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Selena Silver Interviews Kat Slater Tonight

Porn Valley – Tonight Selena Silver [] on KSEX [] will host director Kat Slater who shoots two series for Hustler called Campus Confessions and Young Sluts Incorporated.

Last week Silver chatted with Alex Ladd and Javier of DVSX during the first half hour of her show. After which Connie and Sun, the ladies of DVSX joined in.

Silver noted that Ladd, a former towel boy is now a studio owner. Ladd grew up in Toronto working as a waiter in a male strip club. In the mean time, he went to college for photography.

“Downstairs the guys stripped; upstairs the girls stripped,” Ladd recalls of his strip club days. “They had feature dancers and obviously the features were the talented ladies from the adult world from L.A.”

Ladd subsequently met a lot of the women who told him whenever you’re in L.A. to give them a call. Ladd wound up in L.A. one summer and was told if he needed work, he had it.

“Handing towels,” said Ladd who was 21 at the time. Ladd said it was fair to describe him as the true porn fan who snuck into the business. “Absolutely. In both ways. Illegally I snuck into the country and legally snuck into the studios.”

Silver said she could see Canadians jumping the border even as they spoke. Ladd also mentioned that having a photography background helped but not to the extent that it knocked down doors. “Hey, I’m a photographer; yeah, I’m another porn stud. So nobody wanted to hear about it.” Ladd figured that if hung around enough people would get to know him and get used to him.

“I kind of introduced myself as a photographer- got jobs doing stills on sets. From then it was, okay, what pays a little more than that? Videographer. Learned how to do that. Then director, then head of production. I’m like, goddamn, what next? Let’s own our own company!” Ladd attributes it all to longevity. “The longer you hang around the less people are going to ignore you. They’ll give you more chances.”

A fan wrote in asking Ladd if a photography background helped in taking better pictures, making better porn, better boxes and better product. Ladd thought so. “I’m more interested in the technical aspects of porn than most. Does it help? Sometimes it’s a hindrance. Sometimes I think being a little too technical tends to sidetrack you from the sexual, natural flow of things. But it helps. It’s a double edged sword.” It was Selena’s opinion that DVSX offered some of the best photos in porn.

Javier got into porn right out of high school. “I started working in VCA’s warehouse at the age of 18. I kind of learned from the bottom up.”

Javier and Ladd met at Elegant Angel while working for Patrick Collins. “We started hanging out, talking. We found out we had a lot of similar instances.” Ladd said Javier was doing sales and he was doing production. “The rest is history.”

Ladd and Javier agreed that they shared some mutual frustrations, that they had different ideas from the way things were being done. They started talking and felt their formula would work better. They took the risk and the chance. “Here we are a year and a half later,” Javier said.

Kent Silver was willing to place DVSX among the Top 5 gonzo companies in the porn business.Another fan wrote in with a complaint about the fact that girls in DVSX productions tend to wear knockout productions and within the first five minutes they’re off and the girls are naked. Ladd suspected that’s because the guys in the scenes are too aggressive and too into what they’re doing.

“Me being the kind of director that actually likes to have the natural flow of the scene, I kind of keep repeating over and over- you’ve got a lion and a zebra- and just let the lion eat the zebra. That’s about it. As long as you give them some direction and some guidance, I just let it flow. Lot of times somebody just ripping clothes off, I’m not going to say, hang on a second. The last thing the guy wants to do is listen to me an paying attention to me instead of the girl. So I just kind of let it go. The unfortunate downside is that most guys are going to tear the clothes off the girls. It’s one of those things. I just let it go. I think being a good director or being a good any person in charge is having the confidence and letting the people you hire, do their job and have faith in the people you believe in.”

Kent Silver had to ask the obvious question, what DVSX stands for and Ladd’s explanation offered little to satisfy a Jeopardy answer. “It reads like a license plate,” he said noting that it could stand for Devious Sex. “Written it looks very ambiguous. But there’s a duality to it.” What Selena liked about the company name is that she could wear the T-shirt anywhere without raising suspicions that it was a porn company.

Another question was raised about how many product lines a porn company could support without losing focus and being too over the place. Javier feels one a week is enough. “The companies that are doing two a week tend to be overkill for the market and for the company. But that’s just my personal opinion. I believe one a week allows you directors to be fully focused on what they’re doing and give it their all. And usually you end up with a very good product.”

Ladd and Javier were asked what they did as owners to push DVSX from a nobody to the forefront of gonzo porn. “One of the things we tried focusing on was giving the guy at home the most bang for his buck,” said Ladd. “We try to do six scenes, two hours in all of our movies when there’s companies out there three scenes, four scenes. We felt if we gave them more, basically for the same price as other companies were offering it, we’d make it more appealing to them. To some extent it’s paid off,” said Ladd.

Kent Silver described DVSX as a MacDaddy office with all the freakin’ toys. “I’ve seen their cars and all they do is look at naked girls. They’re basically rich perverts.”


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