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Shy Love a Cop Caller?

Porn Valley- It began with a story from Mike South claiming that Roy Garcia owed a certain performer money. The performer turned out to be Morgan Ray. Garcia subsequently furnished proof with checks and invoices that he paid Love’s agency. The fact that Love’s agency hadn’t yet paid Ray wasn’t his fault, Garcia says. South, later, retracted the accusations.

Love, in turn, claims the shoot happened weeks ago and that it was only with threats of cops that Garcia finally paid. Garcia explains the entire mess and why matters took so long to resolve.

Roy Garcia writes: When I shoot for Big Companies this is usually the process I go through.

1.I go through a casting process I send talent photos, either Yes or No on the talent.

2. I write up an invoice of this shoot..

3. This client then fed ex’s me the invoice to sign and send back to be reviewed, because this is how business should be done.

4.I call the agent and book the SPECIFIC talent that was approved. And the same talent on the invoice.

5. I shoot the talent

6. I send in the content to the content office.

7. They either approve or deny the content.

8. If approved they contact the documents department, and approve the shoot with the matching invoice.

9. The documents then contacts the payroll department in another state, then cuts a check.

10. The day I get the check is the day I pay the talent PERIOD. I have deposit dates and time of all transactions that match the cashiers checks I cut all my talent. Included in this is the mail stamp date on the envelope that the check came in. If anyones wants to argue this then contact me, I have all my ducks in order and full proof.


Morgan Ray had a scene booked, and the male talent provided by Shy Love could not get wood. We had to re shoot this scene, and therefore the new shoot did not match the invoice that was originally sent in. Because this company thrives off their perfect paperwork, and abides by all laws we had to re invoice. This is not easy when you back track when shooting 6 days a week.

What made matters worse, Franchesca Leon from Shy Love, was booked 6 scenes on 4 different days the following week. This girl was a no show, came to Shy Love’s office on drugs I was told by her co worker Micheal and unable to function, this all took place the morning she was supposed to be at my shoot location.

In a bind we replaced Franchesca Leon with other female talent from Shy Luv including employing male talent from Shy Luv. We shot the scenes that week and moved on.

I then SEND in the content and go through the usual process as stated above.

Well, because Franchesca Leon canceled 6 scenes, the Invoices did not match the shoots turned in. We had to re invoice. This was a messy process because Shy could not get her girl to the shoots she booked, or could not get reliable male talent that can get wood to Morgan Rays shoot.

Any professional company works off payroll, this is the real world. And if you cant handle that thats not my problem. Theres more to these giant companies then just the shooting department, they have 20 different divisions and a lot of responsibilities.

We corrected the problem immediately and paid Shy Luv. Shy Luv was notified that we had not been paid for her shoots, and she KNOWS THIS. I have proof and recorded conversations along with emails because I knew in dealing with Shy Love it was going to come out like this, I have seen her nasty legal disputes in the press before. I knew it was coming.

Her threats and showing up with the male talent that supposedly was going to bring a baseball bat to our door, didnt make the payment process faster, Shy Love was notified the same morning that we were working on the invoices to get her paid, but she thought by coming down to our shoot location and banging on our door and demanding she get her way was going to settle her financial problems. We never answered the door and she then called the cops, not to collect payment but to be a cop caller because she wasnt getting her way, this is proved by the police report time and at the same time she calls leaving us a message ” LAUGHING” and then hangs up in which we have saved and will be held against her.

Shy Luv has since been paid I have the stamp on the envelope, and date these checks for her shoots were deposited at my bank , along with the invoice matching the shoot that was paid in full via bank wire into her WAMU account. The rest can be disputed in court. And this is the last you will hear from our camp.

If Shy Love would spend less time at “Shy Love” events and more time booking her girls jobs then a payroll check wouldnt matter, I work with all the other agencies who can handle payroll thats because their girls are WORKING! I hear there are 15 girls sitting in her non licensed and bonded Agency house, where she runs a business , sitting there not working. Shy you should spend less time making fires you constantly have to put out and more time booking your talent.


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