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Serenity Lookalike Vanilla Sky- update

Porn Valley- With Michelle Lay, filling in on Friday for Katie Morgan, who was in Cannes, newcomer Vanilla Sky was a guest of The Wanker Show, Sky, also by way of introduction was one of the topless judges at last week’s porn debate.

Lay said she worked on an HBO movie last Wednesday and Thursday with Kaylani Lei. Lay talked about her and Kaylani wanting their own KSEX show and offered a suggestion: The Lay & Lay Show. Wankus said don’t even try it. “You both just started here and all of a sudden want your own show, fuck you!” Lay then offered the compromise about Wankus getting laid twice to which he was amenable. “That show could work!”

Lay mentioned that on sets like that it’s usually porn girls working with guys who are not in the business. “I’ve ran into a problem one time,” she said. “One of the guys on set, they think because you’re a porn chick…” Wankus finished the thought by suggesting that it probably meant open season on twats. “I’m not getting paid to be slid in,” Lay said. “It was kind of disrespectful; he was like going look at my hard-on. All he talked about was sex.”

As Sky was introduced, Wankus suspected that she might have been “outshadowed” by the voluble Rob Spallone last week. Sky is with Naughty Modeling, and Wankus mentioned, on a couple of occasions, Sky’s resemblance to Serenity.

Sky’s been in the business two months and is a local girl who went to school in the Valley. She lived in Northridge most of her life. Sky also claims she was a slut in high school and graduated at the tender age of 16. She’s also had jobs in payroll and bookkeeping, she states but was bored with them.\”I did all the $15/hour jobs- I just never could get ahead. I like sex.” Sky said her best girlfriend, Kayla Page, does girl-girl movies and they live together. For her part, Sky said she loves men. “I think girls are beautiful. I’ll look at a girl and I’ll drool but…” Sky said she wouldn’t consider gay-for-pay. “I don’t think I am what they want. I don’t think I’d be able to do it very well on camera. I’m not into it in my personal life.”

Sky said Page is married and has a nine-month old baby but loves women. “She loves to do it.” Michelle Lay told Sky it was a long time before she, herself, ever got comfortable with women, that it took about 15 different women. “Now today I still love men but to be with a woman- women are so beautiful and sexy.”

Sky said she has yet to have a woman eat her pussy. Sky said her boyfriend’s not in the industry but accepts what she does. “At the same time, he’s jealous.” Sky went on to say that she enjoys having the shit fucked out of her. “I have a wrought iron bed and it needs to be falling apart.” Lay volunteered to be Sky’s first woman. “You need an olderwoman.” Sky agreed, noting that older men seem to do it right.

Sky said Page, who’s also with Naughty Modeling, introduced her to do the business.

“Honestly I was bored one day,” said Sky. “I just quit my job. I hated what I was doing. I went to Hustler with her and they like me and booked me right away for three days later.” Sky jumped in with a boy-girl scene which she did for Clive McClean. “Clive and Erika shoot a lot of the features and they were just so calm and nice and they have food. Everything you could possibly want.”

Sky was asked by Wankus if she was nervous about the stereotypical porn world.

“A lot of people come in, aw man, I got to fuck this little leprechaun Tim [owner of Naughty Modeling]. What the fuck. I like Tim but he looks like this little leprechaun,” Wankus laughed. “Were you thinking I have to put out to all these losers? I’m not saying Tim’s a loser. But be honest we’ve seen a lot of these fuckin’ crew guys.”

Sky laughed calling it crew-kakke. Sky said, honestly, she would have fucked the guy she shot her scene with for Hustler, if she just saw him walking down the street. “I can’t remember his name. I’ve been trying to figure it out because everybody keeps asking me. I swear to God I was drooling when I saw him. He’s amazing. He’s this English guy. He’s a model.”

Sky has yet to have a bad experience in her history of 17 movies so far. “I shoot four days a week; I can’t get a fuckin’ day off.” Sky said Fallon and John West have also been good to work with. Sky noted that Fallon was TT Boy’s cousin. Wankus asked if Sky had worked with TT Boy’s uncle Harry. “Don’t,” he advised. Wankus said he’s heard nothing but bad things about uncle Harry. “His uncle looks like he’s 96 or something.” Sky said she’s done a scene with him but found him to be a nice guy.

“I heard from a lot of girls that he’s an asshole,” countered Wankus. “He beats the shit of ’em and all kinds of shit.”

Wankus then asked Sky about her first sexual encounter. She was 12. “I lost my virginity in a threesome. It was a good experience, but when you’re that young, the guys really don’t have much to offer. It wasn’t that great.”

Wankus mentioned that someone in the chat room observed that Sky looked like Serenity. “I don’t know who Serenity is,” said Sky who said she;s heard the comparisons before. Wankus thought that Sky had Serenity’s features. “You’re beautiful, if not more.”

Asked what her aspirations in the adult business might be, Sky said she always gave a thought about going to beauty school because her father did movies like Batman. “He’s a grip.” Now that she has the money to actually go to school, Sky said she’s also been thinking about opening a restaurant.

“Now I have the money and income, I haven’t decided.”

Regarding dick size, Sky says she doesn’t have a particular preference. “I’m pretty shallow [she probably means literally]; you can have me screaming with three-inches.” Sky’s also tried anal at home [her boyfriend’s a butcher in Valencia] but isn’t comfortable enough, yet, to do it on camera. Amused, Wankus said that you only find butchers on the east coast. Sky said at least she gets fresh meat every night when she goes home.


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