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Shitty Shitty Bang Bang On Set Report

Porn Valley- Let’s make magic.”

I’m on the set of Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, and director Skeeter Kerkove is on one knee, his trademark bandana around his head, tattooed biceps flexing, as he spreads Britney Madison’s asscheeks wide apart under her latex panties. Her browneye is visible, glistening with the freshly-applied lube Skeeter has just smeared on it in preparation for the insertion of his new toy, an inflatable, vibrating dildo. Britney looks pretty fucking hot in her black latex panties and transparent plastic fetish top, thigh high black boots below, mane of platinum blonde hair above, and shiny, pouty blow job lips. Skeeter takes his dildo and gently works it into her tight asshole. “How does that feel, darlin’?” he asks with genuine concern. “I’ve never had one of those up my ass before,” says Britney, looking through her legs. One foot is placed on the couch, the other on the floor. “Now let me inflate it.” Skeeter takes the pump and begins to squeeze. Britney immediately begins to squeal. He stops at 7.

“Now feel this.” He turns on the vibrator. “Oh my god. That’s incredible.” Britney is still straddling the couch as the two cords dangle from the dildo that is now firmly up her bunghole. Skeeter looks pleased. He turns to his cameraman.

“Jimmy, are you ready to capture the magic?” The crew nods. Skeeter is nothing if not thorough. Before the scene he briefed everyone, talent, crew, even your humble publicist, on what he wants to see and how he wants it done. Everyone is primed. He turns back to the talent. “Ok, kids. Fall in love.”

Britney is forced to her knees as Benjamin Brat and Mark Wood haul out their cocks and plunge them down her throat. She eagerly goes back and forth, sucking, licking, drooling, gnawing on each rod. Her huge tits jiggle within her plastic bodice. It’s hard to believe that she actually had breast reduction. The first position is a Skeeter trademark: Theheel grab blow job. Britney turns on her knees, rests her tits against the cushion of the couch, and reaches back to grab her black vinyl heels. Mark Wood then puts his cock in her mouth. The image is incredibly hot. I’m getting aroused watching this inspired shot when Skeeter whispers in my ear: “This is one of my favorite positions.” I turn to lookat him and he stares at me with his intense blue gaze. “Isn’t this fun?” he asks. Yes, it is.

Time for another Skeeter fave, the bending-standing bj-doggie. Britney stands, puts her foot back on the cushion, and leans over to suck some cock. Skeeter wants to pump up the volume. He steps into the fray and adjusts the dildo, giving it a few quick squeezes. Britney keeps sucking like the pro she is. Mark Wood moves to the rear and rams his cock into her wet cunt as the vibrating, inflated dildo continues to hum in her orifice.

They continue working her holes, ramming and shoving and stuffing and slapping. The room echoes with the sound of flesh against flesh. Wood pulls his woodie out. He can’t resist. He grabs the pump and gives it a few squeezes. Skeeter is keeping count and by now the dildo has been inflated about 14 times. It must be the size of an orange. But Britney’s not complaining. She’s lovin’ it. Skeeter comes over and pats Britney on the head as she sucks Brat’s sausage. “God bless your blackened heart. God bless your blackened soul.” High praise, indeed.

Wood is about to enter her pussy again, when Skeeter gets in a few quick pumps. We’re up to around 20. Wood begins to hump her ivory ass. He’s pounding away, oblivious to what’s going on below. Skeeter gets in a couple of pumps more. He signals that she’s up to 21 pumps. The thing must be the size of a softball. He then tells them to switch to a d.p. He deflates the dildo, takes it out, then takes off her panties. But the top stays on. They move intoposition. Wood on the bottom of the fuck sandwich, Britney on his stomach, legs spread, cock up her ass, in the middle, Brat nailing her pussy missionary.

They fuck her holes good and hard. Now for the good stuff. At least if you’re a viewer. If you’re talent, well, a double anal isn’t something you do every day, and it takes some artful stuffing. Eventually, they get it. (See Double Anal 1 pic). Atfirst, Britney is cool with it, but then they start to fuck her hard and she really starts to feel the burn. After some strenuous pumping, they shift to a new position. Piledriver. But Britney isn’t off the hook yet. She still gets her doo dooditch ploughed, just in rotation. After some serious assfucking-the best kind!-it’s time to finish with some ass to mouth and a double facial. Britney is nothing if not accommodating. She squats against the couch and sucks the assjuice off each cock in turn, then opens her mouth and prepares for the double barreled barrage. Seconds later, it cums. And cums. And cums. Thetwo studs unload on her face, in her mouth and on her tits. She looks at the camera after they’ve drained their ball sacs and gargles with the cum, then swallows.

“Open your mouth now, darlin’,” directs Skeeter. “Let’s see that proof of swallow.” She does. Clean as a whistle. “God, I love pornography,” muses Skeeter. If you thought this was hot, wait until you see the completed release, due out in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out the new and improved Smash Pictures website,, for an expanded on-set report. You’ll see pics of the entire cast in action: Lyla Lei, Shayna Oso, Gia Paloma, Crystal Ray, Bad Boy, Scott Lyons, Alex Sanders, Chris Charming, all hosted by Skeeter Kerkove.

Till the next shoot, keep stroking!


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