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Shy Love: Alex Chance is Clean; Is AHF Letter a Phony?; Two Female Performers Have Pressed Charges Against Mr. Marcus

Shy Love is threatening me with “legal repercussions” because I printed a letter sent, presumably, from an irate John to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The fact that the letter is in circulation is not my problem. Rob Black on his show said this is why the adult world will never improve because people make threats like these.

Alex Chance is a performer on Shy Love’s talent roster, and a letter that’s being circulated alleges that Chance gave a John syphilis stemming from an incident at The Roosevelt Hotel about a year ago. I immediately went online to see if Chance, by chance, had ever worked with Mr. Marcus. She did. In a Jules Jordan movie.

Shy Love is also claiming that Chance has clean tests including those for STDs. According to Love, her contacts at escort agency admit that Chance was on their roster over six months ago.

“No one had ever hired her, so they dropped her and she had not worked one job for the escort agency. I would, 100% trust, my source at the company and they’ve never lied to me about girls, whatsoever.” Yes. Pimps can always be trusted.

Love claims she also has multiple tests on Chance since the Marcus outbreak.

“Every single one of them is negative, and I have her re-testing today so we can show this is a complete bullshit story.”

I thought I was having a civil conversation with Love until she got on that old “legal repercussions” high horse she usually gets on when a story is out there not to her liking.

Love is saying she wants me to take the Chance story down. I’m saying why would someone dummy up a letter to begin with? [Love says it’s a guy trying to ruin Chance’s career.] And why is this letter being leaked? [Rhetorical question].

“I have a test right now that’s two weeks old and it shows she’s completely clean,” said Love.

“She’s clean for syphilis. She’s clean for gonorrhea. She’s clean for chlamydia and she’s clean for HIV.”

Love wouldn’t address the issue of whether Chance worked with Mr. Marcus or not, but the facts can be found on simple Google searches that they appeared in a scene together in Racially Motivated 4.

Love also tells me that two female performers went to the LAPD and pressed charges against Mr. Marcus.

“The police for months haven’t tried to resolve this,” said Love.

“The cops are involved with this case. They have been for months. I won’t specify any of the girls’ names. Because they’ve asked to be known as Jane Does. If anyone thinks I take that Mr. Marcus thing lightly I do not because if it wasn’t for me the whole industry would never have known. It was me and Derek that got the story out that someone was faking a test. We didn’t specify names but we said there was a test being faked.”

“For someone to write a story like this is really, really fucked up,” said Love.

“Once I get that test to your hands I would like you to remove the article if you can.”

Now this is where we have to draw some lines. That letter was written by an alleged John. Fact. It was sent to Aids Healthcare Foundation. Fact. That letter was circulated. Fact. I printed it. Fact.

But in Love’s eyes I’m part of this vast smear conspiracy which I find funny because I’m the one putting up Mr. Marcus timelines and keeping the industry abreast of all the developments pertinent to its safety. But Love doesn’t see it that way. In any event, Love said she was going to report me to Diane Duke.


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