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Seven most popular ways to make money in the adult industry

from – Sex sells. Since the first days of the Internet, creating porn paysites has been one of the most reliable ways to earn money. Nowadays, there are much more revenue-generating methods available in the adult industry. If you want to succeed, consider focusing on one area of the business while learning about the entire industry at the same time.

Keep in mind that jumping into the adult entertainment is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The gold rush days are long over, but there are still plenty of ways to generate large amounts of reliable income. Look at what others are doing and ask yourself how you could improve on what they are doing.

Here are seven most popular ways to make money in the adult entertainment. The formula for success is simple – get to know the market, use your head and work hard.

1. Build a paysite

Paysites are porn sites which charge a membership fee for access to photos, videos and other adult content. Typically, the membership fee is around $30 per month, $50 for two months, and $70 for 3 months. Some paysites also offer trial membership for $1-$3 for a couple of days.

Paysites are a good way to make money, but you have to be successful in enticing porn surfers to subscribe (for example, by displaying free samples). You also need to supply your website members with exclusive content on a regular basis.

Cons: Building and maintaining a successful paysite requires substantial investment which not only runs into thousands of dollars, but can take a lot of time to recoup. Plus, you will have to deal with the problems of 2257 compliance, content thieves, hackers and credit card fraudsters.

2. Become an affiliate

Another popular way to earn money in the adult entertainment business is to become an affiliate. You will receive a generous cash payment for every customer you send to a paysite – up to 50 per sign up. In addition, you can get payouts for international sign ups, check sign ups, sign ups for a trial, webmaster referrals, etc.

Cons: The competition in this market is fierce. It is clear that the majority of webmasters prefer affiliate marketing programs based on a pay per sign up system and/or a revenue share formula because the production costs are very low. You will receive free content from the paysites you promote.

3. Sell traffic

A successful porn website depends a lot on getting large volumes of traffic and converting it into revenue. One of the ways to attract visitors is to buy traffic from TGPs, galleries, CJs, AVS, toplists, linklists, portals, and other sites. You can sell traffic directly to website owners or to adult traffic brokers (they are wholesalers that buy traffic and then redistribute it to buyers).

The prices vary depending on several factors, for example geotargeting or website category. Generally, you will earn $2.30-$4.00 per 1000 sold hits. Paysite traffic and cam website traffic are the most expensive. The commission of traffic brokers varies from 10% to 15%, but some of them charge a higher service fee.

Cons: To make money from traffic sales you need to build as many traffic traps as possible. The more surfers you attract, the more money you will get. That requires a decent investment in time and money.

4. Produce photos and videos

Shooting porn photos or videos to create 100% exclusive content for adult websites can be a great way to earn money. You will need to find a model, rent a studio or location, and then fire off as much footage and stills as you can.

Try to produce unique content by studying your competitors, but don’t copy them. Make something new and different with the same (or even better) quality. New approaches help to sell the content, while the same old thing over and over again is boring.

Cons: You need buy professional (and therefore expensive) equipment to get started – at least a good camera. Plus, you will need to cover any expenses the shoot incurs (such as transport or a hotel room to shoot in). You will also need to provide documentation to verify the models age and consent.

5. Become a copywriter

There are huge opportunities within the B2B aspect of the adult entertainment industry. Keep your eyes open to offer a service that there is a real need for. You can write dirty sex stories, how-to articles, comments, reviews and any other website texts. The prices vary from a couple of bucks for 1000 symbols to several hundred dollars for the whole site.

Always be friendly, open and professional with people you meet online. Website owners always need content. Once you have a good reputation in this field, you can build up a nice clientele who will regularly offer you new work.

Cons: An adult paysite is not a newspaper or classic literature. Besides excellent English writing skills (proper sentence structure, proper vocabulary use, and perfect grammar), you also need to know slang, the peculiarities of niches and fetiches [the idiot that wrote this piece needs to learn how to spell the word], and basics of SEO. Most often, you are not telling a story, but motivating website visitors to buy membership.

6. Work for other webmasters

If you are a talented web designer, a skilled coder, or a fantastic SEO, then you can always make money in the adult entertainment industry without getting too involved in the pornography side of this business. The demand for graphics, scripts, software, themes, and templates is constant and good.

Cons: You have to be a professional in your area, especially if you want to work as a programmer. Porn paysites are constant targets for credit card fraudsters, hackers and content thieves so you have to produce secure products.

7. Become a webcam model

Working as a webcam model has a lot of advantages: you can be your own boss, work from the comfort of your home and set your own schedule. Your job will be to chat via webcams and encourage customers to take you into a paid show.

It is up to you how far you decide to go: some models just dance and strip, other can masturbate or have sex with a partner. Approximately, you will receive $1.2-$3 per minute for each customer that is in your private chat room.

Cons: You need to have excellent flirting and communication skills. If you are just lying on the sofa and waiting for visitors, you won’t be popular. About 50-60% of models quit after several months of working.

If you are looking for a way to make money on the Internet, you can’t help but think about adult entertainment industry. There is always an opportunity to earn money in the online pornography – just because people are interested in sex.

Even though the money doesn’t flow as easily as it once did 7-9 years ago, you can still earn a living. Nowadays, the ones who make money are people who educate themselves. Read, ask questions, do your homework, keep your mind and your ears open, and be patient – good things sometimes take time.


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