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See the Video: Bill Margold Rips Max Hardcore on YouTube

Tatty Patty writes on : I’m not a huge fan of Mr. Little, but Bill Margold has to be the most hypocritical cocksucker in the biz. Who the fuck made him ‘president of porn’?

Darrah Ford writes on :

you can watch the video on Youtube. Refresh the page if the video doesn’t play right away.

From the radio show Strobo Sapien Twitch-Hop Utopia, hosted by Andrew Octopus.

Bill says Max got exactly what he deserves. He was warned many times and he knew what he was doing. As the adult industry continues to move towards public acceptance, there will be sacrificial lambs along the way. Not martyrs because Max is not worth the price of nails on the cross. There are alot of cowards that hide behind the first amendment and the American flag. If you’re going to stick your neck out, you can expect to get your head cut off occasionally.

Max has gone out of his way to hurt people. There was an incident where one of Max’s performers came into Bill’s office and put her head on Bill’s knee and started crying. Max, who had at that time an office across from Bill, came into Bill’s office and snapped his fingers and yelled at the girl to get out of Bill’s office. Bill and Max argued and Max told him I can do what I want. Bill told him that one day society will act out against you which is what you want anyway because it will give him the notoriety he is so desperate for.

But from then on, Bill warned Max that eventually the time will come when he would offend someone’s delicate sensibilities. But Bill believes Max will not spend any time in prison but will spend alot of money defending himself. Because that’s how the government gets the adult industry. They drain them dry economically. And of course it works both ways because the lawyers who feed off of Max want to keep him just in enough trouble to keep him spending money. But when he’s out of money, then of course they’ll abandon him. Bill believes Max, who pretends to be some kind of hero, will eventually make a plea bargain and will simply go away.


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