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Shane Doing Shane’s TV

Porn Valley- Chris and Alana Evans played host to Shane on their KSEX,, show Thursday night. Evans credited Holly Hollywood with making the interview a possibility. “She made the connection.” Evans said she met Shane when she [Alana] first got into the business. “She was the whole reason why I got into porn.”

In an aside, Chris mentioned that he first met Alana on an Anabolic set whereupon he asked her [Alana] out to dinner. “Ever since then, you’ve always talked about this girl.” Evans said being a typical guy he watched porn but two names registered, one being Shane’s.

Alana, giggling like a kid in a candy store, said she worked a week ago for Shane. “She is now doing Shane’s TV.” Going down memory lane, Alana recalled that the first time she met Shane was at Erotica L.A. in 1998. “I had done my first scene the day before.” Alana remembered Shane giving her her phone number as she stood in line and they phone chatted subsequently. Shane said something to the effect that Alana had left her bathing suit at her house after shooting a pool party sequence for Shane’s TV.

Shane said Shane’s World 2 was the very first video that she directed and produced after leaving Seymore. “Anything and everything that could have gone wrong did and then some,” she laughed. “It was horrible at the time of shooting.” Nonetheless Shane said it made for the funniest situations. Shane said it was shot in the middle of nowhere. “A friend of mine was going with a bunch of guys that had dune buggies and motorcycles.” Shane said could she bring some people and shoot a movie. “So many things went wrong. The awning came open while we were driving down the freeway. It got shredded to pieces.”

Shane said she went with Tom Byron earlier in the day looking for a spot to do her scene. “I found this great little spot and was all excited. I was going to work with Tom. We got there and found a body in the bushes. We thought it was dead. Everyone look for a cop on a motorcycle. We were shaking him.” Shane said the guy came to and scared the crap out of everyone. “The guys were all screaming and running.” Shane explained that the guy was an illegal alien crossing the border. “He was so dehydrated and out of nowhere comes a border patrol.”

In another instance Shane related a time where she was shooting in a cabin and she had the flu. “I was so sick. I was taking some medicine. My throat hurt.” Shane said first thing in the morning Vince Vouyer was urging her to suck his cock. Hence she took some medicine got loosened up and was able to do her first ever d.p. as a result.

In an interview that jumped topics with an dizzying array of dance steps, Shane mentioned that her and her husband have a great relationship. Chris said he must be some kind of stud. Shane noted that her husband has a twin brother and at times feels weird about being topless in front of him, him being a photographer. In one instance she had to take a few swift belts to deal with the situation. Shane mentioned here was also some drinking involved during the Shane’s TV shoot.

Alana was laughing over the fact that a lot of the girls didn’t know that there was a twin brother which prompted some funny situations. Shane said the clue to distinguishing the brothers is the fact that Shane’s husband has a piercing in his eyebrow. “But they don’t look alike to me, it’s so weird.” Shane said there was a time when they all lived together. “What if I’m drunk one night, and it’s late… I take him. I mistake him.” Shane said the brothers would never pull a switch on her. “Thank God.”


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