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Shrink Moves in on Hot Teach Territory

NY- A female shrink accused of having sex with a 16-year-old Hamptons neighbor was an aggressive, obsessive manipulator who begged him to marry her, the teen told The Post yesterday.

The boy, whose name is being withheld because he’s allegedly a sex-crime victim, was dating Diane DeMartini-Scully’s daughter when he met the East Hampton middle-school psychologist.

At first, he said he was flattered by the attention he received from the woman.

“I thought it was cool,” the now 17-year-old boy said from his new home in Jacksonville, N.C.

But over time, DeMartini-Scully, 45, became aggressive, crossing the line and saying things that made him very uncomfortable, he said.

“She asked if she could be with me, that she wanted to marry me,” he said of the wife and mother of two. “It was so weird.”

Even after the high cost of living forced the boy’s family out of Long Island, DeMartini-Scully became so obsessed with her pubescent paramour that she traveled nearly 700 miles to his new town allegedly for a hotel tryst.

The alleged tryst occurred after DeMartini-Scully and the boy’s mother took their children to Florida for a vacation.

During that trip, the victim’s mother said, DeMartini-Scully’s daughter found her mother’s diary boasting about her sickening relationship with the boy.

“[DeMartini-Scully] swore to me that she would never touch a child, especially one dating her daughter,” the victim’s mother said. “She blamed it all on my kid, and said he just had a crush on her.”

The mother said she believed DeMartini-Scully.

But instead of returning to New York for the start of school, DeMartini-Scully kept her children out of class to stay another week in North Carolina with the victim and his family.

“She just wouldn’t leave,” said the victim’s mother, who enjoyed a friendly relationship with the psychologist when they both lived on Donna Drive in Mattituck, L.I. “I kept asking her to go.”

Jacksonville cops said DeMartini-Scully secretly traveled to North Carolina over the Columbus Day weekend and enticed the teen to a hotel over three days.

Officials said she supplied alcohol and marijuana to the boy and his 12-year-old sister, who visited the hotel several times that weekend.

“She’s very persuasive,” said the boy. “She makes you think she’s trying to help you when she’s really looking for something else.”

DeMartini-Scully was arrested in North Carolina on a number of charges including drug possession and child abduction.

Despite a complaint from the boy’s angry mother, DeMartini-Scully faced no sex charges there because the age of consent is 16.

But police in Southold, who interviewed the boy when he returned to Long Island for a visit recently, said the boy told them the pair had sexual intercourse in the school counselor’s home and oral sex in her car in May, a month before he moved away.

Officials said a 16-year-old in New York does not have the right of consent to a sexual encounter.

DeMartini-Scully was charged by Suffolk County prosecutors with third-degree rape and performing a criminal sexual act, both felonies.

She pleaded not guilty yesterday, and was being held in a Suffolk County jail on $10,000 bail pending a court appearance Friday.

The disheveled bleach blonde appeared in court wearing handcuffs, as her husband, John, and two children – including the daughter who once dated her alleged victim – looked on.

DeMartini-Scully was suspended from her job of four years pending the outcome of an investigation.

Her husband declined to comment.


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