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Seka Announces Launching of

Porn Valley – Seka called KSEX last night to talk to Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn. Amber said she had received an e-mail earlier from Seka in which Seka told her that she was launching her website, [] and that she wanted to link with both Ginger and Amber. Amber told Seka that they’d also love to have her on their KSEX show. That’s when Seka phoned in. It was noted that if you purchase a membership to Seka’s website, you’ll receive a phone call from her.

“We’re going to be doing a few things,” Seka went on to say. “We’re doing a webcam and a live chat in the next couple of months.” Probably in May, Seka continued, they’d be doing a big birthday bash for her in Chicago although her birthday’s actually in April. “But in order to plan it properly we need a little more time so we’re just going to throw the bash in May. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Ginger recalled the first time she and Seka did a photo shoot together for Club Magazine. “You were the only woman that I was ever intimidated by,” Ginger recalled. “You had such a strong female aura and you were so beautiful.” Ginger recalled an instance of being between Seka’s legs while Suze Randall was shooting photos. “I wanted to taste your pussy so bad. I’m laying there and I didn’t know if you’d notice, I just kind of slipped my tongue…I was trying to sneak it in there.” Seka said she would probably have said what’s taking Lynn so long.

Seka then recalled an instance where she worked with Amber for Suze Randall. Amber said she was tearing apart her archives closet looking for it. Seka said she had all the pictures from both of those shoots. Amber recalled the first time that she ever saw Seka. “I was brand new new in the business and Bobby Hollander and Vinnie DiStefano took me to the AVN awards. Maybe it wasn’t AVN but it was one of the really big award shows. It was down at the Universal. I walked in and you came walking out to present an award on stage. You had this white hair and you were so tall and amazing. I was, like, I want to be like her!”

Ginger wondered how many movies Seka made. Seka said she doesn’t know, that she’s lost count. “They take parts of one and parts of another. They put it together and call it something else.” Seka believes she started sometime in 1976 or 77. “I think the last thing I did was American Garter. It was in the Nineties.” Asked what she included among her favorite films, Seka said she personally likes Downstairs, Upstairs and Ultra Flesh. “That was kind of fun.” Her most recognizable project is probably Inside Seka, she ventured to guess. According to Seka, her claim to sexual fame is the fact that she “gives fabulous head” to both sexes.

Seka said she was looking at the KSEX website [] and it looked like a lot of fun. Asked if she ever made it out to Los Angeles, Seka said she hasn’t been out in a long time. “It’s ridiculous- I should come out.” Amber said she and Ginger were definitely going to her birthday party. “It looks like you could use a good spanking.” Seka said if they did that she might want to get married. “Don’t threaten me with a good time.”

Seka announced that she was single and not in a serious relationship but that she preferred both sexes. Seka said there was also information on the website that would allow her fans to e-mail her. The members section is $24.95 a month. The site offers weekly and monthly updates as far as photo sets. “And you get posted as to the latest thing that’s happening in my life and the hot spots around town and the different places I go.”

Seka said she hadn’t been making personal appearances for awhile because she wasn’t single. Amber thought it strange that Seka’s boyfriend wouldn’t allow her to have a website. “It was kind of wacky,” Seka stated. “I like being single.” Seka said she liked all kinds of guys and that John Holmes and Jamie Gillis were her favorite male porn stars to work with. Amber would have thought she’d say John Leslie. “I liked the way John looked, his appearance but Jamie was more my type at the time,” Seka replied. Amber said she dated Jamie for years and that she lived with him. “I’m the kind of bitch that likes to get bent over and have a cock shoved up her ass a little bit, too.” Seka said she also liked Mike Ranger.

Ginger said the most exciting things for her to do are the things she’s not supposed to do, or the things she can’t do, “or people think that won’t work together.” Ginger said the first time she worked with Gillis was on a Suze Randall set. “Jamie was behind me and it was the first time I had anal sex on film. I ay it was another movie but that’s because it was planned. Jamie was behind me and just kind of slipped it in. There was no preparation whatsoever. I was too new to say anything. I like Jamie and it was kind of naughty and nasty. Naughty boys are fun.”

Lynn said Gillis was in one her recent films, Sunset Stripped. “We had him there as a non-performer. We’re off set and Jamie has gone a little gray and a little hard of hearing and he looks like somebody’s grandpa. Until he opens his mouth. And he’s sitting there telling me that what I really need to do is change my girl-next-door image and I need to start fucking dogs on film. Swear to God.” Ginger says she told him that’s not something she really wanted to do. “I know you thought about it- everybody’s thought about it,” Gillis told her. Ginger said she has a dog and doesn’t want to go there. Gillis said he’d set her up with a new dog that she didn’t know.

“He was dead serious,” said Ginger. “He was not joking. For five days straight that’s all he talked about when he walked on the set. He tried to persuade me into fucking dogs.”


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