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Shy Love Visits Adam Carolla

Porn Valley- Memphis Monroe was the announced guest on the Adam Carolla Show Thursday morning but it quickly became the Shy Love showcase when Love’s mother called into the studio. Love was also accompanied by Mya Luanna. Luanna’s in Asian Fever 30.

“I’ve seen 29 and 31,” quipped Carolla. “But I haven’t seen 30 yet.” Luanna told him she was in 29 as well. Carolla also mentioned that Love was in a title, Taboo 8.

“I got to tell you, Taboo number two-one of my favorites all time in the Taboo series,” said Carolla. Love mentioned that she was in four of them. But Love said she couldn’t remember all of them and Carolla suggested she might have been coked out.

“No!” she exclaimed. “I’ve done too many movies to remember all of them.”

“What are they up to in the Taboo?” Carolla wondered.

“Actually there’s three separate Taboo lines now,” answered Love. “So I’m in Taboo 8, Taboo 6 and another Taboo I can’t remember.” Love explained that they’ve split the Taboo series among different fetishes. Carolla said he couldn’t wait for Taboo 64.

“Which is going to be a prequel,” he said. Carolla asked Luanna where she was from and she told him Thailand. Carolla then addressed Monroe noting that the last time she was on the show in July, they talked about her “creepy stepdad.”

“Your step dad took an unusual interest in your career, did he not?” asked Carolla.

“A little,” said Monroe. “He heard from all his friends. Like I said, he did look in my magazine. He said his uncle had it and he kind of opened it up and looked. I don’t know- I guess the devil made him do it.”

Asked if it might have bothered her that he was looking at her naked, Monroe said it didn’t bother her.

“He’s another man.” Monroe said he came into the picture after she graduated high school. Carolla thought it would have been more disturbing had he been in her life from early on, say the age of three.

“The step father that gets hold of the kid at one or two essentially becomes the father,” said Carolla. “Conversely the guy shows up when you’re 18 or 19, never really is a step father. He’s, technically, married to mom.” Carolla called step dad looking at Monroe in a magazine as a healthy expression of his love.

A woman named Virginia, identifying herself as Love’s mother, then called.

“You knew that Shy was in Taboo 8?” Carolla asked her.

“Yes I did,” said Virginia.

“And you have no problem with that?” Carolla further asked.

“It’s her life,” Virginia answered. “So I have nothing to say on that.”

Love said her mother believes that since she went to college it doesn’t matter what she does. Carolla asked if she went to a regular college, and Love told him she has two Masters degrees.

“Accounting and taxation,” replied Love. “I used to be a CPA.”

“I would have killed myself if I was an accountant,” Carolla commented. Love went on to mention that she went to Nova Southeastern University in south Florida. Carolla wondered how she slid into the world of porn.

“I was asked to resign because I took Friday off, went to work on Monday- I had contacts, my braces off and a new boob job,” explained Love. “They weren’t very thrilled with my new change.” Asked if she could write off her boob job, Love said she could.

“They fired you or pressured you to leave because you got better looking?” Love was asked.

“Because the women believed that because I did what I did, I wasn’t secure with myself and I was the boss,” Love answered. “They already thought that – my dad was the owner of the company, because I was the comptroller of the company at the age of 22- I must sleeping with somebody. It just became controversy and they couldn’t deal with it any more and she should resign.”

Carolla imagined it must be interesting for her mother when running into relatives.

“What’s Shy doing? Still accounting? No, doing hardcore porn. Wag-wah-wah? She was counting last time we talked to her.”

Carolla imagined that Love’s mother wouldn’t mind if she were doing the Playboy stuff as opposed to hardcore. But Love’s mother kind of hesitated on that assessment.

“She does whatever she wants,” she then said.

“Mom sounds passively-aggressive about this,” said Carolla.

“My mom is the coolest person,” Love responded. “We were all raised extremely well. We were raised to get married, have sex, the whole lineup. I was always pretty good. I went to school and everything else.” To which Love’s mother said she had five kids [daughters] and they were all wild Indians.

“We were all sisters and we all kind of helped each other since childhood,” Love continued.

Love mentioned that she didn’t have her first alcoholic drink until she was 22 or 23. Asked what the other kids were up to, Love’s mother said one is a sheriff, one is a secretary. Love said her sheriff- sister almost got fired because of her.

“They thought she was me and that she was the one in porn.”

Asked about her heritage, Love said it was Sicilian-Puerto Rican. Carolla wondered where dad was.

“He’s living with his new wife,” said Love. “I have no issues with her I just don’t like pops. The only thing I have an issue with, is, my sister was in college and my dad did the loan for it and his new wife wasn’t very happy. She asked him to pull away the loan. He did and I had to come in and help my sister through college.”

Love also noted that this sister is 23 and still a virgin and has very similar features to Love.

“My sister is a little thicker than I am but I train every day,” Love continued. “But she learned from our mistakes and said I don’t want to go through what you went through.”

Carolla thought Love’s mother had a lot of range, with one daughter well into her twenties who is a virgin and another one who’s doing the Taboo series. Besides the sheriff and the secretary, the fifth daughter was then accounted for when Virginia said she was going to be a teacher.

Love insisted the one sister really is a virgin.

“None of us lie to our mom- when we lost our virginity we were all geared so we actually told her before she found out and kicked our butts anyway. None of us lie to my mom.”

Going on 28, Love said she lost hers at the age of 17.

Carolla wondered if mom ever saw her daughter’s porn handiwork. Love said she’ll send cute non-naked pictures to her mother. Love also said her mother wanted to see her feature dance but she wouldn’t let her.

“My sisters came out to see me- they don’t care- they love women,” Love went on to say. “They go to strip clubs because they love women.” Carolla said if he had a brother who danced naked he’d vomit until his feet came out his mouth.

Virginia then repeated the fact that Love wouldn’t let her see her dance.

“Jesus Christ- I couldn’t get my pop to go to a Pop Warner football game,” mused Carolla. “And you want to go watch your daughter dance naked at a bar?” Love stressed that it was a bikini bar, not a nudie bar. Asked if guys got grabby, Love said she’s never had a guy touch her inappropriately.

“They’re usually afraid of you.”

It was then noted that Virginia got on a computer to see pictures of Love.

“I saw two pictures of her with a guy,” said mom. In the picture, Love was having sex with the guy.

“God bless you for having a sense of humor about it,” Carolla told her. “But why would you want to seek that out?”

“My family didn’t realize what I did,” answered Love. “And when they would find things, they would e-mail it to my mom.”

“They’re screwing with you,” said Carolla. Love agreed.

“They were thinking my mom would be all upset about it- so my mom gets it and just laughs about it. Whatever, who cares?”

Carolla imagined that it must be uncomfortable around the Love household during Thanksgiving with all the siblings who have forwarded e-mails.

To that extent, Love admits to being a “bad” daughter.

“I will call once, twice a week and we’re on the phone- and we always chat- but I haven’t been home for a very long time.” According to Love, home is Connecticut where her mother is.

Carolla said part of him is envious about the family camaraderie.

“She’s amazing,” said Love about her mother. “She’s like my best friend.”

Carolla then announced that Love, Monroe and Luanna would be signing autographs at the Hustler Store in Hollywood Thursday night from 8 to 10 pm.


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