Sierra Missed A Jammer in Florida

TAMPA BAY, FL – Porn star Sierra had a last minute plumbing mishap that caused her to miss The Nightmoves Magazine, Tampa Show last weekend. She gave the full re-cap today. “I was so looking forward to going to the Tampa Show but for some reason it was just not going to happen no matter how hard I tried,” Sierra said.
Apparently a water heater in her ceiling was leaking so bad, she had a river forming in her bedroom on the eve of her planned departure. Sierra continued, “I noticed when I got into bed, there was a big wet spot [One I had nothing to do with]. I turned on the light, looked up at the ceiling and discovered that that was where it was coming from.”

Sierra contacted her building manager and got nowhere while water leaked through her house all night long. Finally a plumber came, after she had already missed her flight and all was repaired. Still determined to make an appearance, Sierra did everything possible to change her flight plans but was only able to do so if she spent thousands of dollars on last minute flight purchases–something she wasn’t in a position to do.

AdultFYI did manage to get to the event, courtesy of and although we missed Sierra, we had one hell of a good time.

Here is a clip from one of the pool parties. Fans were allowed to attend and a good time was had by all. To view the clip, click here.

More clips to cum!



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