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Sinsations 2 Ava-less: final

Porn Valley- It would have been All About Eva. Because that was to have been the name of Ava Vincent’s character in Sinsations 2, the continuation of a softcore porn saga being produced by Dusk Till Dawn Entertainment.

The discussion got on about Vincent the last time DTDE’s, Nick Lambert was in town. And come hell or high water, producer Lambert wanted Vincent in his next movie. But Lambert didn’t have to worry about burning to a crisp or drowning in a tsunami because Ava flaked big time. Her message box was stuffed, and no one, even a medium, was able to contact her.

Vincent was scheduled to show up Thursday morning for a movie that was featuring Best New Starlet McKenzie Lee [pictured center] playing herself. Vincent even talked to Lambert, maybe 10 or 15 times in what Lambert estimates is a series of conversations that stretched over two weeks. But Robert Lombard, who’s casting director and supervising producer of the project, cautioned Lambert not to hold his breath.

That’s because Lombard’s been down that road before with Vincent. Consequently, Lambert, face florid, but not from holding his breath, paid up on a bet. No big time Gretzky wagering here. Maybe 10 bucks.

And Lombard’s chuckling. Maybe Lombard’s chuckling because he remembers a run-in he had with Vincent not too long ago where Vincent demanded an apology because Lombard said an interview that she was, well, a flake. Lombard was also saying in that interview while he loves Vincent to death, her antics age him.

But Lambert, his New York face tan from several days in the LA sun, figured he was going to have better luck with the mercurial actress. In making a jet hop from New York’s 20 degree temperatures to LA’s recent 80 degree heat wave, Lambert also came down with a bit of swamp fever.

“I’m sweating; I’m freezing,” Lambert’s saying about how he felt three days earlier. Then Lambert recovered only for Vincent to put him back in deep freeze.

“I even offered her the use of a car,” says Lambert who made sure the script was tailor-made to Vincent for her approval. What made Vincent’s absence even more curious was the fact that she and Syren went lingerie shopping only two days earlier so they could have something to match in their sex scene. By now, on the set, Ava Vincent jokes are flying like Dick Cheney duck jokes.

Had it all come together, the script with Vincent in it would have actually been a riot for those glued inexorably to porn gossip websites. It’s about this cocky actor named Dan Hardwood, and Lombard found a mainstream actor who gives off enough of a Kurt Lockwood [Vincent used to live with him] vibe to crack crystal.

Mainstream actor Danny Dagger’s wearing a black leather blazer, sun glasses, a Lockwood hairstyle and a swagger that says, “Don’t hate me because I’m sexy.”

Which may even be one of Dagger’s lines in the script, and the cast in the movie is convinced that the Hardwood character is an arrogant prick and that they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel by having him on set. Dagger bears more than a passing resemblance to Lockwood; but Jezabelle Bond looks more like Dillion Lauren, Ava Vincent’s nemesis than Vincent. Bond, who’s back with LA Direct Models, is replacing Vincent. And, as I’m explaining to Brooke Haven that Vincent is the Babe Ruth of flakes, Bond is willing to put herself in the on-deck circle.

“I’m a close second,” laughs Bond who swears that she’s got her mental capacity rearranged for the better and that she’s off of OJ-type boyfriends. But Bond’s also willing to concede that she’s hardly an angel and has often marched to John Phillip Sousa tunes when white powder has spilled from a vial. All of this is behind her, Bond’s now saying.

Lombard remembers the first time he auditioned Jezabelle- she and Lisa Marie had to lean up against a wall in his office to keep from falling over which is okay because Lombard also remembers a time that Vincent was on a set, fell asleep under a table, woke up and delivered three pages of dialogue flawlessly.

“And I was so confident about it,” says Nick Lambert shaking his head sadly. Lambert’s 24, but Thursday morning he looks 25. Maybe Lombard was right about Ava Vincent aging you.


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