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“Shady” Playboy Misleading Customers?

Ryan Rayzer writes on – Last week I got an email with some photos put out by the Playboy owned and operated site, in which they proudly proclaim it to be Janine’s OFFICIAL website. The problem is, Janine hasn’t had anything to do with that website in years, and rumor has it, they haven’t been paying her any money from the site either. Janine’s actual OFFICIAL site, that she endorses, creates new content for and that actually gives her money for her work is So for Playboy to mislead their consumers if if nothing else at least a little shady, wouldn’t you say?

Well Playboy also happens to own a website called GFY, for years it was a popular message board for adult webmasters to hang out and talk shit. Recently they got a new paid advertiser, which just so happened to be a company who also owns an illegal tube site. This is one of the posted messages in response from the webmasters who frequent the board.

Dear playboy stockholders,

It has come to my attention that one of playboys assets has been advertising sites that steal its own product and then gives it away. I find it hard to believe supporting sites that give your product away will make you money. Playboy shares have dropped steadily since gfy started advertising sites that directly profit from the theft of playboy content.

Do you think playboy should take a stronger stance when it comes to who it advertises for ? Do you think playboy should stop supporting these sites ? or do you think supporting these sites that give away your product will improve sales ?

As you can imagine there was a huge uproar over GFY taking money from a site that not only owned an illegal tube site with tons of stolen content but that also included stolen owned by Playboy and Playboy owned properties. So here is Mike South and his friend’s response.

We are proud to announce the formation of a new webmaster resource board,

When asked why a new board was needed board co-founder Mike South had this to say:

“Last week decided to slap adult webmasters across the face by accepting advertising from and skinning their site with ads from a company that runs tube sites that steal adult content. At that point I intentionally got myself banned for life by calling them what they are, sell outs and scumbags.

I wasn’t alone, many of GFY’s top posters and most influential webmasters pulled advertising and got themselves banned as well. I looked at this situation and I told DirtyWhiteBoy that we should fuck them back by starting At that moment we knew it had to be done. We bought the domains and quickly got up and running.

Truth is DirtyWhiteBoy and Nate deserve all of the credit, they worked all night to make the board look and feel familiar to GFY users, even to the point that we can restore your post count.

We want all of GFY’s participants to come join us and make this the industry’s best resource board, after all it is he posters that make a board like this successful and we welcome you all.”

Indeed has barely been up twenty four hours and has already attracted such luminaries as Dean Capture and Gonzo and is already over 100 posts and growing by the minute.

Reading the rules on the board kind of sums up the atmosphere. The rules are “Use common sense”.


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