a Year’s Worth of Free Porn – Read the hype here:

> Update: NFL defeated by porn in bid for more cable channels – Read the retarded logic here:

> Justice Scalia: Sex Discrimination Constitutionally Okay – Read the story here:

> Lawsuit: Prominent Atlanta Pastor Groomed Young Men for Sex – “a case of retaliation and a shakedown for money by men with some serious credibility issues” Read the story here:

> Blockbuster Filing Chapter 11 – ‘more than $900 million of debt and has struggled to adapt as consumers download movies from their computers rather than go to free-standing rental stores’ Read the story here:

> Jesse Jackson Jr. Answering Questions About a Female “Social Acquaintance”, Buying a Senate Seat – “painful and unfortunate situation” Read the story here:

> Electronic Frontier Foundation Slams Online Piracy Bill as Censorship – “a censorship bill that runs roughshod over freedom of speech on the Internet.” Read the story here:

> Owner of Trisha’s Treasures Sues the City of Plainfield, Indiana Over “Provocative” Blankets – “They told me that if I didn’t take it out of the window that he could reclassify me as an adult entertainment industry and could shut my shop down,” Trisha said. Read the story here:

> Hollywood Has a New Intellectual Property Czar- Maybe Porn Can Learn Something – “It’s important to emphasize that it’s illegal, but on the other hand consumers want what they want, when they want it.” Read the story here:

> October 9: Ron Jeremy, XXXchurch Pastor, Craig Gross will square off at the Rock Church in a debate – These ‘debates’ are more scripted than pro wrestling. Read the hype here:

> Porn Mogul Steve Crow Says He’s Being Targeted – “I honestly believe if I wasn’t Steve Crow, if I wasn’t in the adult industry, I wouldn’t be banned,” he says. Read the story here:

> Kindergartners Dropped Off At Adult Toy Store – “I don’t think it’s appropriate,” said Keitsha Perkins, the mother of a kindergartner. Read the story here:

> Persia Monir’s First Gangbang Now Featured on Her Website – Read the hype:

> Metro and Loaded Digital Bring “Naughty Newbies” to Life – Read the hype:

> Update: Janine: Our Daughter Is “Mentally Tormented by Adult Issues”; Yet Another Hearing October 21 – James states that Lindemulder is back doing her “porn webcam” videos for money, and that Sunny said herself that “she no longer wanted to be her mother and would not be seeing her or calling her again.” Read the story here:

> Opening Night for The Deep Throat Sex Scandal Set for October 10th – Read the story here:

> Stills from Karissa Shannon’s Sex Tape Making the Rounds on the Internet – Read the hype:

> Big Free Speech Win: Court Strikes Down Overly Broad Oregon Obscenity Laws – While the state of Oregon had argued that the statutes applied only to “hardcore pornography,” the Ninth Circuit found that, as written, the laws could be applied to much more…Read the story here:

> Sexy Lexxxi Lockhart returns to Los Angeles September 22nd – Read the hype:

> Bunimovitz, Stockholders Claim They Own Private – Really not anything to brag about. Read the story here:

> Legal Docs: Sandra Bullock Drops Dime on Janine – TMZ rehashing old news. Read the story here:

> Adult Psycho Thriller “Sanatorium” Sizzles with Original Soundtrack – Read the hype:

> Bluebird Films Offers iPad Giveaway – Read the hype:

> “Porn – An Equal-Opportunity Destroyer”? – We know porn is highly addictive, and we have more tools than ever to break its stranglehold. Read the story here:

> Update of the Shellee Hale, James Treacy Cases: Reporter’s Privilege Takes Center Stage in NY, NJ – Read the story here:

> Protects Members from Profile Fraud – Read the hype:

> Janine: Jesse James Used ‘N’ Word During Paternity Battle – “I was told that you slept with a n***er.” Read the story here:

> Lawmakers Want Power to Shut Down “Pirate” Sites – If the bill passes, it could mark the most significant antipiracy victory for the film and music industries in quite awhile. Read the story here:

> After Scandal with Porn Star Brandon Wilde, Openly Gay Paul Koering is Now a Write-in Candidate – A leading candidate in the newly formed Bung Hole Party. Read the story here:

> South Africa’s First Black Porn Movie – Appears POV is a new thing over there. Read the story here:

> Police: Woman Lured Two Teenage Boys to Make a Porn Movie with Her – “Clark stated she wanted to videotape the sex because she was always interested in porn stars,” said Capt. Glenn Hanger of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office. Read the story here:

> Former Child Prostitute Sues Village Voice For ‘Aiding & Abetting’ Via Sex Ads – Read the story here:

> Video: Behind the Scenes of Axel Braun’s “Superman” Porn Parody – See it here:

> Fat Chance: “Lindsay Lohan Must Be “100 Percent Sober” to Stay in Porn Biopic” – “The current analysis of how to proceed cannot be concluded until the court decision is known” Read the story here:

> Fashion photographer wins lawsuit against porn company for using under-age self-portrait on porn cover – Now a federal court in Tampa has awarded Lara Jade nearly $130,000 in damages for copyright infringement…Read the story here:

> New York MILF Teach Pleads Guilty in Sex with Student Case – Gurecki-Haskins also has to resign from the Canandaigua academy and turn in her teaching certificate for the state of New York. Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Teach Fuck Scale: 7

> Hustler Targets 635 BitTorrent Users Over Barely Legal School Girls #6 – Appears the industry has found a new source of revenue. Read the story here:

> Third World Media Files Copyright Lawsuit Against 10 John Does – Read the story here:

> Adult Studio New Sensations Releases “The Flintstones: A XXX Parody” on DVD October 11 – Read the hype:

> Lohan Film Producers Insist They Can Still Get Insurance – “However, we are still backing Lindsay Lohan to do this movie despite what has happened.” They should realize she’s a major fuck up and move on. Read the story here:

> Launches Affiliate Program – Read the hype:

> “Celibate” Octo-Mom Turns Vivid Down a Second Time – Maybe Papa Smurf should donate money out of the kindness of his heart. Oh, that’s right; you have to have a heart first to do that. Read the story here:

> Update: Backers of “Inferno” Still Trying to Put a Game Face On – Read the story here:

> A generation gap in understanding porn of today – This isn’t you’re daddy’s porn. Read the story here:

> Alexandra Silk, Misty Mason, Janea Jolie, Chelsea Mourning Invade Love Ranch Brothel – Read the hype:

> Karissa Shannon Gets Six Figure Deal from Vivid – Money helps the pain go away. Read the story here:

> Janine Claims Her Daughter’s Being Taught She’s a Bad Person Who Shows Her Boobs – His ex-wife’s conduct, James charges, suggests “she is not stable and acts impulsively and contradictory…[she] sounds …as if she is drinking or taking drugs again.” Read the story here:

> Lawsuit: Magician Roy Horn Accused of Sexually Harassing Staff – “Early on, both (Siegfried) Fischbacher and Horn made sexual overtures that Preiss rebuked,” according to the lawsuit. Read the story here:

> Sunny Leone Talks About the Not Charlie’s Angels Parody and Acting in the Mainstream – Read the interview here:

> Scott Bergthold, leading foe of adult businesses, defends Missouri law – To win his battles, he strives to prove that strip clubs, sex shops and other such businesses have negative effects on society. Read the story here:

> The Tale of the Hot-to-Trot Mob Mom: Mob Snitch Bitch Faces Charges of Third Degree Rape – The under-18 boy told his dad, who contacted cops, the source said. Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Mob Chick scale: 5… Leave the gun, take the cannoli.


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