Sean Tompkins to random fan boi: “You’re lucky I didn’t see you in Vegas!”

Sean Tompkins relishes AVN time almost as much as porn forum moderater Bono One does. Bono One enjoys this time of year because it is one of the few times during the year he has contact with other human beings and Sean enjoys this time because it is his annual “Call out every fan boi and performer (Male and female) for fights at AVN and when they refuse I’ll thump my chest and feel tough.” In addition to threatening to beat up female performer Bobbi Dylan for mentioning the name of his bastard son, this chap, @chtucker18 also got a taste of the Tompkins tough guy act:

Since we have already established the fact that Sean won’t set up a proper fight in a gym, this suggests that he expects to show up to a trade show where there are thousands of people, cameras, security and police and bump into random fans that he threatened through Twitter. Are we to believe that Sean would just start throwing if he ran into this gentleman at this year’s show? Right in the middle of the trade show floor? The heat is already on Sean for several reasons, we don’t believe he would draw more attention to himself and we don’t believe he wants any part of any fight with anyone. But we are looking forward to a year of his bragging about making it through another year without getting his ass kicked and of course, next years round of call outs. Maybe he can start them in August or September of 2017 so we can enjoy several months of this.

Remember that Tristan Stadtmuller got the Tompkins tough guy treatment leading up to AVN 2016 and actually met up with Tompkins at the show and what did Tompkins do? NOTHING! Which is exactly what would have happened to Christopher P Tucker @chtucker18 had he crossed Tompkins path. The truth is that when Tompkins makes it through another year without getting his skull caved in, he is filled with relief on that flight back to San Antonio. As a hired goon/enforcer for Mark A Spiegler, Sean is getting a bit long in the tooth at 50 years old and his cardio only workout plan has him looking drained as if he has HIV or AIDS, which he very well may. Hit the weight room, “Chief.”



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