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Serious dating vs sex dating – yes there is a difference

I’m sure you are at least a familiar with the concept of online dating after it’s been with us for a while and it is the preferred method for hooking up with other singles easily. If nothing else, at least you’ve heard of hookup apps like Tinder or dating sites like match.com, right? I mean come on, who hasn’t?

The problem is that there are a lot of different dating sites available, and that makes it more confusing than it should be. The best thing you can do is to figure out what you want; because there are two main categories that are widely used: normal dating and sex dating. Which one is it going to be for you?

Romantic dating

This is what we call normal dating, and a lot of people are currently looking to find a life partner. It makes sense to use such site when you’re looking at getting engaged into a serious and committed relationship. Joining traditional dating sites is pretty easy, and sometimes you might not even have to pay for a subscription fee to be able to message other members. This free system often gets abused by people who use free subscriptions to pester other people for sex meets. So even though normal dating sites are supposed to be for serious people, you will find a bit of everything there; and not necessarily the people you are looking for.

Creating your dating profile on a normal dating site requires some effort. You’re looking to find a serious partner and as such you need to talk about yourself in a way that is relevant to that. Your hobbies, your job, your life ambitions… all of those things will matter when it comes to finding a serious partner. Basically, you’re selling yourself as to why you are a good choice for a long-term partner; so there are quite a few details that you should mention in order to make it easier for other singles to want to contact you.

Sex dating

This is the easier end of the spectrum, and it’s not always as much of a wildland as people might think it is. Most sex dating sites might let people look around for free, but you often find that you cannot message people unless you have paid for a subscription. This might sound a bit stingy but it’s actually a great way to control the quality of the users on such website. You don’t want a bunch of jackasses looking around for free who aren’t really interested in hooking up. People who pay for a subscription on a local booty site are often more committed and more respectful because some of their private details are involved in the process and they don’t want to mess things up.

Creating your sex dating profile is easy. Everyone who uses sex dating sites is there to have sex, nothing more. So you only need to write about yourself in a way that makes you a good prospective shag. No need to say you’re amazing in bed, instead just focus on talking about what you enjoy doing, what your fantasies are and what sort of person you would like to hook up with. At least you don’t have to worry about offending people when you send them a sex request; after all, everyone is here for that!

Not stop reading this shit and go get laid already.

No need is just talking about it. Go fucking get you some!


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