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Skeeter: “A Gay Man is the Father”; Believe It or Don’t

Porn Valley- Skeeter Kerkove’s been dealing with Johnny Thrust/Jim Powers issues.

I’ve heard both sides of this story. Thrust evidently owes Skeeter some money- it’s been a loan outstanding- it wasn’t one of those do or die, pay me or else-things, but now Skeeter wants it settled for whatever reason.

The Powers issue is more complicated and has something to do with movies Powers directed for Scott Justice when Justice was general manager at Sin City. Skeeter seems to think that Powers conspired with Justice to keep him out of the Sin City loop so Powers could have more movies to direct.

Which might be a moot point since, Skeeter’s back directing for Sin City’s Mayhem line.

“I’ve got to do something different,” Skeeter says about his upcoming project.

He explains what he’s about to do and it sounds profound, if not anatomically complicated. We won’t go into the description of it lest someone absconds with the idea. And there’s a lot of absconding going around, says Skeeter. Nonetheless, I tell Skeeter I’ve never seen what he’s describing to me done on camera. Neither has Skeeter.

“But I can’t say it doesn’t exist,” he states. “And these girls will have multiple anal orgasms.”

On another issue- about squirting- Skeeter says he’s also taking back everything he’s said previously about the practice. In essence calling it peeing.

“There’s no such thing as peeing,” Skeeter finally concludes after months of heartfelt soul-searching.

“And there’s no such thing as water. All I was was a jealous, insecure little boy because I couldn’t get the art of squirting down with Bridgette. And I was jealous because I couldn’t squirt so I created all this false stuff about girls peeing and drinking bottles of water. I am sorry. I want porn to forgive me and the AVN awards are for real.”

“Advertising has nothing to do with nothing. And Evil Angel never spent one penny with AVN although I don’t know what the fuck Paul Fishbein’s iPod is all about. And all AVN awards are honest and true.”

For all this I’m glad that Skeeter has finally come to his senses.

“Then again I say if Evil Angel hadn’t spent $25,000 to $30,000 a month with AVN, not only would they have won 18 awards, I think they would have won even more.,” he says. “I think their over-advertising made AVN nervous.”

In taking an obvious swipe at Powers, Skeeter insists that when he shoots for Sin City, he won’t be sneaking in scenes for Heatwave.

“And Jim’s been talking shit about me,” insists Skeeter who’s been putting his money where his mouth is by underwriting the costs of his shoots and getting paid back on the other end.

“All these people [his detractors] are saying Skeeter’s too high profile, this and that; and it’s great,” Skeeter says.

“I love it. They’re just making themselves look more suspicious. So why don’t they just put up their money like me? It’s only twenty or thirty grand. Tell that to all these wannabe porn directors and they melt into the couch. They can’t put up two or three grand.”

Skeeter also claims Powers has been spreading a story about Gwen Summers [Thrust’s wife].

“A gay man is the father of the last Johnny Thrust baby,” says Skeeter. A notion which sounds genuinely preposterous.

“That’s according to Jim Powers who’s saying it,” states Skeeter. “But Johnny don’t agree with it.”

Skeeter tells a story about how Summers one time asked Bridgette Kerkove for a cigarette saying that Johnny won’t let her smoke and she has to do it behind his back.

“It was Richard Montfort’s first directing gig which was for a gay company,” Skeeter recalls.

“One guy’s name was TJ Cummings and he used to have a ball with Gwen Summers. The other guy was Jason McCain. This is right before Bridgette won the AVN Best New Starlet. We go to where Richard the black cloud of love is directing his first gig with some gay people’s money.

“So Jason is all over Gwen Summers. She’s smoking. I’m smoking. Bridgette’s smoking. But Richard de Montfort wasn’t smoking because he don’t smoke. Anyway her [Summers] and Jason just got done doing a scene. And he was still making out with her. I thought this is a guy who digs her a lot.

“Because if you’re going to make out with a porn performer after you cum, you got to dig them a little. I thought that was kind of sexy. So Bridgette and Gwen go outside smoking cigarettes. Believe it or not that scene has never sold. I have offered Richard de Montfort a decent price for the movie but he claims he can’t find the stills. That was all from the last week in December, 1999.”

“Then TJ Cummings announced that he was going to quit because he had a gay sugar daddy. That’s why he disappeared. What I find interesting is that he and Jason are back in straight porn again after they openly spoke against straight porn.

“Jewel De’Nyle talked bad about porn when she retired. But how come nobody talks about it when she re-enters? Nobody. She slammed a lot of porn and said a lot of bad things about her mom. [De’Nyle has since addressed those issues.]

“I read some real slams on the adult business when Jewel thought she had it made, ‘I found a trick- we are going to get married. I lost my ass in porn. I got nothing to show for it but a car and some clothes, see ya.’ Then all of a sudden three years later she’s coming back.”

On another note, Skeeter says he would take $100 off the bill for every tooth Thrust gave him. “If he gives me nine of his teeth we forgive the debt.”

Skeeter then asked how I would feel about his sticking some fish hooks in my back and selling the movie to Frank Koretsky.

“I remember a time I was with Mark Kramer and we’re doing a Vivid movie,” Skeeter remembers.

“He’s, like, man, ‘I feel bad for Matt Zane.’ I go why. He’s doing the rock n’ roll-thing. Kramer’s, like, ‘Come on Skeeter you know how that goes, right?’ He goes he’s living on a friend of mine’s couch in Hollywood. ‘I was over there the other night doing some heroin.’

“I go there’s no way I can believe that Matt Zane does heroin. I go did you see Matt do heroin, and he goes, no.“


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