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Sinsations 4 shoot continues

Porn Valley- Evan Stone’s [pictured] reading the script for Sinsations 4. The cleft in his chin broadens. Stone’s highly amused.

“I can tell they’re weeding me out,” he says to no one in particular. Which is how soap opera’s go, sometimes. No harm, no foul. Besides, Stone’s got projects on the table too numerous to mention, and his future availability for Sinsations, in the long haul is a crap shoot.

Robert Lombard’s,, also busting Stone’s balls earlier, something about the fact that Stone worked with this power lifting chick whose jaw might have been squarer than Evan’s. Certainly her thighs were larger, according to the story. Like twice the size of Stone’s. Randy Spears finds this absolutely amazing, noting that Stone’s pins have some girth to them.

“It’s just wrong,” Lombard keeps saying about the whole situation.. Which, you’ve got to understand, Lombard’s got a distinctly proportioned set of personal values that’s allowed for midgets in his own repertoire. So Stone’s paying him no mind, relaying the fact that Tommy Gunn was also breaking his aggies, so he’s used to this. Then on the day of the shoot, Gunn was there, supposedly to work with said power lifter as well. Which apparently proved some kind of point to Stone even though Gunn didn’t wind up working with her for whatever reason.

Later in the day, McKenzie Lee shows up on set. She’s wearing sunglasses. This is always a bad sign, someone wearing sunglasses. And sure enough, Lee is conferencing Lombard, telling him, yeah, if she could, she’d really rather go home, that she’s not feeling well. Lombard’s saying this isn’t entirely possible because her character’s needed to wrap up her exit from the storyline. Lee says fine, she’ll have a nap or something and then tells me she’ll talk about anything professional except for the situation between her and Marcus London. They broke up. But try telling London that. I’m hearing Marcus was a bit crazed at Erotica LA because Lee’s new fiance was a rent-a-cop there and apparently giving London the hairy eyeball. I’m hearing other stories that Lee may have already married the rent-a-cop. Porn relationships are a funny thing.

A story is told about how Kaylani Lei was seeing Jessie Metcalf, a mainstream actor, and how Metcalf’s people supposedly stepped in and put the kabosh on the deal. Lei was telling some of that story on KSEX earlier in the week and how she also had a thing with actor Stephen Dorff. Except that ended. I’m told Dorff’s people stepped in as well. There’s a suggestion that Lei’s relationship with the soccer player may have experienced similar fate. Everybody’s got people and people don’t want you mingling with porn stars.

While the sultry Lisa Ann [pictured] didn’t see the mention I made of her the day before on Adultfyi, she said she was dying to read the piece. Lisa Ann, who loves the attention her Mrs. Robinson persona is giving her, apparently had a falling out with director Tom Zupko. This, after another one of those press releases announcing a union bigger than Brad and Angelina. Lisa Ann says Zupko wanted her to masturbate with a crucifix and Lisa Ann had real serious second thoughts after that.

The reason why she agreed to the project in the first place, she says, is because Zupko approached her with the classic line, you’re the reason I got into porn.

“You’re the inspiration that made me move out here,” he allegedly told her.

“So I thought I could never let somebody down who was a fan,” she said. “Then I started researching and watching some of his stuff. I started telling him I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just want to do a boy-girl- you hired me just for that. I want to do a great scene but I’m afraid you’re going to be looking for something more. And he kept saying no, no, no and putting off the ideas.

“We had been working on this project for about six weeks,” she continued. “I kept meeting with him so we could sit down and have a two or three hour meeting and discuss the style of the scene and who I’d be working with. He changed my guy twice. Then two days before the scene I go to the Extreme office to have our last meeting and our last interview. I’ve now put in 30 or 40 hours into this guy. And I’m sitting there all day while he designs the set with his set designer. At the end of the day he says to me what are you looking so irritated about. I said, Thomas, I’ve been sitting here all day and you’re building a set. We’ve still yet, six weeks later, not discussed the scene. He’s like, you fucking whores are all the same. All you worry about is yourselves. All you care about is where you have to be, what you have to be doing.

“You’re not in this, you’re not into it, etc., etc. And I stood up and said to him, well, if that’s how you feel and if that’s how you want to address me, I really don’t think this is a good thing for us to get involved in. I said, no matter what I do for a living, no one’s going to speak to me that way. I’ve given you more time than any director. Most directors call the agency, they book a scene with me; I show up, they’re grateful. I do my scene and, thank you, I leave. It’s three or four hours of my time. I said, I don’t want people talking to me that way and we end up yelling back and forth for awhile. And did I mention I’m Sicilian and psycho? That night we went back and forth some more and he says I don’t think your heart’s into it. I kept talking to Derek and Derek said, fuck it, let’s just leave from it. Mind you, I did a boxcover shoot- I did 30 to 40 hours of my time and none of this have I gotten paid for. All this schedule changing, all this time took me away from working for other people- and the whole thing has been a runaround. This week he sends me an e-mail. Lisa, I still want to shoot the movie. Needless to say everyone knows your nuts but I’m nuts, too. So let’s try and work this out.”Lisa Ann says she’ll work it out as long as there’s an agent on set with her.

“That’s the only way I want to do it, to protect myself, she states. “I really just want to be a good person and be kind to him and give him my time. He’s very erratic. He’s very not like what we’re used to dealing with. Now this business has become a well-oiled machine. People don’t waste your time like that. People respect that you have things to do and they understand. So we kind of left it hanging for right now.”


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